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Ensign Marty Tucker - Of Mini-Vulcans and Jeffries Tubes


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It's poket size vulcan, sir,  even tin-can size even. But GREAT sim anyway




(Deck 1, Warp Plasma Supercharger, USS Ronin))


Tucker had felt something was slightly off when they dropped out of warp. No one else would have noticed; maybe Corelli would. Engineers are tuned into their ship, and the Ronin was no exception. And why he didn’t have time to commune with the Ronin fully, he knew the old gal wasn’t quite right.


He took an EJ7 interlock and removed the panel, setting it to the side. If he were right, his tricorder would tell him that the supercharger was only point two microns off. It wasn’t anything life-threatening but could cause problems if left untreated. Once the panel exposed the wiring underneath, he pulled out his engineering tricorder and began a base-level scan.


The first scan didn’t bring anything up, but a third scan was the charm.


Tucker: ::to himself:: Once again, when you’re right, you’re right.


He smiled as he grabbed a hyper-spanner to readjust the field regulation. Tuck was seconds into the repair when his comm badge chirped.


Corelli: =/\= Kammus to Ensign Tucker. If you're free, could you find it in your heart to join me for some sensor surgery in Science Lab 1? Also fine if you can't make it.  Corelli out. =/\=


Tucker: ::tapping his comm badge:: =/\=Just wrapping up, be there in a few. Tucker out. =/\=


He tapped his comm badge to sever the connection. Tucker took out his engineering tricorder to take some final readings.  It look like everything now was within nominal parameters. Using the EJ7 interlock, he put the panel back and headed for the turbo life.


((Deck 10, Main Science Lab, USS Ronin))


The almost finished lab was a hive of activity; when the doors swooshed open, it seemed Tucker was late for the party.


oO Story of my life Oo

He spied the mini-Vulcan, who he was pretty sure was the science chief, and she was conversing with Chief Corelli. On the way down to the science lab, Tuck was told the situation: old freighter, damaged material, mystery weapon, just another Monday on the USS Ronin.

Alieth:......So, I need suggestions to increase the efficiency of the sensors, as well as options to create a search grid in the system with the probes we have. Any thoughts?

Corelli paused for a second.

Corelli: Right, glad to help!  Focusing the sensors is the larger of the two tasks.  We can recalabrate the lateral sensor array for a specific energy output, they're usually setup for broad spectrum passive measurements.  As for probes, if they're already launched, all we can do is tell them where to go.  If you still need to launch, I brought the best probe technician in the galaxy with me, he created some wonderful engineering marvels in the past with the probes. 

Tucker: We have a palate of sensors specifically for the science division. And they haven’t even been taken out of their wrappers yet. I bet there’s something in there...though the drawback is that it’ll take two days. And I know the Captain doesn’t have that sort of time...

Lorana: Response

The Vulcan science chief listened intently, nodding.

Alieth:.It sounds interesting, but I would like to point out that we cannot dispose of all the probes, and that we should keep at least 50% of them for the future, as the chances of recovering them may be slim. How does this affect these plans?

oO Holy crap, that's a lot of probes, lady. Oo

Corelli: Well, I was thinking more like three probes. But if you need detailed scans faster, more probes would work. If probes are going to scan the whole system, why do you need the sensors? 

Tucker: ::he rubbed the back of his neck.:: I think, ::looking at Alieth:: with the sensors not running at a hundred percent, the probes will enhance the sensors. Am I correct?

Alieth / Lorana : Response

Whatever was going on, the Vulcan wanted to be thorough. Tuck knew all to well how thorough Vulcan’s can be, having to room with one at the Academy.

Corelli: Right, I'll get started on the lateral sensor array programming, if I can utilize one of your consoles here?  And we'll call Perez up here to setup sentry mode for you.  That way, you can monitor real time data from all the probes simultaneously in Holodeck 2.  Thoughts?

Alieth / Lorana : Response

Tucker: Sounds like a plan, and maybe use stellar cartography as an overflow. The more eye’s the better. ::he shrugged::

Corelli: Ah, Mister Tucker, I know we've not got real intimate in the jefferies tubes yet, but I really hate subroutine programming.  How do you feel about it?

Tucker: ::holding out his hands, wiggling his fingers:: I was born to reprogram boss.::he cocked a half smile::

Alieth / Lorana: Response

The chief engineer smiled, unsure if it was a joke or something else. Either way, he had a date with a Jefferies tube.

Corelli: =/\= Corelli to Petty Officer Perez, please report to Science Lab 1. =/\=

Alieth / Lorana: Response

Tucker: ::looking at his padd, then looking up:: I’ve located the Jefferies tube and I’m on my way. ::he shouldered his gear bag::

Corelli: Response




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