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PNPC Crewman Jozial Renirs – Are you a morning person or a night owl?

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@Jovenan (and @Hiro Jones) have really got us all invested in this very sweet romance from two PNPC's on the Artemis! This sim manages to capture the essence of the character and the first date jitters!


((The Sea's Bounty Bistro, Cait Spacedock))


The cat server had left with their orders: some calamari and mussels for Jozial, and an absolute mountain of food for Kliss. She wondered if it was a Kliss thing or an Andorian thing. She would check it out. See, this is the kind of thing they should teach at school. Well, they probably did, but Jozial had played hooky that day.

Either way, they needed something to occupy their time when waiting for the staff to prepare and deliver their meals. Chatting, maybe? Jozial didn’t even know what to talk about, as she knew very little of Kliss yet. After all, this was only their first date – at least in Jozial’s mind it was a date, she wasn’t sure if Kliss had felt the same way. The one of few topics she knew of her came to mind.

Renirs: So, you like… swimming?

Kliss’lai: ::excited for the conversational solid ground:: I really do. My favorite route, where I was today, is through a glacial canyon from Earth's Arctic Circle. It's really rather beautiful.

Renirs: Huh, that’s cold! I wouldn’t be able to do that. ::pause:: Wait, you’re not having too hot here, are you? I know you guys like it cool.

Kliss smiled. Jozial couldn’t tell if she was being comfortable and pleased of her worry, or in horrible agony and just trying to be polite.

Kliss’lai: I'm really fine. I've gotten used to the ambient temperature on the ship, and they've kept it cooler here than on the planet, from what I understand. Besides, I dressed for a warmer outing.

She nodded. It was fine for now, but she felt bad for not considering such a vital detail. Mental note: go somewhere icy for the next date, like Rura Penthe, some random ice moon, or Supervising Petty Officer’s heart. If there even will be a next date. She needed to up her game after the continuous fails she had committed throughout the evening. She just didn’t know how the game worked.

Kliss’lai: What do you do for exercise?

Renirs: Gym. You know, lifting, punching bag. You gotta be in top shape to beat up the Chief Sec… ::stops, realises the company:: Oh. Uh, sorry. I bet you didn’t like it when I did that.

And here comes another fiasco. Her tongue had been yet again faster than her mind and slipped out something Kliss might have not appreciated. That’s how they had met, and everything ended just fine, but Kliss might still not have liked her doing that in the first place and certainly not bragging about it. Of all dating strategies, she had managed to pick up one of the most disastrous: bringing up her rule-breaking tendencies and violent nature to a crush who was still, under that cute cover, an officer.

Kliss’lai: I think ... ::starting slowly:: that you showed an ability to think outside the confines of the exercise. You saw a threat, and moved to neutralize it with the tools at your disposal. ::smiling sweetly:: Once his ears stopped ringing, I wouldn't be surprised if the Lieutenant recognized that too.

Oh. She didn’t end the date there and then? She… actually complimented her approach? Some of the lost confidence was returning. Yeah, she can take out an armed senior security officer, shouldn’t be difficult do the same for a someone unarmed and half Gabe’s age.

Renirs: Ha, yeah! I talked with Gabe, he was totally fine, even recommended me for duties better fitting my skills. We’re practically friends now.

The cat boy came back, with a friend, both carrying trays of food. Jozial received her plate quick and painlessly, but she politely waited as the cats acquired a side table to lay Kliss’ meals. She had known that five dishes were a lot, but seeing the plates occupy much space between really made it set in. Good thing they didn’t use money in the Federation, or this first date would have generated one hefty cheque.

Kliss'lai: Shall we?

Renirs: Yessir!

Jozial took one of the mussels, opened it and graciously plopped it to her mouth. The subtle, salty taste of the mollusc was mostly covered by the sauce, consisting of creamy and tangy Roquefort (was it really Terran cave-made cheese, or just replicated?), dry white wine and other ingredients she couldn’t pick up. It was a delight, but she couldn’t imagine dining this pompously every day. She had made the conscious decision to switch her parents’ chef’s creations for sketchy backstreet joints that sold its gagh dead and hamburgers alive. Truth to be told, it hadn’t been the food that had driven her away, but the rules and etiquettes that followed it.

She looked at Kliss. The amount of food she had ordered needed to be downed roughly within the same time as Jozial ate hers, meaning that Kliss wasn’t exactly following the “a proper lady eats only small bites” rule.

Kliss'lai: You have to try this shrimp. It's unbelievable. ::holding out the plate::

Jozial smiled. Officers were painted as gentlemen, but Kliss didn’t appear to fit the image her parents had implanted on her ages ago. Maybe they weren’t so bad. Or maybe it was Kliss who was different. Either way, her crush to her was even deepening.

Renirs: ::Reaches out:: Thanks! You can taste anything of mine if you like as well!

They ate, sharing bits of their food with one another. Earlier today, Jozial had felt so nervous she could barely speak, but as the evening had progressed, she found herself more and more comfortable. She had even forgotten how irritated and angry she had been made to work extra shift on something as pointless as inspecting lights. And given how she just stopped doing that without explanation, she might work on all shifts the next few weeks. Still worth it.

They finished their meals, and the cat boy came back once again.

Server: Will there be anything else this evening, ladies?

Kliss'lai: ::to Jozial:: I get to pick the dessert spot. ::to the server:: I think we're good ::back to Jozial:: unless you wanted something more?

Renirs: ::raises hand:: No, I’m fine. ::to the server:: Thanks, mate. I liked it.

Server: Very good.

They rose from their seats and left the beautiful bistro with holographic nature surrounding it behind, stepping back into the busy and yet still, sterile spacedock promenade. Jozial didn’t know where they were heading for, as Kliss had requested to decide the place for desserts. Walking to the where-ever, Kliss continued the chat.

Kliss'lai: So, Jozial, um ... what is your favorite thing in the whole galaxy?

oO This moment Oo

Trying to find something less cheesy, Jozial pondered what Kliss might have meant by that question. They weren’t talking about food anymore, right? In that case, it was a much bigger question than she had anticipated. Not “what’s your favourite colour?” or “do you prefer targs or Alfa 177 canines?” territory anymore. She inhaled deep, setting the tone for her response.

Renirs: Freedom. Here I feel… free. Sure, there’s rules and timetables, and the Supervising Petty Officer’s gonna kill me when I get back – you wouldn’t want to give them a talk, wouldn’t you? – but compared to what I’ve used to, I am free. There’s nobody either hovering over and sheltering me, or trying to sneak onto me and mug me, or worse. Never before could I do things I like… ::smirk:: Like taking a pretty girl to a fancy restaurant.

Kliss’lai: Response

Renirs: Haha, that’s what you get for asking serious questions. I guess I’ll have to tell you more about it some other day.

Kliss’lai: Response

Kliss stopped them by a shop, with a large window to the promenade. Jozial peeked in and saw open containers full of soft and whirly substance of various colours, red and white and brown and others. It made sense that Kliss wanted to go to the cool gelateria after the heat of the bistro.

Renirs: Is this where we’re going? How did you know about this place, it looks nice!

Kliss’lai: Response

They stepped in and were greeted by the pleasing chillness of the ice keeping the gelato cool. This was more to her liking as well, although it also made Jozial feel bad for making Kliss endure the hot bistro. The young, perky Kantare gelataia behind the desk spotted them and smiled.

Gelataia: Welcome! What would you like to have?

Jozial turned to Kliss. She had allowed her order first in the bistro, it was the time to return the favour.

Kliss’lai: Response

Renirs: Cantucci for me, please!

Gelataia: Sure thing! Coming right in!

They received their desserts and stepped out to enjoy them. Digging in to her cool, biscuit-flavoured delight, Jozial resumed the conversation where they had left it.

Renirs: So, what about you? What’s your favourite thing there is?

Kliss’lai: Response


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