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Lt. Commander Tahna Meru - Fear and Wisdom Are Brothers

Doz Finch

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An amazing sim from our newly minted Lieutenant Commander @Tahna Meru! I love the style, the delivery, the tone. All of it. So well done and a perfect introduction to our new mission. Setting the scene but doing so entirely from the characters perspective. I'm taking notes! ✍️

Lt. Commander Tahna Meru - Fear and Wisdom Are Brothers (google.com)


((Cockpit, Type-11 Shuttlecraft))


Tahna Meru, Bajoran, scientist, and newly-minted lieutenant commander, shifted in her seat, tugged at the sleeves of her uniform, and hoped she didn’t look too nervous. 


But amal pahna, she was nervous. On a scale from fluttering butterflies to a writhing pit of aspths, her stomach was currently somewhere in the middle. How exactly she’d ended up here, in charge, she still wasn’t sure. Jo had called it “resilience” in the promotions ceremony, and her family would say she was too stupidly stubborn to ever quit. Doz, on the other hand, had declared that she was a natural leader—and right now, Meru really hoped the old lieutenant was right. 


Wide brown eyes took in the sight on the viewscreen before her, the looming wormhole and the other shuttles flying in tight formation, and Meru’s mind reeled with facts both useful and not.

Fact one: the swirling mass of blue and purple space dead ahead was the only stable wormhole ever found, partly due to verterons, which could make it a challenge to navigate. 


Fact two: Cory Stoyer had the helm, her friend and the best damn pilot on the Gorkon, so she really didn’t need to worry about that. 


Fact three: the wormhole was not just a wormhole, but the Celestial Temple, the most revered site in Bajoran religion. The home of the elusive Prophets. 


Fact four: Meru had never been through the wormhole, and her devotion to her people’s faith wavered regularly, so an extra element of religious fear weaved through her mind at the possibility of entering the hallowed place. She wondered if Corum, their new Bajoran doctor, was feeling similarly. 


Fact five: fear and wisdom are brothers, an old proverb she hoped would prove true.


She could do nothing to control the cosmological feature or the Prophets, so fretting was pointless. For now, she just filed the information away, and focused on her crew and the task before them.


Tahna: Alright Mister Stoyer, let’s check out the Gamma Quadrant. 


Stoyer/Corum: Response


Like the other small ships before them, their path took them to the mouth of the wormhole. One breath, and then…


Meru watched, unblinking, as the vortex swallowed them up. Blue and purple streaks flew by, the fabric of space itself folding, warping, ferrying them across the universe. As both an astronomer and a Bajoran, the moment felt holy.


It was so, so beautiful. 


Time seemed to warp and bend in this liminal place, but eventually the wormhole spit them back out in a vast expanse of unfamiliar constellations, with familiar ships to either side. No omnipotent beings had interrupted their journey. Meru wasn’t sure how to feel about that, other than mildly relieved. She did wonder if Doz had actually tried to ask them for a new pagh. It only took a moment for their coms to chime.


Marshall: =/\= You look like you're strafing a bit there, Tahna. Got Stoyer on the sticks? =/\=


Tahna: =/\= We were just testing you, Commander. You passed,well done! =/\=


Meru shot a wry grin at the pilot. 


Stoyer/Corum: =/\= Response =/\=


Marshall: =/\= Brushing up on your Bajoran for the next leg? Intel says they speak the language but it might be a dialect they're not familiar with. Universal translators may need a sample or two before it picks it up properly. =/\=


Tahna: =/\= I made sure everyone knew the essentials, like how to ask for more wine. ::She chuckled, the noise hinting at nerves.:: Though I’m sure speaking the language will be the least of our worries. =/\=


Stoyer/Corum: =/\= Response =/\=


Marshall: =/\= I've got faith. We won't be far if you need us, just try and keep a low profile. =/\=


Tahna: =/\= Thank you. Fair rays, Commander. =/\=


Stoyer/Corum: =/\= Response =/\=


An old Bajoran blessing, from the days of the lightships. It seemed fitting for this moment, given what they’d just done, and all they were about to face. 


The comms link closed, and Meru looked to her two crew. Cory was an adept officer with years of experience on her. Corum was fresh out of the Academy, no doubt brilliant, but untested. A pilot, a doctor, and a scientist…the trio hardly seemed like the right choices for an undercover, intelligence-type mission, aside from the fact that Meru and Corum were already Bajoran and might not have to work as hard to blend in. 


She shook the anxious thoughts from her head, and focused on their next task. One thing at a time. 


Tahna: Doctor Corum, if you’ll make sure the Kahnrah received our flight data for their research, please. 


Stoyer/Corum: Response


There shouldn’t be any issues with that, not while they were in range, but it didn’t hurt to be thorough. 


Tahna: So! We have a cult to join. First things first, we need to get down to the planet. I’d really rather not crashland, even if it might provide a good cover story. ::She toggled a control, and the village they were to infiltrate lit up on their maps.:: We need somewhere we can reliably hide the shuttle, not too far from our destination. Suggestions?


Stoyer/Corum: Response


Tahna: Second, we need to look the part. Ditch the uniforms, ::she grinned:: and make someone look a little more Bajoran. Think you can handle Stoyer’s transformation, Doc?


How would Sevo feel about her Bajoran-ified boyfriend, Meru wondered?


Stoyer/Corum: Response

Science Officer
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)


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