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Lt. Silveira: Past waters don’t move mills.

Alora DeVeau

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((Shuttlebay, Denali Station))

The welcoming Denali Ensign that greeted them had come to attention when he recognized Vitor’s rank. He smiled and nodded.

Silverira: At ease Tuck, and please call me Sil. I am wearing the uniform but we are on leave.

Tucker: ::looking at Lorana:: I see you’re in sciences if you head over to Soldota tower and grab yourself a tour of our science division. They’re doing fantastic stuff over there. Bring it up on the padd, and it’ll show you to the nearest transporter arch.

Lorana: :: perking up:: Thanks! :: Removes her trusty PADD from her belt :: I'm Ensign Lorana, I've been hoping to visit the labs. The reading I've done on the way only provided me with more questions than answers. First, I may need some sleep ::yawns::

Vitor grinned and winked discreetly at Ana, as he replied to Tucker.

Silveira: Not sure Ensign Lorana might be up for it. Tuck, perhaps you can tell us where our assigned quarters are, since I am only here as a supporter I assume we are settled in different places.

Tucker: Response

Vitor kept his smile as he nodded. The others talked to Tuck when he saw someone he didn’t expect.

Lorana: How long have you been stationed here Ensign?

Kuva/Kader: response

Tucker: Response

His attention was now fully diverted and as the people moved around he lost sight of her.
What was Sher doing in Denali?
Well that really wasn’t the smartest question to make. What was he doing in Denali?

Shaking those thoughts aside he returned his attention to the others.

Silveira: Sorry I thought I saw someone. You were saying?

Tucker: Response

Lorana: Kuva and Kader are going to finish up the checks, I'm heading ::looks to PADD and the map, nods forward:: That way ::looks again:: I think.

Vitor nodded, it was his chance to excuse himself.

Silveira: Yeah I think I saw someone I served with on the Juneau and I want to catch up if you guys don’t mind. ::He smiled at Ana:: I am also going in that direction. ::Finally turning to Tuck.:: Pleasure to meet you Tuck. See you all later.

Kuva/Kader: response

Tucker: Response

As Vitor and Ana walked out he looked around, with some luck he would be able to avoid any close encounter.

But he knew he shouldn't trust luck. For one reason he wasn't superstitious.
However Fate always had a way to keep challenging him, and Fate presented itself as a familiar voice.

DeVeau: Sil!

Alora waved at him, with Sher beside her.

He took a second to react. All his doubts and memories came together in that endless second. Vitor’s concerns about facing his past faded by the fact it was right there in front of him. For someone with such knowledge over ancient quotes and quips, in Portuguese known as “Popular Wisdom”, the fact he chose to ignore the one that stated “better a bird in a hand then two flying away” was ironic.

And next to Alora was the one that flew away, Sher. Aine olive Sherlock.
Isa, his comrade in the Juneau, Isabelle Deveaux, was the one he shook from his hand.

But as another one of those quotes came to mind he smiled.
“Past waters don’t move the water mill”. And as that song he had in his playlist said:
“What hasn't started cannot end.”

He adjusted his backpack straps, straightened his uniform and tipped his head for Ana to follow him as he made his way to them.
Vitor opened his arms, with his trademark grin, nodding to Sher first

Silveira: Hey long time no see. Hello Sher. ::he turned to Alora:: Alora how have you been?

Sherlock/DeVeau: Responses

Ana was a few steps away and he gestured for her to come close.

Silveira: Ana please let me introduce. ::he turned to Sher and Alora, gesturing to Ana.:: Luxa Lorana one of my comrades on the Artemis and one of the racers. ::Gesturing to Sher and Alora:: Aine Olive Sherlock and Alora DeVeau from Ops.

DeVeau/Lorana/Sherlock: Responses

Vitor raised an eyebrow, surprised by their changes. He hadn’t been up to date with transfers and since he and Tito weren’t speaking so regularly Vitor didn’t know of their moves.

Silveira: Then I stand corrected. I hope you're enjoying the new postings.

DeVeau/Lorana/Sherlock: Responses

Vitor glanced at Sher for a second longer. Before she left the Excalibur they still managed to have one final talk, but he felt there would have been so much to talk about. He smiled gently at her before turning his attention to Alora and Ana.

oO Past waters… Oo

Silveira: I have to say this is an impressive place, I visited the Ring on my last mission in the Juneau, but I don’t know if we were in this part.

DeVeau/Lorana/Sherlock: Responses


Lt. Vitor S. Silveira
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Artemis-A, NCC-81287


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