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Gnaxac "Doodle" - Finally!

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@Genkos Adea - I absolutely adored this sim. Very moving, and beautifully written! 



((City Streets, Borrel District, Witherington, Indre III))


Gnaxac saw Croaker emerge from the crowd, and he hurried over. He was clearly injured himself, and Gnaxac rushed over. He took the child with Croaker, sharing the load. The good doctor fell to his knees, and Gnaxac tried to get a hand under his armpit to help him back to his feet.


Gnaxac: =/\= Croaker and I have the child, what does it look like from over there, Blondie? =/\=


Marshall: =/\= Like insurrection, finally. =/\=


Tagren-Quinn: ::Panting:: =/\= By the light. =/\=


Gnaxac’s little heart swelled to four times its size as the gravity of Blondie’s statement sunk in. Were they about to finally win? Not the war, of course, that Gnaxac didn’t expect to live to see, but a small battle in the war was enough for him. For now.


Gnaxac: =/\= Thank the Exchequer =/\=


Overhead, vessels screamed by and burned through the rain, hinting at possible widespread destruction and, thus, bringing further uncertainty over tomorrow’s existence. Gnaxac let out a little squeal with every explosion, but one died in his throat as a mellifluous voice filled his lobes. He blinked several times as he tried to register that he knew the owner of the voice, and what it signified…


Tahna: =/\= Citizens of Witherington– ::She paused.:: You know who the Cardassians are and what they do. You know they will destroy your homes, your lives, on a whim. Do not let them. Now is your chance to stop them. Not for yourself, but for your family, your friends, your children, so they never have to see the trauma of a Cardassian occupation. So your people and planet can thrive, free. =/\=


The corners of Gnaxac’s mouth tugged upwards unbidden by his brian as he watched the tide turn before his very eyes. Croaker closed his eyes, but Gnaxac kept his open - he wanted to see this, even if tears threatened to fill them.


Tahna: =/\= Resist, sow chaos, protect the vulnerable. You are not fighting alone. This is your life, your home. Take it back. =/\=


Lark’s message was a rousing finale, and it finished and for a moment, one solo, beautiful moment, there was peace. And then Blondie’s voice cut through it as Croaker and Gnaxac’s eyes met.


Marshall: =/\= Coming back your way. Did you hear Lark's message? =/\=


Tagren-Quinn: =/\= …yes. I-I did. =/\=


It came out a little choked, emotion clear in his voice, and Gnaxac reached up to put a reassuring hand upon his shoulder.


Gnaxac: =/\= We did, and it seems to be working…  =/\=


As Blondie came into view, sailing effortlessly around the fallen colossal vehicle and avoiding other hazards with quick and sure steps, the weight of everything hung heavy in the air. Bodies lay scattered, beaten and broken, and dead. 


Gnaxac gave a heavy sigh as that weight fell upon him, and he almost collapsed under it. It was only the fact that they were together, and that the people were finally starting to stand up for themselves that stopped him from surrendering all together.


Marshall: I don't think we've got much time until it's flooded with colonists here, picking up what's left of the vehicle and the weaponry. ::She sniffed hard..:: We're turning the tide. 


When Gnaxac opened his orange lips to speak, they words came out strangely bitter.


Gnaxac: Took them long enough.


Tagren-Quinn: And our teams… they are…


Pain seemed to stop Croaker, and Gnaxac tried to muster up a smile.


Gnaxac: Well Lark’s okay at least. But I don’t know about you, I’d kill for a painkiller. Or twelve.


Marshall: Response 


Tagren-Quinn: I think we’ve all seen better days. Nothing that Wheels can’t patch up when we get the gang back together. 


Gnaxac: And you… you’re a doctor too unless you’ve forgotten.


Marshall: Response 


Tagren-Quinn: Maqoch… Doodle… 


Gnaxac gave Croaker a smile as the Doctor studied him with his eyes. He tried not to wonder if he was passing or failing the silent test he was currently undergoing, and instead gave the child currently clinging to him a little squeeze.


Tagren-Quinn: Blondie… I… 


Before he could complete the sentence, a group of Cardassians began to edge their way into the area, with the colonists yelling and firing in the background. The brief reprieve was never destined to last long. Gnaxac looked down at the child in his arms.


Gnaxac: Let’s get out of here. I think we can leave them to fight their battles.


Tagren-Quinn/Marshall: Response 


Gnaxac hunkered down to the child’s height (it wasn’t difficult) and looked them in the eyes. He tried not to think if they’d ever seen a Ferengi before, and so smiled the least toothy smile he could. As much as Ferengi women dug toothy smiles, he wasn’t sure the same was true of Bajoran children.


Gnaxac: What are we going to do about you then, hm?

The child looked up at them all silently.


Tagren-Quinn/Marshall: Response 




Gnaxac “Doodle”

Maquis Engineer

The Skarbek


As simmed by


Lieutenant Gnaxac


USS Gorkon



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