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Ensign Ian O'Connor - Kaboom


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Top nocth work here in this action driven sim. Great work @Ian OConnor !!

((USS Rhine, Within the Barrier, Approaching the Array, Olidra System))


Ian adjusted the internal audio controls of the Rhine and cranked up the Klingon opera, yIruch, through the speakers.


Things were uneventful for a few moments and Ian kept running through the upcoming sequence in his mind. The background vocals of the opera help him concentrate. If C’iri minded, she gave him no indication.


Comms then lit up indicating a transmission from Lorana or Alieth.


Lorana: =/\= O'Connor, be careful we don't know what security defenses they may have? =/\= 


Suddenly, several warning klaxons sounded overriding the opera music and automatically putting the runabout into a red alert status.


O’Connor: =/\= I’m not sure either but think we’re about to find out. Are you two okay? ::not that Ian could do a darn thing about it if they weren’t:: I’m about to drop warp and well you know. Anyway, I’ll be back to grab you in no time. =/\=


Alieth: Response 


The second officer’s voice cut off abruptly leaving Ian wondering if something happened to her and Luxa. However, he identified the issue fairly quickly.


O’Connor: Well, I guess jamming is one of those defenses


oO Damn. Oo


Although really no one could have been sure that transmissions would have worked in the array structure anyway.


The few minutes or so time seemed to slow. The Rhine dropped abruptly from warp cutting power to almost all systems. The small ship then glided its way along the array’s surface; thrusters and inertia providing the only propulsion. Ian deftly drifted the runabout along only engaging in microbursts when absolutely necessary. Meter by meter, they crept along until the target was finally in sight.


oO Just a bit farther. Oo


Ian adjusted pitch and yaw hitting a few more bursts on the thrusters. So far all was going according to the plan, at least the re-re-re-revised plan for this part.


The Rhine continued to float and rotated slightly. Without sensors he couldn’t get a target lock so he was eyeballing it.


He gave a quick glance to C’iri indicating he was ready and confirming she was as well.


For as much of an eternity the last few moments lasted, the next few were a blur.


Ian’s finger tapped only one control and the whole pre-programmed sequence initiated. The Rhine surged to life with power, the console bleeped warnings of several small craft, Ian felt a tingling that was way more intense than the previous times, all sorts of blinding lights emitted from the array, photons shot from the runabout…


…and then nothing.


oO Where’s the kaboom? There’s supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom! Oo


Ian tried to sneak a quick look at the readings to see what happened. His console showed that the torpedoes were just floating right in front of the impact point in an out-of-phase state. A small bunch of strands forming an energy web was protecting that area. Seemingly anything that touched that web “phased out.”


oO What the… Oo


Ian had no time to finish the thought as one of the defensive craft cut off his path. He quickly adjusted and avoided the second incoming vessel. They were trying to box him in. Ian jerked the Rhine hard to port then rolled upward away. He’d free himself for a second giving him time to glance at the readings for the small energy web again. He noticed several emitters that formed the web in approximately a 15 meter radius around the target point.


oO No time to think this through. Oo


Ian angled the shuttle on a direct path straight on with the target point. He adjusted the phasers to a continuous fire aimed at one of the emitters then spun the Rhine counter-clockwise creating a circle of phaser fire destroying all the emitters.


The photon torpedoes then phased back in impacting with the array.


Ian immediately dove hard and leveled the runabout with the path of the wave that was beginning to emerge. He jumped abruptly to warp, pushing the Rhine way over several safety limits knowing he was only seconds ahead of the wave and needed those to retrieve Alieth and Luxa. Hopefully they were ready...


Alieth/Lorana: Response



((OOC: Who don’t love a good Marvin Martian quote from time to time?))


Ensign Ian O’Connor


USS Ronin NCC-34523


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