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Lieutenant Commander Falt and PNPC Crewman FC Tersus: The Return of a Friend


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@Tomas Falt I won't lie. Every time Tersus exists I end up in stitches. I love characters who are just Like That. I kept trying to figure out which things to quote, but everything was funny. "There was no point in him denying it. Tersus could see the scuff marks." The sass. Also, I do love the friendship vibes between Tomas and Kendrick so that's also a plus.




((XO’s Office, Level 15, Anchorage, Denali Station))  


Tersus stood at his new workstation in the small anteroom outside Lieutenant Commander Falt’s office. He did have a chair, but he’d tucked it out of the way under a console. Standing to work was much better as far as he was concerned, sitting down was for people with time on their hands – like Officers… 


If he was honest with himself he had used Lieutenant Commander Falt’s chair whilst he had been out on the last mission, indeed he’d sort of adopted his entire officer. He’d found it a comfortable space, although the best thing about it was the large window that gave such a brilliant view of the city. However, since Falt had returned he’d been banished to the anteroom, in his opinion mainly so the Lieutenant Commander could put his feet up on the desk without anyone tutting at him. And there was no point in him denying it, Tersus could see the scuff marks.  


His new space did have two things going for it. Firstly, it shared an external wall with Falt’s office so it also had a window – albeit a small one - that he could use to look out over the city during the occasional moments he looked up from his work.  


Secondly, it’s location gave him an excellent line of sight for all avenues of approach, one of which currently contained an approaching human male dressed in blue jeans and a green long-sleeved shirt. Certainly not standard issue uniform. 


Kendrick: Good morning. My name is John Kendrick, and I'm here to see Commander Falt. 

Tersus took a drag from his breathing apparatus before responding. 


Tersus: I see. Do you have an appointment? 


As the manager of Falt’s diary Tersus knew full well the dark-haired human in front of him did not have appointment. He’d asked the question as he’d often found people went away quicker when they realised an appointment was needed and they didn’t have one. 


Kendrick: No, I don’t have an appointment. I hope that’s not a problem? 


Tersus: An appointment is needed. If you like I can make one for you, but I must warn you the next civilian appointment isn’t for at least a week. 


Kendrick: I just arrived here yesterday, and I figured I might be able to speak with Tomas ::quickly corrects himself:: Commander Falt about my return to duty after my leave of absence. 


Whilst it was technically possible for Tersus to feel some kind of emotion at his incorrect assumption, he didn’t. In fact, he made a point of never doing so. It was inefficient.


Tersus: You did not identify yourself as an officer. Give me your rank and post and I'll try to fit you in within a… 


He stopped mid-sentence as the doors behind him swished open and Lieutenant Commander Falt stepped out. 


Falt: ::beaming:: I thought I recognised that voice, come on in John. 


Kendrick: Response. 


Tersus: Commander, this man doesn’t have an appointment and your schedule is already full. 


Tomas gave Tersus a stern look.  


Falt: Crewman Tersus, please make a note that Lieutenant Commander Kendrick is always welcome in this office. Appointment or not. Many on this station, including me, owe our lives to him at least once over. Plus, he is a friend. 


Tersus: Understood, sir. 


Falt nodded his head towards his office, indicating John should follow him in. Tersus silently watched them go. As the two men stepped inside Tomas led the way toward his desk, but stopped short and turned to Kendrick, right hand extended.. 


Falt: It’s good to see you, John. 


As the man went to shake his hand Tomas pulled him into a bear hug and gave him a companionable slap on the back before releasing him. John was one of the few people in Starfleet that Tomas considered a friend, and he was glad he was back from whatever secret mission he’d been on this time. 


Kendrick: Response. 


Falt: And you can drop the sir when there aren’t any Ensign’s about, we’re the same rank. 


Kendrick: Response. 


Tomas knew better than to ask his friend details about where he had been but he wasn’t going to ignore the elephant in the room completely. 


Falt: Well, wherever they sent you you’re looking well on it. How was your trip back to the station? 


Kendrick: Response. 




Crewman First Class Tersus

Administrative Assistant to the XO




Lieutenant Commander Tomas Falt                              


Executive Officer                              

Denali Station     




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