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[BELOW / BACKSIM] PNPC Crewman First Class Tersus: Arrival

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Okay, I both love and hate this guy already. @Tomas Falt, if you need any help dealing with your new assistant, I know another First Officer who has a classic way of dealing with these types. 😁😂 Of course, she did lose her job as Chief TacSec and was ordered to attend mandatory counseling, but hey....


((Space Port, Denali Station, Ring 42)) 

Crewman First Class Tersus stepped off the supply shuttle and took in his first view of Ring 42. His trip to Denali Station had been arranged at such short notice he’d only been able to secure a cramped, confined berth aboard a supply shuttle. He hadn’t even had a window, so he’d missed the apparently spectacular sight of ring from space and had been looking forward to taking it all in on landing. Unfortunately, the scene now in front of him was… unimpressive...  

He appeared to have disembarked in a space dock area, which certainly didn't look like anything special. He’d describe it as functional at best. He really hoped he hadn't taken such an uncomfortable trip all the way to the frontier for this! 

He took a deep breath of air from his breathing apparatus, the atmosphere of the Ring was not compatible with Benzite physiology after all, and centred himself.  Whilst mildly disappointed about missing the view, it was not the reason he’d come to Denali station. He needed to find the Executive Officer - one Lieutenant Commander Falt - and introduce himself. The man was to be his new superior, even if he didn't know it yet.

He spotted a grubby looking engineering crewman and asked them for directions to station operations, where he assumed the Commander would be. He found himself directed to a corner of the port facility, where on arrival he was surprised to find a transport arch.  

oO Perhaps they aren't so backwards here after all. Oo

((XO’s Office, Level 15, Anchorage, Denali Station)) 

The transporter arch had whisked him to what he’d assumed was the command district. After accosting someone else for directions to the operations centre he’d quickly made his way there, only to be informed Commander Falt was actually in his office four floors up... Since he’d been sitting in a shuttle for hours he’d hurried up the stairs, keen to meet his new beneficiary; even if they didn’t know they were yet… 

Arriving at the office door he took a moment to straighten his uniform before pressing the door chime. 

Falt: ::from inside the office:: It’s open. 

He stepped forward, the doors swishing open in front of him, and marched straight to the XO’s desk.  

Tersus: Lieutenant Commander Falt, I am Crewman First Class Tersus. 

The Commander, a youngish human with blue eyes and blonde hair looked up at him from behind a truly enormous stack of PADD’s. 

Falt: Mister Tersus. I don’t believe we’ve met. What can I do for you? 

He paused before answering, and took a gulp of air from his rebreather. It was a tactic he adopted when he was trying to have a conversation on his terms. 

Tersus: ::deliberately:: Crewman First Class, sir. I have been told you are in need of an assistant. I have arrived, your need is fulfilled. 

Falt looked puzzled. Tersus hoped it was due to his unexpected arrival. The alternative was that he looked that gormless all the time. 

Falt: ::holding up a hand:: Slow down, crewman. I’ve received a number of applications for the post. I take it yours is amongst them? 

Tersus: Crewman First Class, sir. No, sir. I did not complete an application. Now I’m here I’m confident you’ll agree the application process is redundant. 

He watched as the Commander lent back in his chair and put his boots on the desk. Knocking a couple of waiting PADDs off onto the floor as he did so. 

oO Oh no, this won’t do at all. Oo 

Falt: And what makes you think that, crewman… first class? 

Tersus was sure he detected a hint of sarcasm as the man said his rank, although it was possible it was just his ridiculous accent. He took another deliberate breath and ignored it. 

Tersus: Simply because I am Tersus. The best administrator in the fleet. For example, I’ve already determined twenty-six ways to improve your already excellent filing system. 

The latter statement was a lie of course, but experience told him it was best to take things slow in a situation like this. The Commander looked at the pile of PADDs and then back at him, eyebrow raised. 

Falt: Excellent filing system? If you think this is excellent then I can’t see how you could be an administrator in the fleet, let alone the best. 

Tersus: Forgive me, sir. I didn’t want to insult you the first time we met. I can actually see at least fifty-one ways to improve it… And you are correct your filing system is atrocious, the worst I’ve ever encountered.  

oO Like, really, truly, the worst… Oo 

Falt: Well at least your being honest about that. However, I’m afraid you’ll need to put in a late application, which I’ll consider if I don’t find a suitable candidate in the meantime. I’d also suggest you speak to your current team leader about raising your clearance level. Dismissed. 

Tersus took a deep breath from his apparatus but otherwise didn’t move. 

Tersus:  With respect, sir. I already have Level 9 clearance due to my role in the Judge Advocate General’s Office. 

He took a breath as he watched the man react. Level 9 clearance was only one down from “Captain’s eyes only.” He could see the man pause, likely wondering how a Crewman First Class got such a high clearance level?  

Falt: It sounds like you’re all set, which begs the question why are you here? 

Tersus: Simply put, the Ring sir. I find the possibility of cataloguing the discoveries we will make here really quiet intoxicating. It’s why I boarded the transport when I heard about the opening in the first place, I wouldn’t normally work for a mere Lieutenant Commander otherwise. 

For the first time since they’d met a flash of annoyance crossed the Commanders face. 

Falt: A mere Lieutenant Commander, I thought you weren’t trying to insult me?

Tersus: Forgive me, sir. I’m used to working for Captain’s and Admirals.  

Falt: ::still annoyed:: And what do they think about you coming to ask for a job on the ring? 

Tersus: Whilst all my performance reviews have been exemplary my mannerisms haven’t won me too many friends, sir.  

Falt’s annoyed expression was pushed aside by a snort of amusement. 

Falt: Indeed. Regardless, my decision hasn’t changed. 

Tersus paused. He’d expected his argument to have worked by now. What he needed was a chance to show the man how much help he could really be. And judging by the administrative chaos on the desk in front of him he really needed it.  

Tersus: A suggestion, sir. You’re about to go on a mission so you won’t be interviewing candidates until you return anyway. Allow me to stay on a trial basis, if nothing else I could sort out your filing system whilst your away. It would be an afront to my profession to leave without at least doing that. 

Falt considered his offer for a moment. He could tell the man knew it was a win-won scenario. He relaxed slightly. 

Falt: Very well Crewman First Class Tersus. I’ll validate your credentials and if everything checks out I’ll authorize a secondment for the length of the next mission. You have one chance to impress me. Anything less than perfection and you’ll be on the next transport off the ring. Are we clear? 

Tersus smiled for the first time. One chance was all he would need. 

Tersus: Aye, sir. You won’t regret this. 

Falt: We’ll see. Now, you are dismissed crewman; and I’d really go this time if I were you. 

Tersus gave him a nod and strode out of his office as purposefully as he’d entered, although this time he wasn’t looking for a job, he was looking for the view of the ring he’d missed on the way in. 



Crewman First Class Tersus
Administrative Assistant 
Denali Station

as simmed by

Lieutenant Commander Tomas Falt
Executive Officer
Denali Station

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