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MSPNPC Nirra - Let it End

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As a newly appointed ensign, it falls to my senior officers to show me the ropes on the ship. And while everyone have been extremely kind and helpful, it must be super hard to both be welcoming and helpful and at the same time exemplify that a good Simmer isn't just good at simming their main character, but also create compelling and entertaining MSNPCs! @LuxaLorana has managed this on my very first mission, with her Suliban terrorist Nirra.

Not only is she so amazingly chaotic and unscrupulous, but at the same time, she's managed to make her motivations easily followed and heartbreaking in their own right. A tragic (maybe end?) to a very entertaining villain, who really pulled their weight in making 'Drill' a first mission I'll remember for a long time ❤️



(( Intelligence Suite, Deck 8, USS Artemis ))


Silveira: CONTACT!


Osuna/Dakora/Jones: Responses?


Enno: Either no one dies or everyone dies. ::beat:: Let’s just get this over with.


Hodga: Time’s up!


Nirra laughed maniacally. As the small explosives boomed around the officers. The room was filled with smoke and  shrapnel. 


Hodga: If you’re going to go Nirra, now’s the time. We’ll cover you.


Nirra emerged, two blasters in each hand, firing into the room. She turned to Hodga and Enno. 


Nirra: You know what to do.


Nirra got a few blasts out, hitting a Bolian in the chest. He flew backwards. Then she felt a shock of pain in her chest, and she felt her body also thrown violently backwards and floated into a wall behind her. Her entire body hurt. There was nothing left of her except the pain. 


oO starfleet scum! Oo


Osuna/Dakora/Jones: Responses? 


She waited while the officer approached, she recognised him as Lieutenant Vítor Silveira, the Chief Tactical Officer. 


Enno: ::to Dakora:: I’m the commander of the ship that attacked you. I’ll turn its logs over to you, and I’ll help you apprehend Nirra if you let the rest of my crew go.


Nirra looked over at Enno. If it wasn't so obvious that this coward would betray his own, and his associates, she'd have allowed herself to feel the sting of betrayal. 


Hodga: And he doesn’t mean to a penal colony…


You too Hodga. She had thought that the sister may have more gumption. So be it. They'll both be dead soon. 


(( OOC - I'll remove the tags I suspect would happen while Silveira and Nirra fight, or she'd not notice, which I would estimate lasts a few minutes))


Silveira was over her, with his rifle in hand. To his surprise she wasn’t stunned and quickly reacted, pushing herself off the wall she floated at speed towards him. He didn’t have enough time to fire again and she grabbed the rifle, he pulled it backwards and she held on. 


Silveira: Stand down. Now.


Nirra: It's okay Silly. I'll make it quick. 


Slamming her boots into his shin, taking advantage of his lack of manoeuvrability due to the magnetic boots he wore and pushed him backwards, so that he was leaning back. Both of them with hands on the rifle. 


oO this should be fun Oo


Twisting, he rolled to the left, forcing his feet up. She smiled, her eyes bearing down on his. Human. Starfleet. Federation. Male. He was everything she hated. 


With a quick motion he headbutted her. She felt her nose crack and break, as well as her top lip.  Dark green blood spilled down her face, giving Nirra an even more monstrous appearance. It was almost like she had ceased being a Suliban. She was an animal. Trapped and dangerous. 


Nirra reacted by kicking him, one landing hurtfully on his ribs.


Silveira: You're a piece of work aren’t you?


Nirra: You're not enjoying this? I'm having fun. 


They stumbled and twisted around in their strange embrace, each pulling and pushing, attempting to gain the upperhand. They hit the wall. 


Silveira stepped down and with the sudden hooking point of his boots he managed to lower the rifle and crossed his arms, loosening the grip, forcing Nirra to release the phaser and he tossed it away from them. 


Moving fast, Silveira threw a left uppercut that connected to Nirra's jaw, she moved backwards, momentarily stunned and dazed at the force of it. Spitting more blood in Silveira's face. He took this opportunity to pull her into him. 


Striking her own blow to his chest, he winced in pain, yet she was weakened by her earlier injury and she could feel him overwhelming her with his power, placing her in a bearhug. Her hands clamped down to her sides.


She only had one more thing to do. She removed a sharp blade from inside her jacket and stuck it into his abdomen. She knew that it would struggled to penetrate through his suit layers and his uniform beneath that.  


Tightening his grip, Nirra could only futilely punch against him with the blade. Hoping that she'd manage to pierce through.


Silveira: I had harder dancing partners.


Lighting returned to the room and the consoles came to life. There was also more sparks from overloading circuitry. It was working, all she had to do was activate the transponder. 


Nirra: Give me a kiss. 


Silveira: Response


Instinctively she forced her head forward and stuck her teeth into Silveira's neck, tearing at him. She could taste his bitter blood as it mingled with her own. She'd have liked to have brought him death but she didn't have the power for that. All she could hope was enough to distract him. 


Dakota/Kader/Osuna/Jones: Responses


He was forced to release her to tend to his wound. She quickly grabbed the phaser rifle that he had discarded earlier. 


Pushing herself off, she soared through the air, firing towards Enno and Hodga, as well as the officers that were nearby. Interestingly there was one officer apparently laid down receiving medical assistance … from the rat doctor that had shot her! 


She managed to get behind the still floating Starfleet crew, regretfully not managing to shoot the head off that sneaky doctor. Looking to the open door to the inner chamber. The transponder! 


Slipping the transponder into her jacket, struggling to keep from shaking. The hypospray had begun to wear off and she could feel her body go into shock. 


oO not now Oo


((Flashback to Suliban Colony Sha'Tay - Many years ago))


Nirra was seated alone, only six years old. It was only days before she had been playing with the other children. Her mother had said that Nirra's laugh could be heard all around the Suliban camp. 


Then there was no laughter. 


There was no sounds except the deathly rattles and coughs of those who'd soon be silenced forever. Nirra had watched her mother succumb, and now her father lay limp on the floor. There were no beds to be taken now, they were all filled with the dead. 


The disease had spread quickly through the camp and they had been quarantined. Her mother, the communications specialist, had attempted to contact the nearby Starfleet vessel. They had refused to come. There was a treaty. Nirra didn't understand any of it. 


Like most children, she had heard stories of Starfleet captains and crew. Heroes, that would travel the galaxy and end suffering for anyone who asked for it. 


oO we asked Oo


Father: :: choking :: Nirra? 


Nirra had hidden herself from them, in a dark corner she had just watched them waste to the disease, that would eventually take her too. Pretending that she was watching a story, something that was happening to other people. 


Father: Nirra … oh … the agony :: inhales a deep breath :: let it end… please … 


Looking to where she was, he reached out. His skin peeling, he pointed to a vial on a nearby table. He had used it to end mother's suffering. 


She knew what he wanted her to do. 


Father: Let it end, Nirra.


((End Flashback science))


Dakora/Kader/Osuna/Jones: Responses 


Enno/Hodga: Responses


Nirra: It's too late now. 


Dakora and Osuna were on her quickly. Attempting to flank her. Nirra narrowly avoided a burst of phaser fire, using the Zero-G to spin around and enter the now accessible inner chamber. 


Nirra: :: looks to Dakota and Osuna :: You can't protect them.


oO I just need to connect it Oo 


Landing clumsily near a console, she stretched her hand out … 


… No 


… Her body wouldn't respond … she just floated idly … succumbing to her injuries … she could see droplets of  her own blood floating around. Then the voices of the Federation, blurred images passing by. Hands pulling at her. 


oO  let it end Oo



Infiltration Specialist



As simmed by: 
Ensign Luxa Lorana
Science Officer
USS Artemis-A



Edited by Ensign Sadar
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Mweh, you're my senior by two months, it counts! XD

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