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2023 Halloween Avatar Contest: Astraeus check-in

Jo Marshall

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This thread is for each member of the crew to check in with their new avatar on their profile.

For a check-in to count, each crew member must include a funny quote, quip, or greeting (i.e.- "Trick or treat!") that matches the character or theme.

The more people you have checked-in, the higher your overall score!

Please read these instructions very carefully – missing any step may disqualify your crew!

  • Participants must be checked-in to this thread by Monday, October 23 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Avatars must remain in their costumed forms until at least Tuesday, October 31 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Do not post anything except check-ins here – no other discussion or joking around, please!
  • Players can only check in ONCE per contest.
    • If you're playing two characters on two different ships, you have to decide which ship you want to participate with.
    • Your participation will not count against your second ship. We'll discount the other ship's roster to account for your participation on this ship.
  • If you have crew members who cannot access the forum due to accessibility issues, the CO must notify FltAdml. Wolf. 

The second post in this thread must contain the following: 

  1. A clear and direct announcement of the ship's theme.
  2. Confirmation that your crew followed the "Halloween Avatar Contest avatars uploading processexactly – use the "Section 3. Check your work" checklist to ensure you've not violated any rules. 

Here's an example: 


This year's theme for USS Phoenix-B is "Famous Crabs."

We have: 

  • Properly named all avatar files and uploaded them to the wiki.
  • Properly named our category on the wiki.
  • Properly categorized our category on the wiki.


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[[ This, and all of the other Astraeus posters, are for showcase only. We will not be participating in the contest this year, so no votes for us please, but do enjoy our shenanigans! ]]


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101 and 000 checking in!! These sweet faces are just too cute to be guilty.6EABA902-C3F8-4562-8501-4186F147A574.jpeg

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