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[BACKSIMM] Lt. Silveira: Surprises.


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This is it, guys, gals and pals. This is how you make a girl feel like a princess (both the character and the writer)! I knew where we were going and agreed to it, but it still surprised me positively! Thank you, @Vitor S. Silveira

For the context, a ship from an alternate universe suddenly appears in front of the Artemis, including the counterparts of the crew. Alternate universe Jovenan tries to spy on the Artemis by "convincing" the Prime universe Silveira to give her information on their weapons, but it backfires gloriously.



((Elysium, Deck 5, USS Artemis))

He had been set up by Vik and her comrade Jo. Although he tried to make clear he wasn’t going to show her anything he didn’t show Vik, he admittedly was falling for her ruse.

Vitor nodded, tipping his head slightly.

Silveira: I don’t know about you, but I am feeling very lonely lately. I certainly would appreciate your company.

Jovenan: I know what you mean. ::stares him to the eyes, smiles:: I’d love stay with you.

And there it was. He wasn’t falling, walking or even running into the trap.
He was jumping head on and shouting "TRAP ME".

Silveira: Have you visited the Holodeck?

Jovenan: I haven’t. Want to show me the way?

Vitor smiled, standing from his seat.
He hesitated for a second, almost offering his hand to her.
Instead he tipped his head to the door.

Silveira: I will do something better. ::he winked as he gestured for her to follow him.:: I will prepare a surprise for you.


((Near Holodecks 3&4, Deck 3, USS Artemis))

They were walking side by side as Vitor tried to remember details of the program.
Now he regretted deleting it. But as he glanced at Jo he brushed aside that thought.

oO We are just going for a dance. Just spending some time together. Nothing more, nothing less… Oo

His thoughts were cut by Jo’s words.

Jovenan: I’m sorry about what Vik said. He’s just… Well, actually, I don’t know what he is like. I don’t really know him at all.

He frowned, genuinely surprised.

Silveira: You don’t?

Jovenan: No, I talked with him the first time only just before you came in. I haven’t known anyone on the Desdemona for long. I met them all only, I don’t even know anymore, days ago? Not even weeks.

He was aware that Jo had a different status onboard the Desdemona. However he wasn’t sure how much she was being honest.

Silveira: Well, you aren't exactly a Commonwealth member.

Jovenan: ::cheerier:: But let’s not care about them! Where are we going?

Vitor nodded and as they reached the Holodeck 3 door he stopped. Accessing the control panel he began programming the simulation, working quickly. It wasn’t going to be as filled with characters and interactions as his original one, but he put in a few essentials.
He replied as he tapped.

Silveira: I believe you are aware of holographic technology, we just add a few things to make it a more realistic experience. This is our holodeck.

Jovenan: Holograms? Yes, we have some, used for training for example. But I’m not sure what you mean with a holographic deck.

Vitor grinned and added one last detail.

Silveira: I am certain you will be pleasantly surprised. Now do you wish to dress the part. We don’t have to but I can set us up with a change of clothes so we fit in better. ::he shrugged:: Just to give an ambiance.

Jovenan: Response.

Vitor winked and with a grin he set up the final commands. He gestured for her to step next to him in front of the door before opening it.

((Vienna Imperial Palace, Holodeck 3, Deck 3, USS Artemis))

The inside of a salon with a pair of decorated high doors stood in front of him. They had a garden painting in them, with a pair of smaller doors at each side.

The walls were painted in marble white. Two man sized sculptures of Classical style figures were the only other decoration.

The frame works on each door was delicately elaborated, covered in gold leaf with flowers and natural ornaments.

Vitor took her hand and stepped in.

Silveira: Let me give you some context, we are in Vienna's Imperial Palace around the year 1815. The Napoleonic Wars have ended and while the Diplomats reshape Europe, they took some off time in these evening balls that we are attending. ::He let go of her and pointed to the smaller door on the left.:: There is your changing room. I hope you like what I set for you, but you can summon a Holo Maid to help you dress, and bring something else if you like to change. The first to get ready waits for the other.

Jovenan: Response.

Vitor smiled and bowed.

Silveira: I just want you to enjoy yourself. See you in a bit.

They parted, each heading to their dressing rooms. Vitor really hoped Jo would like what he had chosen for her. But he wouldn’t mind if she changed to another dress.
He had chosen a simple but very stylish dress with green embroideries.

As for himself he took a few minutes to change but only required help when he was putting on the coat. He was dressed in a Blue Hussars, Spanish if he remembered correctly, uniform and when he checked on the mirror he thought he would look better with a grown beard. Even a mustache would fit better.

He passed the door and waited looking around. He frowned as he recognized he failed historically, and he remembered the Ballroom was also wrong. But it wasn’t as if Jo was interested in History, he turned and then saw her.
His jaw literally dropped and he almost dropped his hat that was resting on his arm.

He was stunned, like a deer in front of headlights, as that old expression went.

Jo was literally glowing in her dress. She was glowing all over, her hair, her face, her smile.
Nothing else came from him except the words…

Silveira: You're beautiful…

Jovenan: Response.

Vitor finally managed to smile and he offered her his hand, stepping by her side.

Silveira: I knew you would make an impression, but not like this. You look astonishing. Shall we?

Jovenan: Response.

Silveira: Just follow my lead. I hope you like it.

Leading Jo by her hand Vitor guided her to the main doors. Without any indication the doors parted open, revealing a huge Ball Room, in tones of marble and gold.
A few strings of chord instruments could be heard, as the muffled conversations of the many couples inside. Most of the men were wearing uniforms and the ladies dressed in similar style as Jo, but none compared to her.

Two Servents neared them and Vitor handed them his hat and sword, before again taking Jo by the hand.

A Herald cleared his throat before announcing them.


The echo of his announcement caused the others inside to turn their heads and Vitor nodded as he and Jo made their way to the center. There was a moment of stun surprise and it was only after a few steps, well inside that the murmurs of talk came to them.
Vitor smiled as he let a few of them in audible range, although honestly he wasn’t sure they were needed.
“She’s a foreign Princess”, “They make such a lovely couple”, “I heard she knows mathematics and philosophy”, “I love her dress and hair”.

He glanced at Jo, lowering his voice.

Silveira: Surprise.

Jovenan: Response.


Lt. Vitor S. Silveira
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Artemis-A, NCC-81287


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