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NPC Nephesh: Blown to Smithereens!

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I thought this was a cute post from a child's perspective!


(Central Mining Office - Viamatellum, Central Tholus - Esh-o Colony))


Nephesh had brought the aliens to the real leader of the mining colony. The big boss was a relation—probably an uncle—he had lots of them—but Nephesh didn’t know him that well. But still, an Esh-o was always preferable to a Zet. Perhaps these new space invaders would be more friendly.


Engish-go-ondesh: ::regarding Nephesh:: Who have you dragged into my office this time, nephew? ::looking at the Starfleet officers:: I'm afraid I can't help you all with jobs, I'm rather busy. Aphris seems to have sent a nebula monster to eat my mines.


Corelli: Oh, actually we're here to stop the nebula monsters from eating your asteroid and destroying the colony.


oO AH HA! Oo Nephesh knew that there had to be some sort of space monsters involved!


Kel: ::picking his hat up off his head:: Hello there.


Herrick: Nice to meet you, you are Engish-go-ondesh? oO The big cheese here? Oo


Nephesh : ::enthusiastically:: He’s the BIGGEST cheese here!


Nephesh didn’t understand what “cheese” was, but when it came to size, English-go-ondesh was quite large.


Richards: Response


Engish-go-ondesh: ::folding his arms and regarding the aliens:: My engineers have been trying to figure out something for days. We've even paid the Zet for consultation. ::sourly:: With nothing to show for it. Why should I believe you can help?


Corelli: Starfleet engineers have a way of dealing with such things. By the way, who is this yelling Zet? Something about paying for parking?


Engish-go-ondesh: He's simply the Zet handler for the area. We've outsourced some of the cleaning and maintenance activities to the Zet. He reports up the ladder to some higher up. If you ask me he has something stuck in his posterior.


Kel: I could take a look at that for him. I'm a doctor.


Nephesh: Don’t help the Zet. They don’t help anyone else unless they get money.


Richards: Response


Engish-go-ondesh: ::looking at Corelli and Herrick:: So engineers (beat) what is your plan?


Corelli: Oh the plan! Yes, well we need you to split this asteroid in half.


Kel: Obviously we'll need to make sure everyone is safe, but once we split your asteroid we can pull the safe end away from the nebula.


Nephesh: “Split the asteroid!?” How would you do that? (beat, then excited) Do you have space lasers!?


Richards: Response


Engish-go-ondesh: I think you should have brought more doctors along. If you don't do it just right you could do as much damage as the nebula.


Herrick: Your concern is valid sir. (beat) That’s why it would be helpful if you were able to share any data you have about the asteroid this colony sits on. Composition, density, how the tunnels are structured. The more precise you are, the better our chances would be.


Corelli: Oh yes, see, we don't want to do it for you, we actually need your assistance.  It's your mine.


Nephesh was getting bored with the conversation. He hoped it would get back to space lasers soon. Maybe he should go see what Keve-ar was up to.


Kel / Richards: Response


Engish-go-ondesh: The asteroid is full of passages, several of which lead far from here and toward the nebula. We have explosives that would allow for a big bang. ::pausing:: How do you propose to move the colony once the separation has occurred. Assuming we're not all dead.


Explosions and big bangs were cool. Nephesh started paying attention again. oO Wait, did he just say “all dead?” Oo


Corelli: The 'Oumuamua


The alien was making up more words again.


Nephesh: What’s an ‘ooh-moo-moo?’


Richards: Response


Uncle activated the holo-table. Nephesh loved the holo-table, sometimes he could look at cool spaceships. Unfortunately, Uncle just called up a display of the asteroid. The asteroid was boring and familiar. Maybe he’d take off. But then, they brought up explosions again and Nephesh decided to stick around.


Engish-go-ondesh: We can place explosives anywhere in the mining network. There are several sites to choose from.


Corelli: I see the problem. We can help you build a solution, but people don't like change.


Nephesh: ::hopeful:: Are we going to blow the colony up to smithereens!?


Nephesh’s favorite holo-story had an action hero (Captain Play-ent) who was always blowing things to smithereens. It was the best.


Richards: Response


Kel: ::looking at Engish:: Can I ask how many people are in this colony? More importantly, how many can you evacuate if necessary?


Oh right. The people. It was probably a good idea to not blow up the Esh-o to smithereens… But maybe the Zet?


Engish-go-ondesh: There are 9,287 souls here. I have transport for 2, maybe 3000.


Corelli: That leaves 2,287.  That's not going to work.  We would need a larger ship.


Nephesh: Do you know of a larger ship?


The vessel that the aliens had come on seemed kinda small. And it was falling to pieces in the arboretum. But aliens in stories usually had a mother-ship.


Richards: Response


Kel: We should contact Oumuamua. We need them to come here to rescue these people in case our plan fails.


Corelli: The York is down, and with heavy interference I'm not sure it would be powerful enough to reach the ship.  Perhaps the colony has a transponder?


The grown-ups were talking in worried tones again. It was making Nephesh nervous.


Nephesh: I think I should go check-in with my parents.


If the aliens were going to blow the place up, Nephesh wanted to be with his mom and dad.


Richards / Engish-go-ondesh: Response


Herrick: But that leaves a shortfall of 2,000 folks since the ‘Oumuamua can only carry about 4,000 evacuees. There isn’t enough room. Are there any other decently-sized crafts in the vicinity?


Ships Nephesh knew. Unfortunately, there weren't many large local ships.


Nephesh: ::sullenly:: No. The biggest ships that come through here are Zet carriers, but they’re not scheduled to stop by here again until next week.


Kel / Richards / Engish-go-ondesh: Response


Corelli: I don't think the Esh-o have large ships?


The lights dimmed for a moment, as they had been all over the place recently.


Herrick: Is that normal, or something new?


Nephesh: It’s been happening a lot lately—more the last couple of days.


Kel / Richards: Response


Corelli: ::speaking in a lower tone:: =/\= Corelli calling! 'Oumuamua, come in please =/\=


The alien with the more normal looking head was using some machine in the corner that Nephesh hadn’t seen used before. Maybe he was calling his mother ship.


Kel / Richards / Herrick / Engish-go-ondesh: Response


Corelli:  You know, if there is a larger ship, that would help.  Maybe the Zet have one? Doubt it... ::he pressed the transmit button again:: =/\= Corelli calling 'Oumuamua, come in 'Oumuamua =/\=


It seemed everyone was now paying attention to the shiny-headed man talking into a machine, but the machine only played back static. Then, out of the static, a voice:


Nilsen: =/\= This is the ‘Oumuamua. We read you =/\=


The aliens seemed happy about that and continued their focus on the voice in the box.


Corelli / Kel / Richards / Herrick / Engish-go-ondesh: Response


Nephesh: Does that mean we’re not going to get blowed up?


Corelli / Kel / Richards / Herrick / Engish-go-ondesh: Response


That was not at all reassuring.


Nephesh: I think I better go home now!


Without listening to the reply, Nephesh darted out of the room.


Corelli / Kel / Richards / Herrick / Engish-go-ondesh: Response



 [[end scene for Nephesh, for now]]

Esh-o Wetling
Cor-el Ridge Colony 


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8 hours ago, Alora DeVeau said:

Nephesh: “Split the asteroid!?” How would you do that? (beat, then excited) Do you have space lasers!?

I don't know if it's intentional but I wanted to call attention to the character with the Hebrew name getting excited about Space Lasers, bravo!

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