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MSNPC - Dara Paxton - The Spider and the Fly

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((Somewhere deep in Miranda VII))


Dara wasn’t part of the inner circle, but she orbited closely enough so that when vital data began its inevitable journey downhill that she was one of the first to get such information.  Naystrim had left the station – moving on to the next evolution in the Terra Prime movement.  That was fine by her…all her experimental weapons were here primed and ready to be deployed at the opportune time…and the rumors were that Starfleet was coming.  Well, let them come…they would unknowingly be walking into quite a trap.


She rubbed her hands together in anticipation.  After years of hiding in plain sight, studying at the most prestigious Earth institutions—her particular focii being xenogenetics and bioengineering—Dara was finally ready to make her contribution to the cause.  Her entire life had been preparation for this very moment in time.  She was a Paxton…the latest of an unbroken line of believers…from the very beginning.  A true disciple amongst the converts…it was in her very DNA.




The civilian crowd was growing more agitated.  Food stores were exhausted, and those in attendance were forgetting they belonged to the most noble of species.  Such degradation…it disgusted her how quickly her brethren could forget their inherent nobility afforded them by their very blood.


Dara’s mind—conditioned since she took her first toddling steps as child—immediately placed the blame on THEM.  Non-Humans.  The leaders of Terra Prime stopped at nothing to provide to their followers, but at every turn they had to fight to obtain the barest of necssities.  And the aliens wondered why they despised them?!  If Dara had her way, aliens would soon take their rightful place…beneath the boot of Terra Prime.


Gritting her teeth, Dara shoved forward through the crowd, as an area in front of her lifted their voices up in a manner that denoted surprise or perhaps fear.   

Voices rose as questions were peppered ahead, and Dara’s pace increased—along with the force of her movements—shoving people to the ground to get to the source of escalating unrest.  


Slipping under the arm of a large man who raised his fist above his head and shouted a frantic inquiry—which she didn’t even bother to listen to—Dara found herself mere inches from a blue-skinned alien with wildly gesticulating antennae.  


Sh'shelor: We mean no harm, we simply wish to get you to safety.


Dara’s eyes widened, but she kept the look of utter contempt off her face.


Sherlock: Look! There is an imminent threat to the station. And we need to begin evacuations.


Her attention homed in on a dark-haired female who appeared human…but one couldn’t ever really tell with these things.  However, one thing was certain, with the delta their chests it was clear that Starfleet was here.  


These bastards just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could they?!  At every turn Terra Prime was hunted by the rabid wolves of Starfleet.


Dara gritted her teeth…she had to think fast. 


Sh’shelor: We have food, fresh water, and medicine!


The stupid Blue Skin was going to start a riot…and Dara was at ground zero.  She felt the heave of the crowd as pandemonium started to break out.  The three Starfleeters looked amongst each other and spoke in tones that denoted unease. 


The crowd could very well do her dirty work for her!  She pushed her way back into the crowd, grabbing at arms, making individuals LOOK at her as she made her way against the crush.


Dara:  They have guns!  ::grabbing another person::  They’re going to kill us all!  


Person by person, if she could get them to lock eyes on her, a simple statement to incite fear and panic was uttered, and she could hear increasing yelling from those she had spoken her sweet nothings to as they disseminated what they had heard.  


Now past the throng, Dara took off running, her destination one of the satellite hubs which she had cloned internal sensor controls.  Oh, it could only passively monitor, but that suited her needs.  If Starfleet was here, no doubt there would be multiple incursion points…and the sensors would tell her where each and every one of the non-human ones were.  A wicked smile broke out on her face.  The anticipation of finally seeing the fruition of her life’s work come to pass was almost too much to bear!


Miranda VII was loaded with booby traps – this, most probably even Starfleet knew – but now there was something else…something new.  A potential weapon that had no taste or smell but one helluva punchline…and Dara couldn’t wait for the opportunity to set it loose.


She stopped in front of the green-limed screen and brought up the internal sensors…small dots began showing up at various points in the station.   

Her face bathed in the green glow; a giddy chuckle erupted from Dara’s smiling lips. 


Dara: “Will you walk into my parlour?" said the Spider to the Fly…






MSNPC Dara Paxton

Miranda VII Station 



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