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[2005: JUN-JUL] House Before Self

Nathan Baker

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“ House Before Self ”

The cloaked IKS G’tag had been idly patrolling the Cardassian border for a week. No orders had come from the High Council about the strike mission. Dortath’s men were growing restless and had resorted to Bat’leth competitions in the mess area to squelch their thirst for combat.

“My men will kill each other before we even see a Dominion patrol! Let alone carry out our mission,” Dorath thought as he sat in the Captain’s chair of the K’Vort Class Bird of Prey. He was a tall Klingon with narrow cranial ridges and deep-set brown eyes. Pointed teeth, a scar on his left cheek, and a burly voice rounded out his well-known appearance; well known to his crew at least.

Many new crewmembers are treated to a story about the scar when they first come aboard. Legend says Dorath earned the scar when fighting a pack of Kolar beasts with only a D’Ktag when he was a young warrior. Dorath had never confirmed or denied the story. However, the fact he was a keen warrior and leader were all too true.

Chancellor Gowron himself had given this command to Dorath during the original conflict with the Cardassians, siting the fact that the man was one of the best warriors Gowron knew. Now the G’tag once again fought along side the Federation and Romulans in the Dominion War.

While on this patrol, the G’tag had cloaked and entered Cardassian space on a reconnaissance mission. After finding a secret supply base close to the border at Felmar 5, Dorath had relayed his findings to the High Command.

“Well done Captain,” said T'Gor, the Klingon 4th Battle Group Commander, ”However, the High Council must decide whether you may engage the installation.”

Dorath was a quiet and patient warrior. One of the few Klingons who could be said to have that virtue, but patience didn’t earn your house a seat on the High Council.

The House of Dorath was one of the houses under consideration for a vacant seat on the Council. Dorath knew his conduct in this war would either earn the seat, or keep his house out of the Council for another century. This would be a personal embarrassment for Dorath and his house.

After deep thought and meditation, Dorath made his decision. A decision that he made not for himself, but for the greater glory of his house. On the Bridge, Dorath stood up and addressed his crew over the ship-wide intercom.

“Crew of the G’tag,” he huffed, “this is Captain Dorath. Now is the time to earn our place in Stovokor. We will attack the enemy supply post. I do not expect us to survive this, but what we do today we do for the greater glory of the Klingon Empire!”

Cheers resounded through the hull of the ship.

He began to yell, “If we succeed our names will be sung in many songs, our houses will be remembered forever, and we will walk beside Kahless for all eternity! My fellow warriors it is time to prepare for battle, because today is a good day to die!“

More yells and cheers filled the ship. Dorath smiled and sat down in his chair.

“All hands, battle alert! Send a coded message to the High Council with our intentions. Helm, set a course for Felmar 5. Maximum Warp!”

Four hours later, the ship arrived in the system. Ten Cardassian warships patrolled the area. Dorath knew he would need to sneak past the ships if he had any chance of destroying the base.

Suddenly, the tactical officer said, “Captain! Three of the Galors are breaking off and are heading towards us! They must have dectected us! “

“Shall I reverse course Captain,” asked the helmsman.

“NO! Disengage cloak, take us into the planet’s atmosphere,” barked Dorath,” Maximum Impulse!”

The ship decloaked and began its run to the base. The Galors hammered the G’tag with their compressor beams. Dorath never flinched during the ride. Once the ship reached the planet and had descended into the atmosphere, the G’tag was in bad shape.

“Aft shields have failed,” the engineer reported. “Main power is fluctuating and wrap drive is offline!”

Dorath smiled and gave his orders, “Target the installation and fire at will!”

Two blinding attack runs successfully destroyed the base and the G’tag began its ascent back into space. None of the Galors had fled, but now three Keldon class ships accompanied them. Dorath stood and gave his final order.

“Target and fire the nearest ship. Set an intercept course. Ramming Speed!”

The G’tag bored toward the nearest Galor ship. Every other Cardassian opened fire. The scene on the bridge was carnage. Dorath stood defiant in the middle of the room and watched the Galor get closer and closer.

Aloud he said, ”Glory to the House of Dorath! Kap’lah!”

Edited by Nathan Baker
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