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NPC Nefaria: The Scales of Justice

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This is such a fun read! I love the descriptions. Nefaria is a force to be reckoned with in this exciting holodeck adventure, written by @Robin Hopper! Thank you for sharing it with me—you know me too well.


NPC Nefaria: The Scales of Justice (google.com)


Kate Mckinnon Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live



((Flagship “Kiss of Death”, Somewhere In Space aka Holodeck 4 – USS Artemis))


The arched door leapt up and out of the way as Commodore Nefaria, scourge of the Seven Cosmos, swept through with graceful malice, her boots clicking ominously against the deck with each indomitable step. Her very presence filled the room with a tangible unease – deckhands and servants urgently turning away and doubling their efforts towards whatever meager tasks they’d been assigned.


A wicked smile curled the corner of her lips as she once again laid eyes upon her captive – that insufferably vulnerable minx, Constance Goodheart, tied to the stellar mast at the center of Nefaria’s control room. She circled the woman, eying her hungrily, like a Perseiid Tigress stalking its prey. At last, Nefaria broke the silence with a devastatingly provocative mid-Atlantic inflection.


Nefaria: How delightful.  ::Smirk::  I knew that it was only a matter of time, my dear, before you and your foolish friends would stumble your way into my nets…  Did you really think you could evade me?


The girl had the audacity to look at her in the eye as she retorted.


Vailani: Response


Nefaria: ::Frustrated::  We shall see who’s laughing after you’ve paid your debt.  ::Arms outstretched::  You live only at my command, Miss Goodheart… at my whim. But my mercy is like the sea – not to be trifled with.


Vailani: Response


Nefaria walked closer, stepping onto the platform beneath Goodheart which straddled her ship’s neutron drive. The swirling lights from below cast a devious glow upwards, thrusting her perilously-beautiful features into stark shadow as the brow over her one remaining eye rose.


Nefaria: On the contrary, sweet foolish girl, you are precisely where I want you to be.


She spun, her cape twirling around her dramatically, as she turned to face her second-in-command, Tantra – the defected do-gooder turned pirate lass. Of all the people still living in the universe, Tantra was the one Nefaria mistrusted the least.


Nefaria: Bring the Kiss of Death out of the nebula… Let Captain Proton see her in all her restored glory.  ::Grinning::  He won’t be expecting this after our last encounter… Once we are within range, connect our ships wireless. I wish to speak with him.


In a flurry of action, Nefaria’s orders were carried out. The deceptively graceful craft sailed forth from her gaseous hiding place, practically coming nose-to-nose with Captain Proton’s measly vessel. Already Nefaria began to dream of the sweet satisfaction she would feel once he – and his ship and all those on it – were crushed into space dust.


((OOC – Let’s use the usual =/\= Comms =/\= symbols to represent communications over wireless.))


As the image began to resolve, indicating an open line, she ensured her enemies would see Goodheart first. Nefaria meant business – and Proton needed to understand the stakes involved, should he consider trying to disregard her demands. As his infuriatingly-handsome mug appeared on the screen, her eye went wide with malice.


Vedic: Don't worry Busty, we'll get her. ::to the viewer:: =/\= Constance, are you ok? =/\=


Vailani: =/\= Response =/\=


Before he could respond, she stepped into view, coming between Proton and his view of Goodheart. She cackled with terror-inducing glee at the situation.


Nefaria: =/\= PROTON… At last we come face-to-face once again… =/\=


Vedic: =/\= Commodore Nefaria, you rotten, evil, loathsome, good-for-nothing, base, ignoble, scum-sucking… =/\=


Her smile grew as he listed a string of epithets befitting someone of her infamy.


Vedic: =/\= Dishonorable... scoundrel! Unhand the virtuous Ms. Goodheart! =/\=


Nefaria: =/\= Virtuous?  ::Another cackle::  Oh, I think not, Proton… =/\=


She strode menacingly towards the woman strapped to her mast and wrapped a hand around her jaw, pointing Goodhearts face towards the imager.


Nefaria: =/\= Would a virtuous woman be caught trespassing in The Starless Void? You know that is Doctor Chaotica’s domain.  ::Releasing Goodheart’s face::  Fortunately for her, Chaotica is a busy overlord. He was pleased to let me take her into my custody, foregoing the bounty on her head. =/\=


Vedic/Lorana: =/\= Responses =/\=


At last they were getting to the heart of the matter. Nefaria pulled a curved stellar cutlass from the sheath at her hip and raised it ominously towards Goodheart.


Nefaria: =/\= On the contrary, Proton… my demands are quite reasonable. Turn yourself over to me as my prisoner and I shall release her. Try to deny me my vengeance and I shall begin to right the scales of balance – taking from you like you once took from me… =/\=


Vedic/Lorana: =/\= Responses =/\=








NPC Commodore Nefaria

Commander of the Nefarious Fleet

The Adventures of Captain Proton Holonovel



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