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Ensign Luxa Lorana - Luxa, No!


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I really love @LuxaLorana's voice here, and the little flashbacks abour her cubhood. Great work!


((OOC - I wanted to make 'Luxa, No!' canon.))


((Cockpit, USS Rhine, Olidra System))

It was A LOT. The scent, the noise, the fear. A whole lot.

Luxa’s claws dug into the console as the Rhine shook, spun and thrust it's way back into the Ronin. That wasn't the end of it. 

As they entered, consoles exploded and there was the horror of metal on metal screaming that threatened to destroy her advanced auditory processors. She let out a terrified howl as she fully expected the Rhine to explode in the shuttlebay and take the Ronin with them. 

Except it didn't. It went still, with one final lurch to the side. It all ended as abruptly as it began. Luxa didn't want to believe that she was safe, instead she remained still. Eyes wide, ears twisted and pinpointed each noise and movement.

There was alerts and lights screaming for attention, yet she remained. Each movements she recognised, every breath from the other officers she registered, the slight groan of the Rhine as she settled, felt under her paws. Her body was one with the environment, her senses activated by a primal and ancient instinct, fighting against her knowledge, teachings and academy training. 

Then the thud came, an unspecified but obviously sizable piece of their outer hull fell to the deck. Luxa turned to the source, her eyes wild and her body prepared to attack. 

oO Luxa! No! Oo

The voice was her mother's. For a second she was in the jungle of the Lorana Preservation. A young cub, barely out of the den she shared with her littermates. In her paws, a small creature wriggled, grappling for life, encased in a cage of her claws. 

Alieth: What is your condition, Ensigns?

Alieth’s voice brought her back and she looked at the Vulcan, dazed. She almost asked who she was before her senses returned to her. 

Lorana: Uhm .. I'm alive… I think. 

O’Connor: response

Alieth gave a weak nod. Luxa noticed that she didn't look well, her parlour was the ring shade and her skin was clammy. She unstrapped herself from the restraints of the chair. She realised she was still in her undershirt, which was now covered in dark stains and charred tears from the exploding consoles. Her silver hair had come loose from its braids and knot that had kept it out of her face and tumbled around her face, wild and curled. 

She looked like a beast from the nightmares of Betazoid children.

Outside; muffled, unintelligible voices could be heard. The Rhine's lights finally faded, and the cabin plunged into a frigid penumbra.

Alieth: It is better than nothing. :: she closed her eyes for a moment, as her face paled another degree:: Miss Lorana, I will need you to go to my lab and complete the download of the data we obtained from the superstructure. Commence the analysis immediately and report back to the bridge as soon as you get anything that they might need.

Lorana: :: nodded, almost in a growl :: Yes. 

She wanted to make the Tholian and Sheliak pay. She had felt hatred before. Deep, guttural hatred that had consumed her very being. She had been running from it ever since.

Now, it came back. Only a sliver, yet if a Tholian or Sheliak had came upon this particular Caitian, then she'd have done what she could to destroy them. She'd have eradicated them from the universe. 

oO Luxa! No! Oo 

Her mother again, faded now, nothing but a memory. Luxa leaned into it, she wanted to tether herself to the anchor of her mother's stern. She needed too, or else who or what would she be? Who would Luxa Lorana become if she didn't tether herself to something?

Outside; there was a new sound, a plasma torch being activated and began to work on the battered duranium. The Rhine's rear end lit up faintly as the door gaskets heated to red-hot.

Alieth: Mister O'Connor, I need you to download the Rhine's navigational memory, it is possible that the scans picked up some extra data on the spatio-temporal fractures that might be of use to us. :: The Vulcan's mind wandered over the portion of the Crew Manifest she had been able to study before arriving at the Rhine, in search of someone who might be of assistance:: Contact Ensign Tucker to help you.

O’Connor: response

Finally, the petite Vulcan turned to the Caitian hybrid, leaning dangerously forward. 

Alieth: Miss Hopkins, you will take our guests to…

As Alieth knees collapsed into themselves, Luxa didn't hesitate and moved with a deft quickness to catch the small Vulcan in her forearms. 

Lorana: I've got you.

O’Connor: response

Alieth: ...to the sick bay

Her voice nothing but a whisper, before she began to cough. She didn't even register the scent of her blood, all she wanted was to see this formidable force of nature restored to health. 

Lorana: :: looks to the others, fierce determination glowed in her eyes :: You have your orders. 

/O’Connor: response

Alieth: ...I…

Lorana: It's okay. You're safe now, we'll take care of it. 

O’Connor: response

There was the sound of the collapsing door and the deck crew stood peering in. Luxa felt like she was in a dream. She could hear her own voice calling out for medical, except it didn't seem real at all.

It seemed like an eternity, Luxa looked to Alieth and cradled her in her arms. Then, a nurse was there, she appeared to be a human. 

Luxa could scent something on her. Something different. She couldn't place it but it was a question for another time. 

Lorana: She's been bleeding for a long time. Also we've both been exposed to massive amounts of Sencha radiation. 

Rox/O'Connor: Response

As the nurse bent down, Luxa felt a small growl come out from nowhere. A protective urge to keep others away from the injured. 

Lorana: :: oops :: Sorry!

Luxa moved aside, gently allowing the nurse to care for the CSO.

Rox/O'Connor: Response

[[Tag! /TBC]]

Ensign Luxa Lorana
Science Officer
USS Ronin
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