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MSNPC Journalist Saveal Iru - Toe Curling

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Thanks, I hate her :)
Honestly though, I love how uncomfortable this character is making me feel. Well done @Rustyy_Hael❤️




((Sannin VII - Cardassian Embassy - Corridor))


Saveal Iru was about the nosiest person anyone could come into contact with. She was a self-proclaimed, universally known professional journalist. She was not ashamed of how far she would go to sneak out the juiciest detail, unveiling secrets and undercover schemes and well- 




Saveal found all the cracks and crevices to scavenge from. Here was no different. She could feel it in her bones, smell it in the air! With a neck too long, a chin too pointed, and eyes sunk deep - naturally, not from lack of sleep - she serpentined through the corridors. Boney fingers,  with pointed painted nails, clung to PADD and a stylist. She wore a suit with as many points and edges as her face and fingers. Tight and as professional looking as from the magazines.


There was rumor that StarFleet was here to help with the Cardassian problem. Which was something of curiosity. Her readers, mostly her, felt it was some dark scheme to eradicate the species. And what rot it would be! StarFleet was always ready to lend a hand… It bored her to think about it. 


Yet… What did they know that she didn’t… 


Maybe an inside scoop 


Maybe a sinister plot! Because the universe was soaked in evil plans and plots. At least that’s the readers ate up. 


She heard voices… In front of her. Apparently her pace was darn near neck breakingly quick. She had managed to come up on some people, even without her knowing it.


Willow (as Sherlock): ::Allowing the others to peek at the triPADD:: Look here. The supposed background radiation is practically obscuring all other data points. It wasn’t like that before.


She stopped. 


So still. 


No way they noticed her yet. Her lips, much too big for her narrowed face, curled into a smile that took up her entire appearance. Teeth so prominent that you see each tooth’s outline filling her mouth. The dark makeup around her eyes lost all definition of eyelid to eyebrow, leaving only black pits with the white of her eyes the only things of notice. The tip of her tongue darted out for a second as she pressed record on her PADD.


Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Huh… it’s probably technological..


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava)/Willow (as Sherlock): Response


Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Well, most of these wavelengths are in spectral ranges that I initially dismissed as probably emanating from more or less trivial technology… I admit that might have been a bit arbitrary, but, well, we needed something to filter out the mess, so I thought… oO Hands. oO Anyway, it’s fortunate we capped the intensity on the filter, or we might have missed this.


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava)/Willow (as Sherlock): Response


Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Well, that’s the catch, isn’t it? The fact that any given kind of device might produce such wavelengths of radiation in the first place means it’s largely impossible to make a guess at the nature of their source… except that it must be something substantial. ::pondering, stopping just short of scratching the side of his head:: Some sort of actual power source, perhaps fusion-based? I imagine an embassy might have a backup like that. ::Looking at Willow, because she was currently embodying the security chief:: What kind of weaponry would be expected from Cardassian embassy security, sir? Some less… sanitized phaser technology than Starfleet’s might release any kind of electromagnetic radiation, even when idle.


Her toes curled on the inside of her shoes, the nails just lightly clawing the faux leather heels in freakish anticipation. As softly as she could she tried to move just out of sight.


Willow (as Sherlock)/Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): Response


Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): As tentatively interesting as these readings are, I am simply not versed enough with technological energy signatures to say. We might be looking at a Cardassian armory, a backup generator, or completely alien technology…. Under less adverse circumstances, I would suggest obtaining an engineering opinion.


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava)/Willow (as Sherlock)/Ksivi-Sava (as Willow):


Maybe they heard her breathing. maybe it was the muffled sound of nails scrapping. Or perhaps there was an overwhelming sensation of something lurking nearby and it caused tiny hairs to raise up on the back of their necks, quick to look around for danger. Whatever it was, they seemed to take notice of her.


And what a sight. 


While she attempted to push herself out of their view moments before, she had instead pressed herself against the wall, head poked out, cocked to the side to get a better view and shoulders slightly hunched. The Padd was up at the ready, recording everything. What didn’t help the gangly appearance was that she was tall on top of it all, just shy of 6ft. Six foot tall and all angles and points. 


Iru: Shit - ::she turned to run… Well wobble - away from them. Her knobby knees and brittle ankles didn’t give her the speeded needed for a good getaway:: 


Saveal was quick to realize she wouldn’t get away this way. So changing tactics was necessary. With her PADD still on record, she stopped. Far too suddenly for someone of her… structure and mobility. And turned to face the trio. Her movements were disjointed and jerky and pretty sure one could hear the creaking of cartilage and bone. 


Iru: Strange readings, huh? Already know what’s killing off those poor Cardassian hybrids. ::her tone laced with confidence, arrogance and accusations::


Ksivi-Sava (as Willow)/Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava)/Willow (as Sherlock): ?


Iru: Who am I?! ::her voice was squawky and every syllable seemed to scrape from the back of her throat. She threw her head back, pointed nose right up into the air.:: _I_ am Saveal Iru, Intergalactic journalist. I expose everything ::she pointed back and forth between the three of them.:: 


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ?


Iru: Excuse me, no ::eewww, she put up a hand in front of the Vulcan -the knuckle of each finger ever so prominent:: I will not talk to an ensign - ::she looked at Sherlock. At least his person.:: You, ::she pointed then pulled it back in emphasis..:: Lieutenant. Tell me what part does StarFleet play in this ploy to continue to dominate the galaxies. 


She stuffed the recording PADD into Sherlock’s face, insistently. 


Willow (as Sherlock): ?


Ksivi-Sava (as Willow)/Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ?




MSNPC Journalist Saveal Iru

Intergalactic Journalist

simmed by

LtCmdr Rustyy Hael
Cheif Engineer
Starbase 118 Ops


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