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Seva Reeshe -- Mouse trap

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I loved this sim from our newest recruit @SevaReeshe! It's so witty, she had me giggling throughout while still maintaining the seriousness of the characters' situation. And the way she carefully incorporated Seva's backstory and skill set, comparing their situation to a final exam and referencing her father's stories, it's all so well done. Fabulous work, keep it up!


((Cardassian Shuttle, Borrel District, Witherington, Indre III))


Seva was... terrified. This was her first time on any sort of mission, and she honestly looked like she might throw up. Four Cardassians. That number didn’t seem suspicious to Seva; if anything, it felt like too much! Four to three, they were outnumbered, and the Cardassians had a defensive position... It wasn’t until Tahna spoke up that she snapped out of her worrying.


Tahna: I don’t like this. Only having four Spoons up here doesn’t make sense, even if they were only planning to be attacked from the street level, I’d station more by the coms center.


Only four? What did she mean, only four?


Finch: An upgrade in defences, maybe. It’s been a few days, a lot has happened. They might have realised that their dependence on their younger troops left them vulnerable. ::she huffed:: like fishes out of water.


Seva frowns. It’s almost like they wanted things to be harder!


Seva: Well, I for one am grateful there’s only four. Let’s not jinx it, please?


That wasn’t a particularly scientific outlook, and she knew it. Jinxes? Really? But at times like this, logic failed everyone. Except for maybe Vulcans.


Tahna: That, or it’s filled with traps. Just…keep your guard up, and whatever happens, keep moving. We have to take out their communications for the other teams to have a shot.


Finch: Oh I’ve no doubt that we can get in. It’s getting out…


Seva: What did I say about jinxing it?


Seva returns the nod as Tahna nods to her, taking a breath. And then... The shuttle opened, and there was a Cardassian. Almost instantly, she pushed her worries to the back of her mind and prepared her phaser. But Tahna beat her to it. The Cardassian was down, and dead. And Seva just kept moving. It was a bit like a final exam at the university she attended; the days leading up to the test, the hours, the minutes were always the most miserable. Once you were actually taking the test? Things weren’t so bad.


She didn’t have time to think about what that meant for her.


Tahna: Go!


Seva rushes forward, running through the storm to the door. She remains silent for now, wanting to focus on the mission at hand.


Finch: ::eyeing the entrance:: A swipe system. On your word, Lark, and we’re in.


Tahna: Inside, and we’ll go as stealthily as possible.


Seva: Stealthy. Right. No talking. Easy.


It’s not like she talked when she was nervous. Except -- that was exactly what she did. Oh dear.


((Niu Hotel, Borrel District, Witherington, Indre III))


The inside of the Hotel was even worse than the outside. Low lighting. Steel stairs. The only thing better about the interior was that there wasn’t any rain. Taking in a breath, Seva gripped her phaser tight enough for her knuckles to go white.


Finch: ::in a low voice:: I’ll follow second, if you stay stern. ::she nodded to Seva::


Seva nods.


Seva: I’ll take up the rear, then...


Seva wasn’t experienced at being light on her feet, and made the most noise of the three of them. Fortunately, she was also very light; so underweight that her mother had always made a point of trying to get her to eat more. That meant she made very little sound, even given her lack of training.


And then they slipped past a door filled with Cardassians. That was way more than four. Taking in a sharp breath, she holds her breath as she slips past the door, managing to sneak past.


Finch: That’s three floors down. Another to go.


Seva: ::Breathes out in relief:: Almost there.


This was easy. A more experienced mind might think it too easy. But Seva was only relieved.


Finch: No sign of any cameras, or trip points so far. It's either our lucky day or we're in for a big surprise. I don't know about either of you, but I can't stand surprises.


Tahna: My bet is on a surprise.


Seva: You think they know we’re here? But that would mean they more or less sacrificed that poor soldier on the roof...


Finch: Response


Seva would look around the floor, scanning it for traps, but she honestly didn’t know what to look for.


Tahna: I’ll go first. See you on the other side.


Seva: Be careful.


Finch: Response


Tahna went through the door. Everything seemed fine... she stepped inside, following. Then, Tahna took another step and was surrounded by a forcefield! Seva was still on the exterior of it, her eyes widening as she turns around, phaser at the ready.


Tahna: Careful where you step! ::She paused, listening to the Cardassian footsteps, and suppressed another bout of foul language.:: They’re getting closer.


Seva: That’s a dirty trick!


Seva said that perhaps a bit too loudly. If they didn’t know they were here before, they certainly did now.


Finch: Response


As the footfalls of the Cardassians got closer, she raises her phaser. It was set to Stun at the moment, but she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to fire fast enough.


Seva: Being taken prisoner by the Cardassians is worse than being killed, right? That’s what my dad always said. He had horror stories about the prison camp he was in. I’m ready to fight.


Finch: Response


Seva glanced around the hallway, looking for a panel or some sort of sign of what was controlling the trap. Sure enough, and fortunately on her side of the field, there was a panel.


Seva: Wait. I have an idea. Cover me, Finch. This may take a minute.


Seva runs over to the panel and struggles to open it. With a bit of doing, she tugs on the panel and the cover just... comes off. Beneath it were Cardassian controls for the shield; arcane, to Seva’s eyes.


Seva: Shit. Uh, okay. Five minutes? Five minutes.


Finch/Tahna: Response


Judging by the sound of the footsteps, they had far less than five minutes...




Ensign Seva Reeshe

Science Officer

USS Gorkon



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