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Ensign Alessandro Ferrucci - Dive into the unknown

Doz Finch

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In this sim, @Alessandro Ferrucci treats us to a wonderful blend of narration and dialogue as the USS Kahnrah makes its tricky descent down onto Sargasso V. All in all, really enjoying Ensign Ferrucci's contributions to his away team so far 👏

Ensign Alessandro Ferrucci - Dive into the unknown (google.com)


(( Cockpit - USS Kahnrah in orbit of Sargasso V ))

The shuttlecraft was moving towards the surface of Sargasso V, the cultists’ planet. The blob was sitting rather silently in the back of the cockpit. After descending into the atmosphere, the Kahnrah did its touchdown guided by the expert hands of lieutenant zh’Tisav. The humans, in the meantime, gathered some equipment and phasers given by the XO.

Alessandro reluctantly accepted the phaser. It was not his cup of tea, but he knew it was necessary because of the high risk situation that they were going to embark into. Probably the phasers wouldn’t be useful against the blobs, since they most likely enjoyed the idea of being shot energy at them.

Neathler: Everyone ready?

zh’Tisav: ::Wiping sweat from her blue forehead.:: So ready...

Warwick: Response

Ferrucci: We gotta be.

After opening the shuttle’s door, a cold breeze pervaded the stale air of the cockpit. All the officers looked relieved, since the air was starting to get unbreathable, and the temperature unbearable. After having a lot of stress put into its air conditioning system, the Kahnrah was happily shutting down on the planet’s surface.

(( Riverbank - Sargasso V ))

Neathler: Any of you have climbing experience?

Warwick: Nope :: shaking his head :: - camping in the mountains yes, but
no rebelling, well nothing more the training you get at the Academy in
survival week.

zh’Tisav: I have some, as well as caving experience. ::She glanced down at the bulge under her shirt. :: Although I don’t think I’d be very good at it at the moment...

Ferrucci: I’ve been a rather fanatic mountain enthusiast. Let’s see if I still remember how it’s done.

Operator 100293: I can reconfigure myself to glide down.

Neathler: Well, at least the air is cooler.

zh’Tisav: Relatively speaking…

A line of three humans, an andorian and a blob was walking towards the canyon. Apart from the Operator, who wasn’t showing much emotion, they all looked enjoying the walk in the tall grass. It was somehow refreshing.

Ferrucci: How much would I give to take a dive in the river!…

The river was one of the most incredible things Alessandro had seen. It was unnatural, sure, but still incredible. Most likely, because of the waterfall, they had to expect a lake on the inferior portion of the canyon. But it wasn't too much of an issue, if they moved by the sides of it.

At the side of the canyon, a kind of ridge of variously fused rocks and burnt soil had formed, on which it was possible to walk easily. A few cracks in the surrounding ground marked points of instability in the terrain. It was a little difficult to identify a spot where the ropes for the harnesses could be anchored, but with the help of the scanners everything, or almost everything, was possible. The landscape looked peaceful, were it not for the eerie, massive view of the wormhole. Seen from the planet, it was truly a frightening thing: one felt so small, insignificant, weak, subjugated by a stellar entity of such proportions.

The feeling of smallness towards the universe was nothing new for Alexander. For as long as he could remember, even looking at the stars from home made him feel uncomfortable. He felt like a cog in a machine of such dimensions that it was beyond his paltry comprehension.

Through it all, the Operator remained very quiet. Occasionally he would vibrate in that strange way of his to communicate with who knows who, but most of the time he would follow them step by step without a word.

zh’Tisav: Be careful near the edge. That ground is likely to be unstable.

Neathler / Warwick: response

The team reached a spot near the cliff edge, where some avians, scared, flew away screeching loudly. The operator was leaving burned spots behind, since the legs (even if still colder and solid) were hot enough to burn the grass down locally.

zh’Tisav: So much for the welcoming party… ::Removes a tricorder from her kit and starts a scan.:: Stay away from that spot, it’s highly unstable. ::Points to a patch of melted and cooled stone.: That’s a better place to check over the rim. We can tie our ropes to those rocks.

Ferrucci: ::Putting some equipment on the ground:: Alright. Operator, are you gonna need ropes or…?

Neathler / Warwick: response

The purple blob didn’t reply, but instead his body started to shift into a small cube, with longer protrusions reaching for safe spots to grasp. A wider ending marked what would be the equivalent of hands.

Ferrucci: Oh…I see… Well, we on the other hand ::taking ropes out from a backpack:: gotta use these.

The officers, particularly Alessandro and Vylaa, tied the ropes to some particularly stable rocks, and helped the others wearing a lashing to descend into the canyon. Some cold and wet wind, coming from the dark end of the cliff, hit the man’s face.

Ferrucci: I think we are ready. Lights on and we are. Should we check the depth first?

Indeed, given the size of the ship and the likely speed of impact, the depth of the canyon could have been a limit, considering the ropes they possessed. However, it was not excluded to find footholds or caves on the sides in which to stop.

Light entered the canyon obliquely, so it was not possible to see the bottom from above.

Neathler / zh’Tisav / Warwick / Operator 100293: Response

After getting the equipment back on his shoulders, the doctor was ready to dive into the unknown. He hoped nothing (and no one) was to be found until they reached the deepest end of the canyon.
Ensign Alessandro Ferrucci
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


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