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MSNPC Delmer - Checkmate

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Really enjoyed reading @Freck's Gallamite mercenary Captain. Possibly the first villain I've ever felt sorry for? 😅

Looking forward to him possibly popping up again somewhere down the line. 👀


(( Corridors, Mercenary Ship Proficiency ))


Delmer was practically chuckling with glee as the doors to the escape bay were finally blasted open and he watched the disruptor rifles of his security team fire through the doorway. It was even more gratifying when they made ground, stepping through the doorway and into the bay specifically.


He was in the middle of wishing for some Gramilian sand peas to snack on as he watched the streaks of orange and green rip across his display, when suddenly one of them that had climbed into the pod called out and then, the unthinkable began to happen! The last of them started to retreat into the pod.


Delmer: What? They’re getting away, shoot them down!


Ah, of course, shooting them down. There was more than one way of accomplishing that, which he’d alluded to in his threats to the Starfleet crew earlier. Time to put his money where his mouth was.


With a quick movement, the Gallamite clicked the comms panel.


Delmer: =/\= Bridge, this is Delmer. Are sensors good enough for a target lock? =/\=


Kutel: =/\= Uhhhh…like…a weapons lock? =/\=


He couldn’t help but sigh. He did not have time for this.


Delmer: =/\= Yes, Kutel, a weapons lock. I’m not playing around anymore. =/\=


He practically ground the words out around his clenched teeth.


Kutel: =/\= Uh…I can shoot, sir, no problem there, but…what am I going to be shootin’ at? =/\=


Delmer: =/\= In a few seconds, you’re going to— =/\=


Suddenly, the whole ship lurched to the side, and Delmer was once again thrown to the ground. He had to blink a couple of times before awareness came back, but it was awareness of rushing wind that brought him back and with a surge of adrenaline.


They had ANOTHER hull breach?! What the hell happened in there?


He thrust himself to his feet, but before he could even check to see if his team was still alive, a flash of fur and his First Officer was clinging to the panel, punching in the emergency commands to seal the pod bay with a forcefield.


Delmer: What do you think you’re doing? We have crew in there!


M’Raak turned on him, and Delmer was shocked not at the rage in her eyes, but the sadness.


M’Raak: Don’t you think I know that? This ship – Your­ ship – is falling apart at the seams! It was them or the whole lot of us!


The Gallamite stumbled back in disbelief. There was no way he’d just sit idly by while those damnable officers murdered his crew and lived to tell the tale. He punched in comms to the bridge again.


Delmer: =/\= Kutel, I swear, I better hear about pod debris in the next five seconds, or so help me… =/\=


Kutel: =/\= Aye, sir, I figured out what you were askin’ fer. I got the pods. All of ‘em. =/\=


All of them? He glanced at M’Raak, who had moved to stare through the shimmering field at whatever damage had been wrought to his ship. She looked back with just sadness now. At least they had vengeance.


Kutel: =/\= There is…uh…one thing, though, sir. =/\=


Delmer: =/\= What is it, Kutel?! =/\=


Kutel: =/\= Now that the sensors are clearin’ up a bit, it does look like there might be some residual transporter activity around the pods? Is that— =/\=


The communications were cut short once more, but rather than an explosion, it was just the Captain’s fist literally punching the button to end the call, denting the panel in the process.


Delmer: That’s fine, I can…I can still track them. I can still lure them back with…wait…


Where was the communicator? The entire foundation of this plan, it was in his pocket, he’d literally just been feeling it in his pocket and now it was gone?!


That was it, he couldn’t take it anymore!


Delmer: Damn you, Falt! I swear to the stars themselves, I’ll…I’ll…!


He was so chocked for words he couldn’t even get the words out. He wanted to swear vengeance, he wanted to curse him, he wanted to…he wanted to scream and cry and get all of the raw emotion out, but he just…couldn’t.


Instead, he sank to his knees in the middle of the corridor. Defeated. He was defeated. All of his plans, his machinations, all of it. All of it was for naught.


And yet, as Caitian fingers gripped his shoulder, he was reminded that he wasn’t yet alone. She spoke gently, calmly.


M’Raak: Come on, Captain. Delmer. We need to get this vessel spaceworthy and get out of this system before Starfleet finishes up and decides to come after us.


Delmer: Does…does the cloak work still?


M’Raak: I believe so. That would give us the time we need.


The Gallamite nodded weakly.


Delmer: Then we should activate cloak and effect repairs.


M’Raak: Aye, sir. I’ll get our engineers right on that. You go back to your ready room and recover.


He shook his head and climbed back to his feet.


Delmer: No, no, I’m a member of the crew the same as all of you. I won’t let you have all the fun.


M’Raak got a sad smile on her muzzle.


M’Raak: Good. Besides, I know you. You’ve still got tricks up your sleeve, and it’ll be good to distract that big thinker of yours.


The Gallamite rolled his eyes. She did know him well. And as they set off towards Engineering to hide their ship, he couldn’t help but think that yes, he did still have tricks up his sleeve, and this certainly wouldn’t be the last that Lieutenant Commander Falt, or the Eagle, for that matter, would see of him.


NT/END for Delmer's reign of terror...for now
MSNPC Delmer
Mercenary Captain
Written By

Lieutenant Junior Grade Freck
Science Officer
Denali Station
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