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Geneca, Inc. taken to court by species-rights group

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DELTA IV – Geneca Incorporated and species-rights group set to face off in court after rights group claims products violate genetic ethics laws.

Geneca’s recent launch of Deltan pheromone-derived fragrances have proven controversial, as the wildly popular scents have been banned by a number of public venues and services.

“We’ve decided enough is enough. The people of Delta IV have evolved to handle these pheromones over millennia.” said Pensiva, an Arbazan solicitor for the species-rights group. “To create products which utilize these powerful secretions for the general public’s consumption is both wildly unsafe and shamefully unethical. Geneca incorporated needs to know that they cannot monetize species-specific traits anymore.”

This comes on the heels of Geneca’s scandal last year, when they launched their El-Aurian skincare and multivitamin line, which promised that race’s long life and youthful appearance. Scientists were quick to refute those claims, stating that El-Aurians’ longevity comes not from a skin cream or supplement, but rather from the continued production of telomerase, a ribonucleoprotein in the gene sequence.

After the hearing today, trial is set for 240008.01, and the species rights group have assembled a lengthy witness list, including various experts from across the federation. Geneca appears to be unwilling to back down, having hired a famed Ferengi attorney group from the planet Balancar.

“Geneca’s products have been proven safe in internal trials, and these reports of public disruption are sensationalistic and exaggerated.” said Mauk, a Ferengi attorney. “We maintain that many of these reports come from Geneca’s competitors.”

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