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JP: Lt Brzezinski & Nurse Rox: Everyone Needs Sime R&R

Alora DeVeau

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I particularly love the jabs at my character! 


((Counseling Offices, Deck Eight, USS ‘Oumuamua))



On her way out of sickbay Rox had made sure to leave the chair askew, knock over the supplies cart. and topple a stack of PADDs. She marched into the counseling office and paused. She was supposed to go and talk to Salo, but she was not interested in talking to V’Len’s little crush. Instead she turned sharply and marched over to Rivka Brzezinski’s office. The door seemed to be open and she pounded loudly on the wall.



Rox: ::yelling:: Hey! Anybody home?



Rivka had been finalizing her reports and was about to hit ‘submit’ when a piercing voice interrupted her concentration.



Rivka: What the dickens!?



Rox smiled; she had seen the woman sitting and working at the desk and the way she had jumped when Rox had yelled ‘hey.’



Rox: You should calm down, you seem jumpy. ::chuckling::



Rivka: You startled me, is all. Is it time for drinks?



Rox: Sadly I’m not here for drinks, V’Len sent me down for an ::mocking tone:: attitude adjustment.



Rox flumped into a chair with her PADD in her lap.



Rivka frowned. No drinks and more counseling work. This didn’t sound fun.



Rivka: And why should your attitude need to be adjusted?



In Dr. Brzezinski’s mind, many people greatly overestimated the need for therapy and its potential efficacy. Like the sign said above her monitor, folks should “live and let live.”



Rox: It’s because of that stupid old cow.



Rivka: The BulleRox officer – what’s her name Varoo–something?



Rivka was confused. She didn’t know many of the officers, but a large bovine one had just popped in earlier that day for an annual check-up, but Rivka couldn’t remember the details or understand why she would be referring Rox to counseling.



Rox: ::insulted:: No not V’Airu. The old heifer in sickbay Miash.



Rivka: You have a cow in Sickbay?



Rox: NO! Miash is the new Ferengi head nurse. She’s always ::mockingly sweet:: “oh dear” this and “you’re so clever doctor”. 



Oh right. Rivka had seen an old Ferengi woman too. She had been a bit of a doter.



Rivka: Look, I’m really not on the clock any more, Nesre should be available…



Rox frowned.



Rivka stopped mid-sentence when she saw the daggers Rox’s eyes made at the mention of Dr. Salo’s name.



Rox: Pass.



Rivka: I think you’re the first person I’ve met who doesn’t love Nesre.



Rox furrowed her brow.



Rox: I don’t dislike Nesre, I just can’t deal with her stupid tribble and her flipping tea right now. Besides she’s got V’Len wrapped around her little finger and I don’t want any part of that.



She had a good point about all the animals, but the latter comment drew Rivka’s full attention.



Rivka: Oh! Oh really! Now that’s interesting. You know what? I do think I have some time for you after all.



Rox could not help but chuckle. If there was one commodity on the ‘Oumuamua that was more precious than time, it was juicy gossip and Rox prided herself on keeping up with the juiciest.



Rox: ::looking at Rivka slyly:: I thought you might.



Rivka: So Nersre and the CMO?.



After all the times Nesre had gotten on Rivka’s back about ‘professional ethics’ this was rich!



Rox: Nesre and V’Len is an open secret. ::leaning in:: I can trust this stays between us right?



Rivka: Yes! Anything you say in this room is strictly confidential. (beat) And I take professional ethics very seriously..



Rox: So do I, ::pausing:: that’s why I’m asking. Let’s just say you may have two patients soon.



Rivka: Wait, two patients!?



Rox: They may both need therapy after V’Len executes his latest caprice.



Rivka: :: leaning in conspiratorially :: Go on.



Rox: I don’t have all the details mind you, but he’s been collecting ingredients for weeks and I saw him looking over a recipe yesterday.



Rivka didn’t know the doctor well, but had suspicions about his neural chemistry being unbalanced. And he seemed to have some sort of criminal past. Maybe he was cooking up some more deviant behavior, perhaps an explosive device?



Rivka: Sounds dangerous.



Rox: Two slips of latinum says it blows up in his face.



So it was a bomb. This could be bad. Maybe one of those times when a dire situation required breaking confidences.



Rivka: So a dangerously unhinged man is making an explosive device to attack Nesre?



Rox: ::laughing:: No. I mean the plan blows up in his face. Though, I won’t argue that he’s unhinged, at least when it comes to Nesre.



Rivka: Oh. Well that’s better, I guess. (beat) 



Rivka thought back to the med team meeting when Rox had almost bit off the head of that marine medic lady.



Rivka: Wait, aren’t you usually a little more protective of him?



Rox realized Rivka was right. Normally she thought of V’Len as a friend and generally rooted for him. But he had crossed a line.



Rox: Well I’m mad at him.  



Rivka: Because of Nesre?



Rox: ::waving her finger:: I am not jealous of Nesre. I don’t want any part of her, V’Len and Jack’s little “bizarre love triangle”. 



Rivka: ::trying to follow along:: So… Nesre was seeing both the Doctor and that other guy as patients and romantically… OK, if not jealous, you’re mad at him because…?



Rox: Because I ::pausing and pointing to herself:: was head nurse. V’Len didn’t need another. Now I’m stuck taking orders from that sicky sweet old bitty Miash.



oO Uh-oh. Oo Rivka shifted in her chair uncomfortably. This was swerving dangerously away from gossip and towards actual therapy.



Rivka: ::hesitantly:: So it’s the new female authority in Sickbay is the problem? (beat) Like mother issues?



Rivka hoped it wasn’t mother issues.



Rix bristled. She hated her mother and her father. They had exploited her powers to make themselves wealthy. Then they had abandoned her.



Rox: ::grimly:: Not like that. ::cheerier:: She’s like Aunt Susie when I was in trouble.



Rivka: Oh. (beat) An Auntie?



Rox: Aunt Susie always used her sweet voice when I was in trouble.



Rivka paused to consider this. 



Rivka: ::unconvinced:: I guess that’s better than swearing. (beat) 



The Lieutenant looked around. Unsure what to do or say next.



Rivka: So… Do you need something?



Rox: I need Miash to have an airlock accident.



Rivka: um… I have …. sedatives?



Rox: No I’m good there. I’ll just drink.



Rivka: :: brightly :: The good kind of therapy!



Rox: Is there any other?



Rivka:::conspiratorially:: Not that’s as effective! Do you want some company?



Rox: Yes, but what am I supposed to do about Miash? And for that matter why does V’Len need another head nurse. What’s wrong with me?



Rivka slumped back in her chair. Apparently this session might take a while longer.



Rivka: Does it have to be something wrong with you?



Rox: I was a fine nurse. Just because I sent the whole ship back in time doesn’t mean I’m bad at my job.



Rivka: Wait, that was you? (beat) Look, I did the psych intake for Mi–the Ferengi earlier today. She wasn’t requested by our CMO.



Rox: So if V”Len didn’t request Miash who did?



Rivka: Oh, I don’t know. People can request transfers y’know. (beat) I assume the CO approves such things.



Rivka’s thoughts turned to the consideration of her own transfer request when the nurse in front of her got more agitated.



Rox: ::punching her palm:: That bitch. She would do that. You know she left V’Len and I behind on earth. V’Airu left without us.



Rivka: Weren’t you being detained by the time-cops? ::pursing lips:: Seems like you might be a little sensitive around the issue of abandonment.



Rox: What do you mean abandonment issues?



Rivka: Well, just that you seem to be a strong, capable, independent woman. What does it matter if the CO or CMO or anyone does something without you?



Rox froze and stared blankly at Rivka. She’d never thought about it in quite that way. She’d never really thought of herself as a capable person, but Rivka’s words rang true. What did she care if Miash was in charge? She could still do her job.



Rox: So I’m good on my own. I don’t need to worry about Miash. I should just do the best I can.



Rivka: Uh-huh.



Rox: ::amasement:: Wow, you’re good.



Rivka sat up a little straighter. Maybe this counseling thing wasn’t as bad as a kick in the teeth after all.



Rivka: So what do you want to do next?



Rox started to answer but her PADD suddenly chirped and she looked down at it. Her eyes scanned the message. Suddenly she stood straight up.  



Rox: Dang it!



Rivka: What now!? oO Don’t break again–you just got fixed! Oo



Rox was so upset that she was shaking like a child. Rivka’s voice brought her back to the room. She slowly turned the PADD around for RIvka to see.



Rox: I’m being transferred ::sighing:: to something called the USS Ronin.



Rivka: Oh.



That would mean Rox wouldn’t be around much longer. Rivka wasn’t at all prepared to feel let down by that news.



Rox: ::sitting down again:: I guess we better get that drink now. I’ve only got a few more days here.  



Rivka: ::smiling weakly:: Yes, let’s.



Lt Rivka Brzezinski


Utility Officer–Counselor!?


USS ‘Oumuamua










Roxanne Queen




USS Oumuamua NCC-81226








Lt Avander Promontory

Intelligence Officer

USS Oumuamua


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