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Ensign Sasus Raimor - Breaking Father's Decree


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Gotta give some appreciation to Ensign Raimor for this sim. It's very well written and was nice to learn more about Raimor's relationship dynamics between people in his family through this.



((Raimor’s Room, Anchorage, Denali Station))


Raimor’s time in Sickbay had been thankfully short. Doctor Vahin had done good work to make sure that he was as comfortable as possible, but a Doctor never proved to be a good patient in his experience and Raimor was regrettably quite cranky from the headache and company provided. 


oO I should apologize to him when I have the chance. Oo 


He now sat in his apartment with a fresh cup of coffee. He’d put in a request to have a machine delivered to his room a few weeks prior to their most recent mission and it had just been fulfilled. The machine was of Orion design. His sister had always upheld that they made the best cup of coffee in the universe and Raimor had no reason to disagree with her during their years working in the shop together back on Betazed. 


It was because of his sister that he was sitting alone, contemplating what he was about to do. 


oO I really shouldn’t be doing this… Oo


His fingers weren’t truly listening to his thoughts as they reached under his desk for a familiar piece of paper. Alessa had given him it when she left their family home for the last time. She’d known that their father would have ensured any digital message would be deleted before Raimor would have had a chance to read it. She’d always known how to get around father’s rules. Now Raimor was thinking about doing the same. 


He looked down at the paper, reading the numbers and letters that made up her communication designation. He had memorized it years earlier, but had never used it. Father had forbidden any communication with his older sister. 


oO He’d be so mad… Oo


Raimor thought back to their last communication and his fingers finally found the strength to move. They seemed to fly across the controls as he typed in those familiar codes and waited with bated breath. He’d done it. Now he could only hope she responded. 


oO Maybe she changed her codes. Maybe she doesn’t recognize me. Maybe she does. Maybe she’s mad at me. Maybe she- Oo


The screen flicked to life and the face of Alessa Verdugo filled the screen. The former oldest Raimor child held a wide smile on her face and Sasus’ heart skipped. He hadn’t seen her in… forever. 


Verdugo: Sasus! It’s been so long! How are you doing? 


Raimor opened his mouth to speak, but his words got caught up in his throat. He hadn’t realized how much he missed her until he’d gotten back home from the mission. Since then the need to hear a familiar voice from home had become like an ache. 


Verdugo: Sasus? Are you alright? 


Raimor: ::shakily:: Y-yeah… I’m okay. Just. Been a while, you know? 


His sister nodded and quickly wiped her face of a tear. He’d never known her to cry in front of anyone, but he’d heard her late nights when mother and father were away for a particularly long time and he and Heria were supposed to be asleep. He felt his own face start to wet in sympathy. 


Verdugo: Too long… 


There was a long pause between them as they both fumbled with their hands for something to say. 


Raimor: I made it, you know. To Starfleet. 


The smile returned to Alessa’s face and the reunion resumed. 


Verdugo: I knew you would. That was always your dream. 


Raimor: You know what I did on my last mission? I time traveled! It was wonderful, terrible, terrifying, spectacular, everything I’d ever thought it could be like and more. I’ve saved lives. I’ve shot hideous creatures. I- I did it. 


The words tumbled out of his mouth in a jumble of word slurry that was probably unintelligible to anyone who hadn’t seen Raimor ramble previously. It was something that the Doctor hadn’t done in a long time in truth. Fortunately his sister was familiar with his brand of unintelligible. 


Verdugo: You WHAT? Time travel!? How long have you been there? 


Raimor: ::smiling:: A while. I’m serving as a Doctor on Denali Station right now.


Verdugo: That’s huge. I’m glad you’re doing what you want. 


Raimor: What about you? What are you doing? 


The smile didn’t disappear from his sister’s face exactly, but it definitely faded noticeably. She paused for a moment before answering him. 


Verdugo: Me? Well I’m doing okay. Nothing much. 

Raimor: Yeah? How are things with-


Verdugo: ::quickly:: Fine. They’re fine. Yeah. Fine.  


Raimor raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment further. If she wanted to keep something secret from him she deserved to have him respect that. He owed her that much. 


Verdugo: What’re you doing? 


Raimor: What do you mean? 


Verdugo: Well I’m glad you called, but you know he’s going to find out, right? 


Raimor had been hoping to avoid talking about their father, but she was obviously right. Their father would eventually find out that he’d disobeyed his direct orders by talking to Alessa. There would be consequences for what he’d done today. 


Raimor: Yeah, I know. 


Verdugo: What’re you going to do? 


Raimor: The way I see it, I’m here now. I’m doing my own thing and I can’t live under his rules if I’m not living under his roof. If I want to make Starfleet my home I’ve got to start moving on from the past. 


Alessa nodded. He had basically restated what she had told him when she had left years ago. He had been too young to understand why she had left then, but he knew better now. There was no sense in keeping something together that wasn’t healthy for anybody in it. Some bridges needed to be burned, 


Verdugo: What about Heria? 


Raimor: I don’t know… 


Raimor heard somebody on Alessa’s side yelling something indistinguishable in the background. She quickly turned to them and returned to Raimor. 


Verdugo: Look, I’ve gotta go. Talk to her. Keep in touch okay? 


Raimor: I will. 


Verdugo: I love you.


Raimor: I love you too.

The screen clicked off, leaving Raimor alone in his apartment again. He sighed, half out of relief and half out of new stress, before taking a sip of his coffee. It had gone cold between all of his deliberation about calling and the conversation that followed. He let out a soft chuckle as he got up to reheat it. 


Sometimes things were funny that way. 




Ensign Raimor 

Medical Officer 

Denali Station




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