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Convince Paramount


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They say one man/women can make a difference and normally I would agree but today I don’t think myself would be enough to make a difference. So after the end of enterprise and the continuing effort of the fans to keep it going I think we should try to convince paramount to do a new season(s). Ok here is my idea I would like to share with you, what if we could convince paramount to do Post voyager star trek, 7 season for each ship new crew and new ships either new or ones we have seen before or haven't seen much of. And the more people we can rally the more likely they will listen. I mean looking back how much money has Paramount made over the years with just a season of star trek. So why not tell all you friends part of this group or not or another for that matter if we bring the trekker community together we can encourage the younger people. Because the main reason why young people are not interested in star trek anymore is because it's just looks cheap and tacky, (not my point of view) so if they do a new post voyager it should bring them in so what do you all think is it a good or bad idea?

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