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NPC EMH — Facts and Cold Truths

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This is the second time @Kali Nicholotti has written for the opposing ship's EMH in our current mission and I think it's worth memorializing here how even in a relatively short piece, she deftly captures the Robert Picardoness of it:

((Sickbay, USS Libris))
At the sound of a voice, the EMH turned to find that one of the patients that had been transported in was suddenly awake. 
Dewitt: You saved me...
EMH: Hardly. Once you take the toxic air away, it was only a matter of time before your lungs recovered. 
As he listened to the EMHs clinical response, he started to remember his last talk to Ginny. He tried to stand up and looked for his combadge. His hand couldn't find it on his chest.
Dewitt: Where's my combadge?
EMH: On the table.
With a gesture, he pointed to the desired location. The patient stood, and the EMH watched curiously as he seemed to unsteadily walk over to a nearby table.
Dewitt: Have you heard of Cadet Baker? She's in engineering? What about the Arrow crew?
There was a momentary pause as the information he asked for was searched. And as one might have expected, the answers were, well, sterile yet biased.
EMH: All injured cadets and others were transported here when the transporters came online. That's part of the programming, unless they contacted the user beforehand.
Which was why Ginny had put things the way she had.
Dewitt: Response?
EMH: If they are not here, they were not injured, or they spoke to their need not to be transported.
Dead beings were not injured, so they would not have been transported. That fact didn't seem to bother the EMH, even as it might have those around him.
Dewitt: Response?
Looking over at the doors, the EMH shrugged.
EMH: Last information says that the ship is in a state of repair, but due to catastrophic structural failure, will never reach 100%. That doesn't mean it cannot be made battle ready.
Dewitt: Response?
An alert sounded from a nearby biobed and the EMH moved to see what the excited sounds were all about. Upon arrival, he found the patient, one of the cadets, to be crashing, and despite his best programmed attempts at intervention, the sounds soon ceased and readings were turned off.
EMH: Time of death, 2147 Federation standard time. If you care to hear my notes out loud.
Dewitt: Response?
Libris EMH
As simmed by:
Commander Ash MacKenna
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Arrow


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