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Lt. JG Rebecca Iko + Nalkaji Iko -- It's not over yet (These Terrans)

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Another Mirror Universe classic, this time from @Rebecca Iko.  There so many classic and funny lines and moments in this sim, I decided to post the whole thing.

Let's see what happens when a hybrid Human-Klingon Sydneysider from the Prime Universe meets her 100% Klingon counterpart from the Mirror Universe... (along with a blonde Klingon from Hawaii!)


(removed flashback at the start for brevity)



((Bridge, USS Independence-B – Kirilow System))


But there was a whole lot to get done before they got home. Bec had had her back to the viewscreen, hiding her face as she tinkered around on the console in front of her. She had needed something to keep her hands busy as the Betazoid Emperor spoke to them, announcing her custody of Richie and Polgonz and using them as leverage to get what she wanted. 


Bec wasn’t empathic, but she was empathetic, and she felt fear for those two beyond what she had ever felt for herself.


Ukinix: ::Staring at screen:: Holy $@^#.


Keehani: ::Ignoring Wil:: Madam Ambassador, this could be a trap.  Are you certain you trust her?


The conversation had steered to talking about the "Mother Eternal" rather than to her, so Bec turned to face the rest of the bridge crew again.


Vataix: No, I don't trust her--certainly not completely. But she is holding two of our own and perhaps this summit of hers can buy us some time.


Ukinix: Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we may not have much time.  There are thousands of patrol ships out there, and long-range scans are telling us that thousands more are coming back.  This ship is tough, but we don’t have that kind of defensive firepower.


Bec nodded. Truths were truths.


Carter: Response


Keehani: Then we should attend the summit in good faith.  And a prior meeting with… ::sigh:: *her* to discuss matters before the summit may be a proactive de-escalation tactic.  ::To Rivi:: Bi-lateral relations of sorts, Madam Ambassador.


Iovianus: Response


Iko: The people here know nothing of diplomacy. ::looking to Keehani:: but you could teach them.


Any: Response 


Vataix: All right, Keehani, you're coming with me of course. You too, Robin.


Keehani: ::nervous swallow:: Yes, Madam Ambassador.


Bec was probably going to check up with Wil’s cousin during shore leave.


Hopper: Response


Vataix: We'll be bringing the prisoner the Resistance caught, the version of Nathan Richards in this universe. I believe I can convince Dro to come with us to see to it that our Tri'lea is returned. I don't know if the same can be said though for the other Betazoids native here, including his actual daughter.


Keehani: ::Quietly:: Ergh, they can *have* that Richards.


Yes, they could. Take the Initiate away before Bec could lose control again. She was still trying to figure out exactly what it was that had made her tip when they had been on the planet. Perhaps it was a combination of everything that had happened over the last little while. Or perhaps it was that he'd called her "little one" and deserved several punches for that.


She at least deserved to give Cara an explanation.


Hopper: Response


Ukinix: Abassador, we have to be careful.  We can’t just hand over the other Tri’lea Polgonz if we know she’s going to get killed.  Protocol Parallax says we’re to interfere at a minimum, but I think we’re past that point now.  We can’t just stand by and let people die.


Really, by simply stepping foot on a planet you interfere with whatever fate it's writing itself. And they'd done far more here than just show up…


Carter: Response


Wong: I haven’t seen many individuals from this universe. But it seems to be a rough one. There appears to be a survival of the fittest mentality. Definitely a lot more brutal.


Iko: This place is merciless. It runs—it thrives on spilt blood, power and hate. "Rough" and "brutal" only begin to describe it.


She had kept talking to try and avoid thinking of an answer to her question: oO Who have you met? Oo. There had been the mention of a Klingon ship nearby, and she… Bec didn’t want to know.


Any: Response


Vataix: Wil, John, I want you to head to the outpost for this summit between the Betazed imperials and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

Ukinix: ::nod:: Aye, Ambassador.


Carter: Response


Vataix: Bec, Ikaia, head with them. It can't hurt to have a couple of Klingons on our side as well.


Bec nodded a terse nod. Their stay wasn't over yet, and the only way it would be is by following out these orders. Even if it meant continuing to be seen as a Klingon.


Iko: Understood.


She looked to Wong and gently placed her hand on his shoulder.


Wong: …. Alright. I’ll help the best I can.


Vataix: Ensigns Kiani and Esma, go with them as well to observe and assist in whatever way Commander Ukinix sees fit.


That was the other thing. While they had been gone, several ensigns had arrived at Amity, roped in to rescue their fellow crewmembers that they hadn't met yet.


Kiani: Response


Esma: Yes, Madam Ambassador.


Vataix: Cassian, I'm leaving you in charge here on the Independence.

Iovianus: Aye, ma’am.


Vataix: All of you remaining on the ship, it's your job to find us the best plan to get back to our universe. Have a plan ready when I get back.


Iovianus: At your request.


Moore/Blackwood: Response


Reade: Understood, madam Ambassdor. 


Veers: Response


Vataix: All right, let's get to it.


As everyone scattered away, Bec turned to Wong. The man was like a brother to her, and the two were going to have to lean on each other if they were going to be able to do this. 


She tapped him on the shoulder a couple of times and rubbed his upper arm 


Iko: I'm here.


Wong: Response? (Optional)


((Later - Bridge, IKS ngem qul – en route to Outpost Supremacy))


Out of all the Klingons anywhere to have possibly met, the universe had chosen to have a Klingon by the name of “Rebekah” as the commander of the Bird of Prey they were stationed on. It was as if it was messing with her personally at this point. Bec hung back, behind the others, not really caring about the hair that had fallen in her face. Right now she was kind of preferring it that way…


Ukinix: Awesome ship, Warrior Iko.  ::Turning to others:: Right, gang?


Bec managed a small nod.


Wong: Ah yeah… it’s ah really… ::He knocks on the side of one of the consoles gently:: rugged. 


Nalkaji raised her eyebrows to the rugged Klingon, wondering for the tiniest moment how good he was at poetry and ducking.


What she had established about this "gang" was quite clear: these Terrans were different to ones she had met before. Most had been either loyal sheep scared out of their minds or fools plotting a weak, defective plan in the hope to see revenge through. But these Terrans… These Terrans carried themselves and their values in a different way, not motivated by blood but the connection between one another. Which was why they had come from their universe in the first place. And the Klingons that joined them held themselves similarly.


Carter/Kiani/Esma: Response


M-Iko: ::addressing them all, but eyeing Wong:: It is a pleasure to meet your true crew.


Their leader took a bottle of something from his bag. Although these Terrans were nice, she still didn't give them the blind trust they asked for.


At that moment, Ukinix pulled out something from the bag slung over his shoulder. It looked like a bottle of wine to Wong. He wondered why the Commander had brought that along.


Ukinix: Hey, I don’t suppose you’d be up for a trade would you?  ::lifting up wine bottle:: Good quality Earth wine, for a bottle of genuine blood wine?


M-Iko: Earthen wine is just the juice from a common vine you incorrectly call alcohol. Pathetic, just like you. 


She took the bottle from Wil anyway.


M-Iko: We should be close now.


She pointed to a member of her bickering crew, who promptly showed the upcoming outpost on the viewscreen.


Bec had guessed Outpost Supremacy would be a knock-off version of Amity, but the closer it got the more Amity felt like a knock-off version of this spiked powerhouse.


Ukinix: ::Staring at screen, slightly awed, slightly perturbed:: Well this wasn’t on my mission bingo card.


Wong: You know, I’m starting to think that Betazoids took a lot of their design cues from a cactus.


Nalkaji shrugged. 


Carter/Kiani/Esma: Response


Wong: Alright. What’s the ah… plan?


M-Iko: We find the empress and crush her slowly.


Ukinix/Carter/Kiani/Esma: Response


Fine. Unusual Terran ideals be damned.


M-Iko: Then we go along with the empress's plan and await her next attack as she drags the Alliance into a false sense of security.


Wong: Truthfully, I hope it doesn’t come down to that. I’d rather not fight anyone.


Nalkaji smiled at the man. He held the Terran's ways higher than she expected. Almost as if he were one of them. She couldn't put his face or ridges to a name that she knew, but there were many in the Alliance she didn't know the faces of.


M-Iko: That's quite ambitious.


Ukinix/Carter/Kiani/Esma: Response


Wong: And ah what is the backup plan if that fails?


M-Iko: Then today is a good day to die.


Her crew cheered in honour.


Ukinix/Carter/Kiani/Esma/Wong: Response


Bec spoke up from behind the commotion.


Iko: No, it's not.


Nalkaji stepped forward and looked into the eyes of the one she had been told about. A version of herself softened and sweetened by both the universe she was from and her impure blood. So soft, the half-Klingon had been hiding.


M-Iko: Why?


Iko: Today is not a good day to die, otherwise I'd be letting my enemies win.


Ukinix/Carter/Kiani/Esma/Wong: Response


Nalkaji pulled back slightly, deterring the conversation from that topic and her counterpart's accurate words.


M-Iko: What is your plan for this then?


Ukinix/Carter/Kiani/Esma/Wong: Response






Lt. JG Rebecca Iko
Security Officer
Amity Outpost




Nalkaji Iko

CO, IKS ngem qul 

Klingon-Cardassian Alliance 




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