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MSNPC Delmer - Hostile Bargaining

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If you know me at all, then you know I'm a fan of a good antagonist. And I love this one from @Freck The sass is my favorite. "It was reckless. It was practically suicidal. It was downright rude, is what it was." is hysterical to me, but honestly, this whole sim just rocks overall. 



(( Cargo Bay Upper Deck, Mercenary Ship Proficiency ))


Delmer had to stop himself from drumming his fingers against the catwalk’s plating, where he sat, lying in wait behind some crates which would shield him from scans.


It was just…the sheer audacity of them! It was one thing to board a ship. He had been counting on it, in fact. But…to just fly a shuttle into the side of their hull? Who did that? It was reckless. It was practically suicidal.


It was downright rude, is what it was. They were going to have to punt the blasted craft before they were going to be able to go back to warp, and they’d need to do that quick if that ship was going to hit them with whatever it was they’d hit them with.

But that was, of course, if his trap didn’t work, but as he sat hidden on that catwalk, his security team scattered above and below, the opening of the door to the auxiliary storage bay was what caused him to cease his frustrated drumming. Whoever had so carelessly punctured his ship had finally accepted his invitation to enter the larger cargo bay, and as with all good traps, it was all about patience.


From this angle, he couldn’t tell for sure how many there were, let alone their species or creed, but from the chirps of radio chatter, whoever it was, they were wearing EVA suits. He’d had to order his team to specifically raise the emergency containment shields and re-pressurize the storage depot, so he knew the boarding party had been dealing with a hostile environment, but he couldn’t shake the sheer indignation he felt.


Finally, it was the sound of a console being accessed that caused him to trigger his trap. The lights in the cargo bay went from auxiliary to full and as his security team popped up from their hiding places, rifles aimed at the intruders, Delmer merely took joyous glee in the beautiful sound of the shields re-initializing. Leave it to M’Raak to always come through when he needed her.


His tactical officer barked down at the boarding party first.


Trakeshdor: Phasers! Ground! Now!


Delmer could hear the lumbering steps of the Zaranite as he took the ladder to the lower deck to collect their weapons.


Now, finally, the Gallamite stood from his hiding place, loudly and slowly clapping as he revealed himself, until finally, he leaned against the railing. He knew how he looked, the ship’s lighting filtering through his transparent skull. It should have been delightfully intimidating.


Delmer: Well, well, well. You know, when most people want to make an entrance, they knock, or they transport aboard. This is, I have to say, the first time that I’ve actually seen anyone knock with an entire shuttle.


He squinted at them. Starfleet. Expected. Only…two of them. Decidedly unexpected. How was this an adequate boarding party at all? Who was making decisions on that damnable ship?


Hesan / Vahin: Response


Delmer: Ah, ah, ah. I don’t think you get to have an opinion on the matter, Starfleet. In fact, you may as well get comfortable. Your part in this little plan has been played.


The Gallamite captain stepped back from the railing of the catwalk and moved back to the corridor that would return him to the bridge, gesturing at his security team to follow him. Sure, it was risky leaving them in the cargo bay, but Trakeshdor and two others would stay behind to watch over them, and the Weapons Officer alone could take care of himself. He wasn’t worried. Then again, they had both used weapon and boarding technique that he wouldn’t have considered in a thousand years.


The captain quickened his pace to his bridge. He needed to be quick.


Storming through the doors, Delmer slammed his fist onto his Captain chair’s console, sending out a hail to the other ship. He realized how ragged he must look like with his head wound, never mind how angry he felt. He forced himself to take a breath as the hail went out, facing away from the monitor.


Kutel: They’re pickin’ up, Cap’n.


Delmer: On screen.


Eagle: Response


Delmer took another deep breath, then turned around to face the screen, hoping he came across calmer and more collected than he felt. He even put on a small smile.


Delmer: I think you know that I have something of yours, and I think you want it back. I think, on the other hand, that you have, or can get, something that I want. All I propose is a simple trade.


Eagle: Response


Delmer: The Orb, of course. Yes, yes, frustrating, I’m sure. Really, just ask yourself, how much does an Orb stack up to two of your crewmen?


MSNPC Delmer
Mercenary Captain
Written By

Lieutenant Junior Grade Freck
Science Officer
Denali Station


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