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MWO Gwen Kingsley and Lieutenant. Jg Alex Forsyth - Taking a chances

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Really enjoyed this little slice of life from @Oddas Aria and @Alex Forsyth.

(( Kingsley’s Quarters )) 

Gwen was not used to so much space, so her wardrobe was still relatively limited - uniforms and a small collection of civilian clothes.  For the occasion, she selected a cotton dress that felt modest enough for a second date, but casual enough for the setting.  Blue and red, it had been a gift from her family, they meant well but its cut and color was not exactly her favorite.

A brush of the hair later, she managed to get out the door and to the bar on time, and found a table near the source of music, but close enough to a wall to afford some privacy.

((Alex’s quarter, Anchorage, Denali station)) 

Alex stood in front of her tall mirror, Trying out her fourth outfit so far as none of the others suited her. So now she was trying on a simple Jumper, shirt and jeans. It was the best she had, Fashion wasn’t her thing. 

oO It will have to do….Oo

She looked at her clock to see it is nearly time for her and Gwen date. Alex quickly tidied up her room by chucking them into the dresser and beelined towards the door.  

Once there she stop just before the door to mobius, 

Forsyth: ::To herself:: Ok, You did this before. It's just a date, It's not as bad as rocks falling from the sky or getting eaten by a space whale….. 

With one deep, soft breath, Alex steps inside. It was like how she last remembered it, back on her first day with Lt. Commander Stelek. It was surprising to see the bar had received from the harrowing event, The asteroid attack left much of the ring city in a right sorry state. 

Making her way farther in, She spotted the Dark haired Marine sitting by one of the tables along the wall. She flashed the Marine with an awkward smile as she walked up, trying to look cool but coming off as more goofy.   

Forsyth: Hey, Gwen. 

Kingsley: Hey there, how are you?

Forsyth::Blushing:: Y-You look great, tonight.

Gwen motioned for the seat across from her as Alex sat down, Unsure what to say next.  

Forsyth: So, How have you been?

Kingsley: Good, keeping busy with training and rebuilding - now that the med folks think I’m fully recovered.

Forsyth: Cool, I’ve been busy here and there. 

That was an understatement….

Gwen grinned and cocked her neck to the side - she knew the other woman had been busy off the Ring - and that some things were out of her pay scale.

Just then, a waiter came over, Readying his PADD. 

Waiter: Hello, what are you having? 

Alex grabbed the drink menu, giving it a look through. 

Forsyth: I’ll have some scotch with ice, please.  

Kingsley: ::without looking:: Same, straight up.

Waiter: Right, Anything else? 

Forsyth: Not for me, Gwen?

She gave it a thought - Gwen had given working all day, training, running, and then doing her usual recon shift through ten more square blocks of the city.

Kingsley: I hope you won’t think less of me, but I haven’t eaten since 0600?

Forsyth: Not at all, I’ve been there a few times myself.

Kingsley: ::to the waiter:: Whatever passes for a cheeseburger, no tomatoes, medium rare, large order of fries, ketchup on the side.  If you have bacon, there’s an extra tip in it for you.

The man smiled and made some notes.

Waiter: I think we can manage.

Forsyth: You know what, I’ll have the same. It has been a while since I had a meal that was…real. 

Waiter: Ok, we’ll get on that.

As he hurried off for their order, Gwen turned back to Alex.

Kingsley: Thanks, I needed that.  ::beat:: So, what are your plans for shore leave?

Forsyth: Oh, Just catch on some art or reading, maybe do some sightseeing.  

Kingsley: I haven’t made it that far out, I feel like I’ve been cooped up for too long.

Forsyth: Same, been working non-stop since I’ve been promoted.  

Gwen nodded.  She had been around long enough to know how promotions worked, the move up from Ensign to Lieutenant was a big one for a lot of the regular officers - one that could test a lot of relationships.  Even Marines could struggle with that transition, though they tended to be a little more regimented and that helped make sure the transition was a bit less bumpy, a bit more professional.

Kingsley: From what I can tell, you deserved it.

Forsyth: Thanks, I’m still surprised by it. 

Kingsley:  Planning to hit anything in particular in the city?

Forsyth: Not really, I still don’t know a lot about this area. 

Kingsley: On patrol I came across a large, I guess you’d call it a park.  Green space, with lots of trees and green, and what looked like some sort of tables and things right smack in the middle of a bunch of buildings.  It covered easily a dozen blocks, but it also had a large lake in the middle of it.

Forsyth: Sounds incredible. 

The waiter brought their drinks and slid them in front expertly without interrupting them, Gwen nodded ‘thanks’ and picked it up held it in her left hand.

Kingsley: Exactly.

Forsyth: You must have been thrilled to discover something like that.

Kingsley: I was on patrol, it was just one of those things.  It was interesting to see a thriving green space in the middle of so much city.  Really reminds you sometimes that wherever you go, whatever you see, things stay the same. 

Alex took a sip of her drink, happy to just listen.  Gwen raised her drink, but sat it down.

Kingsley: It even had a little waterfall off to one side, flowing from one side of a building.  I wonder if it was originally like that or if something broke down, but I haven’t had a chance to go back and find out.

Forsyth:  I’ll be sure to add that to my list, Might be a good place to do some painting.

Kingsley: Painting?.

Forsyth: It is not my favourite of hobbies, I do like to just draw or build models mainly. 

The Waiter returned with their food, placing a plate down in front of each of them. They looked amazing, smelling good as well. Alex took a bite of hers, tasting it a little.  Gwen took the moment to taste her drink - good, but not the best she had had.

Forsyth: Oh wow, This is good.

Kingsley: That’s good to hear.

The Marine picked up the burger and looked it over before decided on a line of attack, before finally finding a way that worked and sinking in for a large bite.

Forsyth: Good, Isn’t it.

Kingsley: ::between chew::Very. ::beat:: Oh, I almost forgot.

Forsyth: What?

Kingsley: The little park, there were these little paths, like something, had been moving through it, herds of something.

Gwen swallowed and held her hand over her face while she sought a napkin.

Forsyth: Herd, Like wild animals? How deep were the tracks? 

Kingsley: Seven or Eight stone? Walking on three or four legs, tracking, is not my best suit.

Forsyth: Wow that's incredible.. 

For the dance floor, the music began a much louder series of beats, and to Gwen’s ear a steadier series of horns, closer to Earth music even if what was passing for words were nothing her vocal cords could reproduce.

Forsyth: What were they like, Big or small?

Kingsley: ::grinning:: I have no idea.

Forsyth: So what happened to this park, Is now being used again or not?

Kingsley: Well, like most things we find, it's just cataloged and waiting for us, the crew, to have enough people to matter.

Alex continued to listen while eating her food, hearing stories like this were all her favourites. She remembered the ones her dad told her, about alien worlds and lost cities.  Gwen tried the fries, which were good, but were not made from potatoes.
Forsyth: I would love to explore something like that, Uncovering lost secrets. 

Alex did get somewhat explore one of the buildings with Kenrick and Fairhug, making sure it was safe for the Mithgiln. 

Kingsley: To be fair, all you need to do, is step outside ::she gestured outside with her hand, still holding her burger:: get yourself on a duty schedule.  The station is kinda brilliant that way.  

Alex smiled, the music had changed to something different but still with a beat.

Forsyth: Get anything for your collection recently? 

Kingsley:  ::perking up::My dad just sent me a great simulation of a steam locomotive, when we get holodecks up and running it will be an excellent immersive workshop.

Forsyth: Steam Locomotive, Those used to be my dad's favourite too.     

Kingsley: Maybe we should introduce them some day.

The music picked up and Gwen thought she recognized a beat, even if she didn’t recognize the song itself. It was slower than several of it predecessors, almost danceable, and she took the opportunity set her food down and make the universal sign for “do you want to dance?”

Alex: Sure, Although I’m a bit rusty. 

Getting up and following Kingsley to the dancefloor, A bit of her felt nervous but also a little bit curious by it. 

oO Now don't step on her foot.... Oo


Lieutenant.Jg Alex Forsyth
Denali Station

Warrant Officer, 2C Gwen Kingsley
Cyber Warfare Officer
Lightning Aldabrans

Written by
Fleet Captain Oddas Aria
Commanding Officer
Denali Station

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