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Lt. V'Len Kel - What did you say to me?


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I really loved this sim from @VLen Kel. It shows the bond of long serving crew wonderfully. 



((OOC - Apologies if this is not the right direction. I thought about what V'Len would think and act and this was what kept coming forward. I also enjoy a bit of character drama))


((Main Engineering, Deck 14 USS Ronin))


V’Len had just stopped by engineering to make sure everything was o.k.  A few patients were still in the area and V’Len wanted to assess those situations.  He’d also wanted to check on Kammus Corelli who had a habit of skipping medical treatment, even when necessary.  A covert tricorder scan revealed nothing physically wrong and it seemed like the Chief was trying to keep his staff on task.   V’Len had decided to broach an idea he had to address Sm’uf’s current situation. 


Kel:  Think we can replicate this?


Tucker: ::rubbing his chin:: I don’t see why not?


Corelli: Well, Mister Tucker? What do you think? A few secondary relays, and chroniton flux purge manifold coupled into the induction matrix here.  You need this now Doctor?


Tucker: ::squinting a bit:: Right, and we can tie into the plasma relay to give it the juice it’s going to need. Give me and a team a couple of hours.


Kel:   No it’s not urgent. The patient is comfortable in a double layer of containment fields. There’s no rush


Corelli: If that's the case, I'm likely needed on the bridge; however, I would very much like to assist with this interesting chamber of yours.


Tucker: Yeah it won't take very long; we’ve got the schematics and the logs from the Voyager on the subject. Easy, peasy. ::he smiled::


The ship shuddered slightly and the lights momentarily dimmed.


Kel:  ::looking around concerned::  No rush provided the containment fields don’t go down.


Corelli: What was that?


Tucker: I’m going to guess the plasma conduits are slightly out of flux, and if they stay that way it’ll jam up the plasma manifold.. It’ll happen again if it’s not corrected. 


Kel: We just want to avoid the ship being full of chronitons.


Corelli seemed to turn to head off.


Corelli: Doctor, thank you for coming and bypassing my own personal problems.  Nothing an overloaded phaser couldn't take care of,  However, it seems we have even larger issues at hand.  I better get up to the Bridge before they fly the ship apart. Mister Tucker, can you begin to assist the doctor here? Use whatever engineering resources you need unless you have more pressing issues.


It took a moment for the comment to sink in. At least the very first part.  What was he saying? Before V’Len could get his mouth open the Chief was off.  


Tucker: ::scratching the back of his head:: Where would you like to put this chamber?


Kel: ::distracted::  Um.  The supply closet in Ward A would be ideal.  I’ll have it cleaned out.


Tucker: Gotcha, that’s what I figured; just wanted to make sure before I started mucking up your sick bay putting this thing together.


What had Corelli meant…about the overloaded phaser? He began moving down the hall after Kammus. 


Kel: ::turning back to Tucker::  Thank you Ensign.  We’ll talk more soon.


V’Len chased down the hall until he’d caught up with the Chief near the turblolift.


Kel:  Hey, Corelli.  Stop!


Corelli: Response


V’Len pushed himself faster and was soon even with the man.


Kel:  ::sternly::  Just what the hell does that comment mean?  I “bypassed your personal problem” and an “overloaded phaser” can take care of it.  If I missed something you need to tell me, I’m not Aenar.


It was the limitation of a tricorder. He could see only so much.  


Corelli: Response


V’Len swung himself around in front of Kammus and blocked his path.


Kel:  ::frustrated::  You can’t make that comment to me and walk away.  We’ve been eaten by space whales, had a whole vessel destroyed around us, went back in time, scrambled through mine shafts. We became chiefs on practically the same day.  


Corelli: Response


V'Len and Kammus had never been overly close. But their lives had been on parallel tracks since their first days on the USS Thor. In some ways they were two sides of the same coin. If Kammus was struggling V'Len wanted to help.


Kel:  ::concerned::  How can I help?


Corelli: Response


Lieutenant V’Len Kel
Chief Medical Officer
USS Ronin NCC-34523
He/Him (character and player)


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