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2nd Lieutenant Lux - The Shinty End of The Stick

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Most of us know that the last sim we write on a ship is always a tough one. @LuxaLorana has already said her goodbyes to the crew, but our mission that as taken us to another universe, with different characters, have give us such great scenes. And here we have the final scene from Lux, Lorana's alter ego, in one of the most heartbreaking goodbyes I have read. And I have read quite a few. 

I know you will enjoy the Ronin as much as you enjoyed the Artemis, but allow me the selfishness to say that I am sorry to see you go.



((OOC - this will be my last sim as a member of the Artemis crew *tears* as I'm struggling to keep up with Artemis, Ronin and Denali. It's been an absolute privilege simming with you bunch of wonderful weirdos! Don't be a stranger, my door is always open to all of you - drop me a DM for a chat!))

((Somewhere on the Shint Ship))


With her superior eyesight she managed to navigate through the darkened access tunnel. Lux was forced to admit that she enjoyed setting off the explosions below. 

The howls of pain coming from the Shint and the Mizarian collaborators did not give her a sense of pleasure, nor did it plague her mind with remorse. 

It was a job to be done. The most important job in the Galaxy. She did not doubt that those Mizarian slaves and collaborators were as much victims as they were to the Shint. 

Dangerous victims. 

Sato: We need to go!

The clock was running down now. 

Savel: The Mizarians have escaped. It is logical to assume they will return with reinforcements.

Lux: I only have two more explosives we could use. I'll save them for our escape. 

Sato: Then don't worry about them. We can barricade the next door. We're running out of time. Now move!


With the way clear, all of them moved through to the next room and let the door shut behind them. As soon as it did, the panel next to it was destroyed and hopefully, the door was rendered useless now. At least long enough that the could get what they wanted.

((Prismagon Reactor Room, B0/-1L2-3, Shint Cruiser))

From where they entered the room, they could look down on the reactor below. It had to be where the prismagons were. And their opposition didn't look like they were going to be able to put up much of a fight. Not for the already amped-up trio that had just stormed in on them.

Savel: I will leave one alive. Unfortunately.

Lux: :: looks down at the Shiny :: Look at them. The real evil, the ones who control the prismagon. 

The engineers and scientists all looked as if they were too busy working on the reactor to pay much attention to anyone who had gotten inside. Plus, it's not like anyone had ever really pulled this off on a Shint vessel. They couldn't have expected intruders in this part of the ship.

Lux dropped down to ensure they had some cover, Savel used the opportunity to pick off a few of them beforehand. 

The armed Shint fought back, yet it was easier than she thought to clear the room. She had used her rifle, claws and knives to dispatch the Shint to whichever place they thought of as hell. 

By the end of everything, there was only one left standing and he wasn't left that way long as Harry rendered the Shint into nothing more than a hostage to keep the lights on.


Sato: Two minutes, forty-five seconds. Savel, Lux, get that prismagon out, and let's get the hell out of here. I don't know how long that door's going to hold, and we still need to find an alternate route back to the pod.

Savel: We will work quickly.

Lux: I'll manage the controls, we'll need to be careful. 


As Savel ran up to the reactor and dropped his bag down beside it, Lux went to the control panel below the reactor.  

Savel: I will retrieve it. It will be extremely hot since we do not have time for the reactor to cool down.

Lux: We'll need to do an emergency shutdown. We don't want to destroy ourselves. You should be able to find a side panel? 

Lux had studied every inch of the leaked intel. She keyed in what she hoped would be the command for an emergency shutdown. The panel made a loud and prolonged beep and then began to flash. 

The Vulcan pried off one of the side panels for the reactor to give him access to the inside. 

There it was.

Lux: Savel, I think you should just remove it now. We may have triggered an alarm! 

He was now staring at what could possibly be the answer to the question of how they'd ever win this war. His eyes stared at it for a second or so longer than he had time for. It at least let him see what was holding it in place. Only two clamps were keeping it from him, so he worked swiftly to remove them.


Lux keyed in a counter alarm, hoping that would disconnect the computer core to the reactor. 

The noise from the panel stopped. 

Savel just had to yank the plugs away and it was all his. With a firm tug, all the cables attached dropped from their hookups and now nothing was keeping it inside. He breathed in deeply, filling his lungs as he prepared himself for the pain he'd be experiencing in mere seconds. 

There was nothing else left to do but reach out for it, which he did; placing both hands on either side of the prismagon. It began to burn intensely, a sizzling sound that meant he was losing layers with each passing moment. It took everything in him not to scream out before he just dropped the thing into the bag below.

Hopefully, these things were sturdy.

Lux went to Savel, patted him on the back. 


Savel's bag was coated with enough material to keep it from burning through, and the prismagon was cooling slightly now that it was out of the reactor. He did his best to seal it with wounded hands and brought it up onto his back.

The Vulcan then turned to face the rest of his group, the tone of his speech giving away the evidence of his discomfort.

Savel: I have it. Do we have our escape route?

Lux: It's likely we'll need to fight our way back. We don't have the element of surprise or confusion anymore. 

Sato: Responses

There was a nod from Savel. 

Lux: I have a dermal regenerator. Let me see your hands. 

Lux slipped her paw into her jacket, removing the small device and ran it over them. 

Sato/Savel: Responses

Lux: It's not going to be completely healed but at least you'll be able to carry the bag. Your fingers will need surgery. :: to Harry :: He won't be able to use his rifle or even a knife. 


Sato/Savel: Responses

Lux: No. The explosives can only be armed by me. It's the way Rasa designs them, we don't want our weapons to be used against us :: beat :: By anyone. 

Sato/Savel: Responses

Lux thought it was ironic that the very measures in place to protect them were working against her in this moment. 

Lux: :: to Harry :: We don't have time to debate it. You need to cover Savel, and make sure the Prismagon makes it back. :: beat ::  Its the only thing that matters. 

A silent second passed between the three of them as the truth of what was being said remained unspoken. 


They moved quickly. Harry taking point, Savel in the middle and Lux flanking them both. 

Sato: Response

Almost on cue, the door was forced open by the Shint, melting into several pieces and molting onto the floor. 

oO do these monsters know only destruction Oo

Mayhem quickly ensued. Harry and Savel moved along as if propelled by jet fuel. She focused on taking out as many Shint as she could, allowing them both to move further forward, fighting their way bravely through the crowd. 


The Shint began to splinter. A small group tried to follow Harry and Savel and then there was the group that focused on her. 

She felt a blast hit her body, which threw her across the room, hitting the ground with a bone breaking thud. 

Pain. Every neuron in her body seemed to explode at once. There was nothing else she could think of except for her body that screamed in an agony she'd never felt before. 

She writhed on the floor, only partially aware of others. Shouts and screams beyond her. 

Harry and Savel, fighting for their lives. 

There was no hope. 

The Prismagon. She needed to make sure the Prismagon got to the Desdemona. 

She was surrounded by Shint. She allowed herself one last smile, and a solitary tear. 

The explosives armed, she rolled one over so that it rested slightly beyond the group that held down Harry and Savel. 

The Shint looked dumbfounded for a moment as she raised the other explosive above her head. 

She closed her eyes and allowed the image of M'Bel, Rasa and Della to come to her. They were home. The family was there and the Shint never existed. It was a perfect fantasy, yet it somehow felt real… another reality. Another family and a life without the Shint. 

Laughter. Joy.  


End of Lux.


2nd Lieutenant Lux
Science and Tactical Officer
CIC Desdemona 


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And thus begins the eternal rivalry between the Artemisians and the catnapping Ronnies 🥲 (Ya’ll better enjoy it, look at the cool stuff she writes!!! 💯)

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