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MSNPC Xern: It's alive!

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Okay I just posted one quote from this sim in the general appreciations thing for @Kettick, but frankly, it doesn't do justice to the fact that this entire sim is a goldmine of funny things.



(( Tunnels, City Ruins, Osalu III ))

Xern: If it helps, I'm the top galactic expert on Osalan culture and history, given I've lived through most of it.

Hell, he was technically the last Osalan alive. Should count for something, right?

Raimor: Do you know what time period we’re in? How long ago did society collapse?

Xern turned towards Doc, a puzzled look on his face.

Xern: I've been through jumps where the planet was essentially a post-apocalypse wasteland, and unless something iffy happened to the local star, we are millions of years after that. And that's lowballing it.

Corder nodded in response.

Freck: That sounds about right from what I’m seeing.

Spook sounded intrigued as well.

Ton: What are you thinking Mister Raimor?

Raimor: Would anything useful still be left? An underground bunker or something?

Now that was an interesting question, mused the sweeper as he massaged his jaw.

Freck: The sewers appear to be largely intact; there’s a good chance other underground structures still exist.

Xern acquiesced.

Xern: Honest, I'm surprised there's anything left standing after all that time, especially since these :: he knocked on the nearby wall, noting a faint echo as he did so :: don't look like future supermaterials or anything.

Fairhug: Anything specific in mind, Doctor?

Raimor: I thought it might be worth a shot. There might be a way to boost our beacon or supplies we need in something like that. If anything’s left that is.

Freck: Actually, there is a decently sized chamber off the path up ahead. It was a dead-end so I didn’t think anything of it, but it might be a bunker, or storage, or a power relay station. I don’t know if there are going to be any medical supplies in there, but this stage of Oslan development might be compatible with our technology. We might be able find parts to boost our beacon, even if we have to rip them out of an access panel and put Xern’s jury-rigging skills to the test.

Xern simply shrugged.

Xern: As the Doc said, worth a shot.

Oddas: Carefully, I don't want the ceiling falling in on us.

Fairhug: That would just about be the cherry on the cake.

Spook was looking ahead instead of joining in. Which wasn't surprising for a spook; on the other hand,  the Captain appeared to be of the grease-monkey type .

Ton: What's up there?

Freck: It looks like it has a door too, so we can make sure that any roaming denizens of these tunnels will have a much more difficult time getting to us while we work. If there are parts in there we can utilize, we might just be set.

Xern was ready to admit that not having critters in their hair sounded helluva nice. He was also ready to sell his aunt to see that happen.

The little group progressed through the tunnels, dark, cramped and full of clutter, until they reached the... it looked like one of those old-school bunker gates, actually. Noice.

Unless it was booby-trapped, or there was an army of killer robots or something the like behind it.

It seemed to have a mechanical wheel in the middle to keep it shut, which was a relief as it meant it would be easier to open.

The Captain pressed her shoulder into it and added her weight. Didn't do a thing. She raised a hand, indicating the others should join her... and Slab solved the issue by just falling with his full and not inconsiderable bulk against the door, opening it in one go with a very loud groan.

Xern did not waste a second before rushing inside, in case the noise had attracted anything.

In hindsight, rushing ahead into an unknown space while unarmed was not his best decision ever, either.

Any: Response

Ton: It looks like someone made it here first.

Freck: That unfortunately makes sense.

Xern: Or that place was just never used. Apocalypse happened before they could furnish the place, perhaps?

On second look, Spook might just be right. The place did look like someone had taken out anything that was not nailed to the ground, then applied a crowbar to the rest and repeated the process.

Any: Response

Oddas: Well, let's see what they left us - I can help with the beacon. Take an inventory of what we have, and let's guard the door.

Yup, definitely a black thumb, that one.

Fairhug: ::raising a hand:: I can do that!

Yeah, good man, Slab. Just prop yourself against it and you'll make a very efficient doorstop, if nothing else.

Freck: Okay, let’s get set up here.

Xern: Right with you on the tinkering, Cap'n.

Ton: I'll see if I can find some sort of history of what happened here, it might tell us what is out in the tunnels.

The Captain nodded, and  cleared off some space on one of the shelves and set out her engineering kit, along with her tricorder and other doodads, and began laying out the rough idea of how a distress beacon might work.

Power generator for, well, power, tricorder for the data link... one of their communication badges for the emitter, he guessed?

They needed an antenna.

Ton: It looks like most of the easy to use food has disappeared - either looters or rot or who know.

Raimor: Could be both. Who knows how long it’s been since the intended inhabitants were here.

Freck: At least that door appears to have kept out most of the unintended inhabitants as well.

From his position against the door, Slab called for the medic.

Fairhug: Doc, I could really use some kind of stimulant over here. Or maybe a raktajino?

Raimor: Captain, I’ve only got one dosage remaining. We’ll be out of any serious medicine if I give Fairhug what he needs. ::pause:: Even then… I’m not sure how long…

Yeah, that didn't sound good.

Xern: oO Poor Slab, I hardly knew ye. Oo

Oddas: See to it.  Mister Freck, if you can provide a more detailed analysis of the Orb data, and the subspace anomalies, whatever you have, we can increase the beacon's adaptive signal.

Freck: Aye, sir.

She nodded and let the Science Officer work his mojo on the PADD.

Oddas: We could also use some way of attenuating our signal, a some long metal, a coated plate, anything that will help boost the signal.

Raimor: What about the storage shelves? Heat them up with phasers and create a makeshift antenna?

The infiltrator knocked on the shelves and nodded at the sound.

Xern: Yup. Same futuremetal as the roads out there. These things have survived the literal end of the world, I'm pretty sure they can stand power being pumped through them like it's going out of fashion.

Oddas; ::cocking her head to the side in thought:: Its possible, especially if we had two or three more of the same.

Xern looked at the Captain with a raised brow.

Xern: Wanna make a resonant array, Captain? That would help quite a bunch. Wouldn't be caught inside the field when we activate that bad girl, but with five shelves like that one we can cobble something solid.

Raimor: There must be more of them throughout the complex. We’d need to be careful of those creatures though. They could be nesting in the darkness.

Gee, what a nice thought.

Freck: I’m not sure how far away the next storeroom is. There should be a power junction somewhere in here. If there’s cabling in there, we might be able to wrap them around the legs of the shelving like Raimor mentioned. That should do the trick.
Ton: Response
Xern: Corder is right. Anything metal and wire-shaped would help create a nice fractal-ish array and pump the resonance. Hell, find me enough bird-wire and I'll make sure anyone alive in-system gets the memo.

Oddas: Response
As the muscle left to explore, he kept working under the Captain's supervision, and ended up producing something...
Dear Gods, that thing was ugly. Impressive, in a junkyard project kind of way. Add some razor wire to it and it could feature in a pretty spooky industrial horror holoprogram, and be recycled for the next five.

Any: Response 

Freck: Here you go, Captain. That should be everything you need.
Corder put his tricorder down next to the power generator and communicator badge, and Xern started wiring it to the rest. Using more wire.
He had a sudden urge to cackle, but he guessed it would be received poorly.

 Xern: Really wish I had something else than a phaser to clean these pieces. Some of those  corrosion stains look old enough to enlist.

Oddas: Response

All: Response
Xern shrugged. At this point there were no more good ideas, just ones that worked and ones that doomed them to certain death.
Xern: If you really want to go pedal to the metal, we can hook the power packs from your phasers to the rig too. But the poor soul manning your Comms might want to step away from the console pretty drekking fast.
Oddas: Response
All: Response
Xern cast a last, critical look at the result of their collective job. Well, he supposed that "every single component is broken enough that there's nothing left to fail" was a rather clever angle.
Oh well, he had to earn that ticket, now didn't he?
Xern: I'd suggest you take cover, just in case.
Any: Response
Oddas: Response
For a second, he wished that the Captain gave him the order in a slightly more unhinged voice.
Xern: Yeth, Mathter.
And he pulled the switch.



As simmed by

Lieutenant Kettick
Engineering Officer
Denali Station



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