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Lt. Cmdr. Gogigobo Fairhug - Second Breakfast

Evan Ross

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This one from @Gogigobo Fairhug made me cringe and laugh in all the right ways - Ross trying to hint that the game is rigged and Gogi being the absolute best. That's why it's important to learn your vocabs, kids! 🤓



((Pez’ Gambling Emporium, The Dungeon, Starbase 118))

Gogi looked at Evan and shrugged, then offered his thumb, pressing it onto the PADD where the woman had indicated.

Once they were done, she reached into a pouch and handed them each a few strips of latinum.

Pez: Please, enjoy our facilities. I see you already have drinks, but if you’d like another ::winking:: it’s on the house.

Fairhug: Thank you. We’ll make sure to remember that.

The Ferengi offered a small bow of the head and slinked off, leaving them alone.

Fairhug: So, how’s your Tongo game?

Ross: ::following the Ferengi with his eyes for another second:: ...Rusty, to say the least. But I think I can manage. 

Gogi followed Evan’s gaze as he took in the surroundings and landed on a Tongo table in the corner, around which was seated a Klingon and two Ferengi, who were already staring back in their direction.

Ross: Shall we? 

Fairhug: We’ll, we’ve come this far…

With another sip of their drinks, the Starfleet duo made their way to the table, whereupon the Klingon rose to meet them.

He seemed…dishevelled, both him and his armour. Most likely down on his luck. Certainly not the leader of a great house.

Abargh: Care for a game? 

Ross: The five of us? ::turning towards Fairhug:: What do you say?

Fairhug: That’s why we’re here.

They sat down, arranging around the table - one of the Ferengi seemed to take on the role of the dealer, mixing the cards.

Evan threw a strip of latinum into the bowl and Gogi followed suit, as did the others, before the Klingon spoke up again.

Abargh: Have you played this game before, friends? 

Evan glanced over at Gogi, the Bardeezan recognising that, for whatever reason, he was being asked to field that particular question.

Fairhug: ::smiling amiably:: Once or twice. We’re casual players.

Which wasn’t far from the truth. Gogi knew the game well, but being a Starfleet Officer, never played it seriously. If he lost, he lost, he would still have his food and board for the night, regardless. To him, all of this was purely a bit of fun. Yes, at a place like this, things could turn serious in a different kind of way, but Gogi had been in plenty of situations like that over the years and he backed himself to handle it.

As he answered the Klingon, the cards had been dealt. He took a peek at his hand, while the others began making their moves.

Barbo: Evade. 

Gral: Acquire. 

Gogi was just about to reach for another strip of latinum to throw in the bowl, when Evan suddenly coughed…except the cough sounded suspiciously like a Bardeezan word.

Ross: ::coughing:: (inaudible bizarre Bardeezan vocab) 

The Bardeezan word for breakfast!

A frown grew across Gogi’s brow as a number of thoughts raced through his mind. First of all, he was impressed. He had met very few people - even Starfleet Officers - who knew any Bardeezan. Mister Ross must be a linguist. That was good to know and something he would deposit into his memory bank for future reference.

Secondly, it was a bit late for breakfast. Maybe he was getting mixed up and he meant lunch. The words were very similar, so Gogi could forgive him if that was the case.

Thirdly, whether he meant breakfast or lunch, it probably meant that he was hungry. Bardeezans were always hungry and while Gogi could easily go for some food right now, it seemed a bit of an odd time to do so, since they’d just sat down to play Tongo.

Then it hit him! He looked over at Evan and gave a small nod in recognition.

Fairhug: ::to the Klingon:: Do they serve food here?

The Klingon, who had been waiting for Gogi to make his move, looked at the Bardeezan as if he had just asked him the strangest question he had ever been asked.

Abargh: ::frowning:: Yes, they do.

He motioned to a waitress, who came over, carrying a tray.

Abargh: Bring our friends here some…snacks.

The waitress nodded and walked off without a word.

Fairhug: That was very kind of you.

The Klingon sneered.

Abargh: The food is free, as long as you’re playing.

He motioned towards Gogi’s cards.

Fairhug: Right! ::clearing his throat:: Let’s see. ::taking another look:: Evade.

Ross: Response

The Klingon looked at his cards and grumbled.

Abargh: Evade.

The Ferengi who had dealt the cards spun the wheel and threw in some more latinum.

Barbo: Acquire.

Gral: Confront.

The Ferengi looked to Evan with a toothy grin and Gogi couldn’t help but think he had missed something while he had been distracted by the food chat with the Klingon.

Ross: Response



Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug
First Officer
Starbase 118 Ops


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