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Ensign Lina Dahlquist - Is there more?

Alora DeVeau

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((Tyber’s and Dahlquist’s quarters, USS Oumuamua))


Lina had actually wanted to thank her roommate for a long time. But something had always come up. Either they weren't alone and Lina really didn't want to do it in front of others.

Or one of them hadn't been here, so she had to push it again. Now was the perfect moment for it, she was sure.


Dahlquist: I don't really remember much from when we were in the shuttle in that nebula. Somehow everything is ::beat:: blurred. But I do remember you trying to help me and protect me.


Tyber: That is my job Lina there is no need for thanks. 


Dahlquist: It's just important to me to say thank you for that. ::beat, then in a softer voice:: I don't take it for granted.


Lina's eyes followed the Klingon officer as he slowly walked over to the sofa where Lina was still comfortably cross-legged. Tyber crouched down so that they were at eye level.

He had an air of strength and gentleness that one would not have expected from a Klingon. His eyes were full of warmth. It was almost as if he could see deep into her soul

and she into his. For a magical moment, time seemed to stand still.


Tyber : You are very welcome, Lina Dahlquist.


Her eyes darted back and forth between his two grey eyes. He was so close that she could feel the warmth of his breath. She felt her heart pounding fast in her chest. 

But then he suddenly stood up, turned around and walked slowly into his room.

Lina sat motionless, staring after him. Confused and puzzled, she opened her mouth briefly to call his name, to tell him to stay, to turn back. But she closed it again and said nothing.

The door had closed behind Tyber. And Lina had said nothing. In fact, she hadn't reacted at all.


She was torn inside.  One part of her told her to follow him. Not to let this magical moment pass. Another part of her was unsure and confused. What was the meaning of this?

Was the tension she had felt between them just imagined? Was it nothing more than the voice she had heard in the shuttle? Another hallucination? Or just some strange Klingon thing?

Why had he just left? Why hadn't she said anything?


A thousand questions flashed through her mind - then she literally jumped up and quickly went into her room.


The young scientist paced restlessly up and down her room. Her heart was still pounding violently as she tried to process the brief but intense magical moment she had just experienced.

The man who had been standing opposite her had suddenly stood up and left without a word, as if he had never been there.


Lina took a deep breath and started talking to herself.


Dahlquist: Okay. You are a scientist. Think logically.


So she began to sort out her thoughts. Had she completely misinterpreted this moment? Was it just her own imagination playing tricks on her?

Or had she actually sensed a connection that she could not ignore?


She closed her eyes and tried to remember every detail of the moment. His gaze, which had been so warm and deep that she had been completely

captivated by it. His voice, which had been so soft at that moment.


But now he was gone and she felt trapped in a fog of uncertainty. She wondered if she should pursue him to find answers.

Or should she just accept that this moment was over and meant nothing more? Tyber was a friend, a very good friend in fact

and Lina used the term ‘friend’ very sparingly.


Doubt gnawed at her and she couldn't help but wonder if she had gotten caught up in

something that had never existed. Maybe it was just a fleeting moment that had no special meaning for him.


And then another question arose altogether. What did she really feel about Tyber? Was there something?

Was there more than friendship? Wouldn’t that just change everything? And wouldn't that be able to destroy their close friendship? It all felt so surreal.


Lina sighed as she let herself fall onto her bed. This was going to be another sleepless night.

She glanced at her door and wondered what Tyber was doing right now.


((Possible TBC if Tyber wants to go on))


Ensign Lina Dahlquist

Science Officer

USS ‘Oumuamua



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