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Lt Jg Karen Stendhal - The hugs list

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There were so many quotes from this that I wanted to post, so in the end, I decided to post the whole sim!

((Little Risa - Near Beach - Starbase 118))

Being aboard Starbase 118 once more, walking through those large man-made spaces, the people, the wonders, the lights, the fragrances, and the perfumes all flooded her senses. The sounds, conversations, and whispers echoed near and far. This sensory and empathic stimulation suddenly overwhelmed her with a cascade of emotions. All those people at once, and the telepathic shouting, it was something she wasn't accustomed to anymore. She almost laughed, almost cried, letting herself fully immerse in it once more. She deeply appreciated it, absorbing it with her entire being. Wow! How beautiful!
Karen was happy.

She strolled through the bustling commercial sector of the starbase, weaving in and out of numerous shops, each offering its own unique allure. Amid her exploration, she came upon a charming café adorned with a profusion of vibrant flowers—an enchanting spot that, in all likelihood, hadn't even existed three years ago.

After some time, she reached her intended destination: Little Risa. Her desire was simple—to relax and take a leisurely walk along the tranquil beach.

She was attired in a lovely and casual, yet vividly colorful dress, perfectly suited for the vibrant ambiance of Risa. It resembled a pareo, with its pink fabric adorned by graceful white wavy stripes. Completing her look was a broad, feminine straw hat and heart-shaped sunglasses, which added a touch of eccentricity—much like her own charming personality.

Beneath her colorful dress, she sported an equally stylish bikini, perfectly complementing her figure. It was adorned in the same delightful colors, accentuating her beach-ready look. Who knew? She might just decide to take a refreshing dip in the water later on.

As she wandered aimlessly, she suddenly sensed the presence of a familiar and friendly Betazoid mind, none other than the remarkable Sal Taybrim. A warm smile graced her lips, and her heart swelled with delight at the unexpected encounter.

Taybrim: Counselor Stendhal?

Stendhal: In the flash and bones, Captain... oh wait, is it Commodore now, isn't it? Congratulations on the promotion!

She smiled, she smiled a lot!  

Taybrim: By the rings, it’s been ages!  And you’re back here on StarBase 118!

Stendhal: It's definitely been a while! I'm absolutely thrilled to see you again, Commodore Sal. You know that, don't you?

Taybrim: Come.  I’d like you to meet the amazing Haukea-Willow.  Willow, meet Counselor Karen Stendhal.

She felt an empathic tickle, a connection that went beyond words. She first looked at Sal, then her gaze shifted to Haukea, and in their presence, she sensed an empathic embrace of friendship enveloping her. What beautiful souls they were, and how fortunate she felt to be in their company.

With a broad smile, she offered a graceful bow, genuinely delighted to meet and get acquainted with Haukea. It was evident that Haukea exuded a captivating beauty.

Her presence was marked by both a lively, effervescent spark coupled with a profound, discerning and intelligent gaze.

Karen immediately felt at ease in her presence, experiencing a strange sense of déjà vu, as if they had crossed paths before in some other time or place.

Stendhal: Nice to meet you both, and please, especially in a place like this, just call me Karen.
She said warmly and with a friendly demeanor. Karen couldn't help but appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and the genuine connection she was forming with Sal and Haukea.

Willow/Taybrim: ?

Stendhal: Oh I have to tell you that this is one of the best place in the Galaxy where to be in service... And of course one of the reasons is the Crew and the awesome commanding chain.

Willow/Taybrim: ?

Stendhal: Oh, I must share with you that this is truly one of the finest places in the entire Galaxy to serve. Of course, one of the reasons for that is the exceptional crew and the awesome chain of command.
Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.

Willow/Taybrim: ?

Stendhal: Commodore Sal would a hug be too out of place? Rustyy's had his share, and when it comes to my hug list, you and Foster are high on it.
She spoke theatrically, her hand tracing an imaginary list in the air.


Lt Jg Karen Trisha Stendhal
SB 118 
ID: C239604KS0

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