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MSNPC First Mate Sm'uf - Not Dead Yet


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I love Sm'uf so much. Good job @Toryn Raga


((Control Center, Cargo Freighter S.S. Sabrina's Delight, Somewhere in the Sunjat System))


This was it. This was going to be how they died. Slowly bleeding atmosphere into the void while ruminating on which system would fail first like some sick game of chance. At least the current climate within the Delight was favorable to the Andorian. Rather, it was tolerable to him for the moment. Sleep had come quickly and the benefit of slumber, even as light as it was, brought a form of escape.


Bail:  Before we die...I think you should know something.


He glanced over at the obnoxiously reclined Human wrapped in an emergency blanket with an even look, though his antennae snapped towards Bail as if he’d insulted his mother.


Sm'uf:  Finally going to admit that you were wrong? 


There seemed to be a momentary consideration, very minute, before the Human rebuttled. 


Bail:  Wrong?  Me?  No, of course not.  I was going to tell you I've always hated you.  


The Andorian looked at him with a dry expression, though his antennae twitched in irritation. 


Sm'uf: That makes two of us. Now that we cleared that up, let me enjoy what peace I can, please. 


Bail made some kind of sound, or mix of sounds. Had he finally broken as much as his ship?


Bail:  Oh sure, you must be loving this, probably a damn...pleasant spring day on Andoria.  


Sm'uf:  More like a mild summer. ::He said dryly:: 


Sm’uf watched him shift miserably and both antennae swayed in mirth. 


Bail: Well I hope your antenna freeze and....


Bail broke off abruptly as a loud clunk translated its way through the hull.  That was an unexpected sound, but not the, ‘we’re all about to die’ sort or so he hoped. The Andorian sat up and his antennae turned in opposite directions and in a slightly upwards manner. 


Bail:  Did that sound like...a good clunk?  Or a bad clunk?


Sm'uf:  At this point does it matter?


Bail snuffed and pulled his blankets tighter about himself.  


Bail:  Well, I don't want it to be a bad clunk.  We've had enough of those already.  Go see to it, won't you?  


An antenna whipped in his direction shortly before the Andorian looked at him. 


Sm'uf:  Sure, ice forbid you actually do anything productive when we’re hours away from death. 


Bail: Response


The Andorian brushed off the Captain’s grumbling and stretched the slumber out of himself before he started to search the interior of the freighter. The clunk that had alerted them felt to him like something had touched the hull or maybe come off of it. Though, he could feel vibrations in the air coming from the bulkheads. Almost like when the ship was in a tractor beam. 


It wasn’t an overly large vessel and it didn’t take long before he saw the flash of a light source ahead. They’d been boarded. But by whom?


Sm’uf side stepped to a locker and opened it as quietly as he could, despite the audible creak of cold metal. He pulled out a disruptor that was as old or older than the freighter. So, who knew if it still worked. It was likely as useless as the Captain. 


The Andorian moved back towards the source of the light. 


Kel:  Hello?  ::activating his wrist light and shining it around the room::  Hello is anyone here?


Tucker: ::pulling out his engineering tricorder:: Power fluctuations on all decks, and engineering seems to be three decks straight down. Where do we want to start, commander?


Raga: Priority is going to be…


Kenmore: Response


Sm'uf:  You can start by stating your names and intent. ::He said evenly from the darkness, archaic disrupter pointed at the group:: 


The tall one that he’d cut off mid sentence spun around and seemed to be armed, but he didn’t draw his weapon. 


Raga: Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga. First Officer of the USS Ronin. We detected signs of a recent battle and came to see if we could render assistance. ::He glanced about then added:: From the looks of it, we’re just in time. 


Kenmore/Kel/Tucker: Response


The Andorian lowered the disruptor of questionable operation and stepped closer to look closer at the group. Starfleet. Say what you will about them, when you were this close to death’s icy embrace they seemed to have an impecable timing. 


Sm’uf: Starfleet. Good. Yes, the ship is falling apart. The Captain was taking bets on what would fail first, power, life support or shields. All of which are below ten percent functionality. 


Raga: Well then, we should see about stabilizing your power and life support. Our runabout’s shields have been extended around your freighter. So if yours fail we won’t instantly die. ::He smiled:: And you are?


Kenmore/Kel/Tucker: Response


Sm’uf: First Mate, Sm’uf. 


Kenmore/Raga/Kel/Tucker: Response


Sm’uf: Right. This way. The Captain is in the Command Center impersonating a frozen vegetable. 


Kenmore/Raga/Kel/Tucker: Response


A quick walk back to where he’d left the Human to sulk in misery and he announced in an alarmed tone. Sm’uf made sure he was a step or two ahead of the Federation team. 


Sm’uf: Captain, we’ve been boarded!


Bail: Response


Sm’uf: It’s fine, they’re Starfleet. Here to help. I just wanted to see if you were still capable of moving. 


There was no smile on his face but those antennae twitched in abject amusement. 


Bail: Response


Kenmore/Raga/Kel/Tucker: Response



((ooc: Wanted to get this out first. I’ll fill the rest of Raga’s tags in my next sim.))




First Mate

S.S. Sabrina’s Delight


As simmed by


Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

First Officer

USS Ronin NCC-34523

Writer ID: A239410TR0


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