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Lt JG Kettick: Anarchy in a bottle


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I've been enjoying this scene a lot, but this sim by @Kettick really stood out to me! The narration was really engaging and I felt like I learned a lot about Kettick! Not just about his personality, but a bit about how he views the world and his place in it. 


((Falt’s Quarters, Level 39, Soldotna ))

At the host's invitation, he stepped inside, not overly surprised by the presence of the firepit (as it turned out, someone in the Engineering department read the requests for exemption to fire safety rules, and that someone had mandibles). The other had already arrived, as he suspected, and he greeted them with a polite nod.

Kettick: I have brought a food offering, as is customary. I hope you will find it appropriate.

The Commander took the dish from Kettick and gave it a swift inspection.  

Falt: Some kind of seafood?

The Remmilian's mandibles twitched for a second before he resumed his usual poker face.

Kettick: Stuffed squid.

That drew a smile from their host - although whether it was the prospect of a nice meal or karmic revenge, Kettick couldn't say.

Falt: Thank you. I’ll just put these with the drinks for now to keep them cool. Speaking of which, can I get anyone a drink? If I’ve done my research right I should have something suitable for you all.

Kendrick: Great!

Freck: Here, here!

Kettick: I look forward to peer-reviewing your research.

The other human in the room sounded genuinely excited at the idea of drinks. Kettick was mostly curious, with a side of hopeful. If, and there was little doubt to it from what he knew of the man, Falt had done his research, the evening promised to be one for discoveries.
Hopefully he had done his research *well* and they would avoid a repeat of the Vulcan Mocha Incident of 23908.

Falt turned and headed for the drinks, talking as he did so.

Falt: Whilst I grab those make yourselves at home. Pull up a chair, sit by the fire.

The informal command was nonetheless obeyed, and soon the three guests were seating around the fire, with one extra chair waiting for Falt to join them.

Kendrick: ::as he sat down, chuckles:: I don’t know why, but suddenly I’m thinking about roasting marshmallows and doing a sing-a-long. Anyone know any good songs to sing around a fire pit?

The resident Ferengi chuckled to himself softly.

Freck: I’m afraid I’m drawing a blank, sorry.

Kettick gestured for the Commander to go first. Remmilian males and singing voice were two things that shared the same universe, but otherwise remained strictly parallel.

Kendrick: I think I know the lyrics to row row row your boat. But it’s been a while, so I may be a little bit rusty.

Freck shook his head.

Freck: I don’t think I’ve heard of that one.

Kettick hadn't either. The only ship-adjacent song he remembered was one from his Academy years about a starship... probably a Deltan starship, given the lyrics. Although "Venus" was more of a human name.

Falt: Me neither, but I’m game to give it a go if you start John?

Ah, so "John" was an acceptable term of adress in this setting. So was Tomas, he supposed. Duly noted.

Freck: Okay, sure, you start and we’ll follow along, then.

The song started, and then took an unexpected turn when Kendrick (John) started singing in counterpoint to his own initial melody.
Fortunately, it did not disturb Kettick in the rendition of the traditional singing technique of his people, Basic  Droning.

Freck: That was fun, actually! Are there more Earth songs that layer on themselves like that?

Kendrick: ::chuckles:: Fortunately for your ears, row, row, row your boat is the only campfire song I know.

Kettick: The effect is confusing at first, but surprisingly pleasing to the ear.

Falt (Tomas) took the opportunity to step away for a second, and came back with a container which likely held the promised drinks.  

Falt: So, I maybe didn’t do quite as much research into the drinks as I said before. Truth be told I had a few problems getting them together, especially after Mobius was damaged in the attack. Fortunately for you the last time I called home I told my Father I’d be throwing a party with replicated drinks and he was having none of it, so he sent me these. I’m not an expert but there should be something in here you all like.  

He opened the chiller and reached inside.

Falt: Mister Kendrick, sorry John, for you we have a selection of Earth beers from Belgium. You can choose from Hoegaarden, Vedett, or ::rooting around in the chiller:: Duvel?

Kendrick: ::grinning cheerfully:: Now we’re talking! ::sounding excited:: Duvel, please.

Smiling Tomas passed John the bottle, along with a glass from the chiller. Judging from the man's response, it had been a good choice.

Falt: Enjoy. ::turning to Freck::  My Father has done quite a bit of work for the Ferengi Alliance so you can choose from Ferengi Wine, Slog-o-Cola, or Eelwasser?

Slog-o-Cola was a rather amusing take on the galaxy-infamous Ferengi beverage. On the other hand, Kettick had never heard of Eelwasser... even if the main ingredient seemed rather easy to guess.

Freck: Response.

Tomas smiled again as he passed the bottle over.

Falt: ::to Kettick:: Now, Kettick, I’m afraid my Father seems to have only been able to find one type of Remmilian drink, ::picking up a bottle:: and I’m not even going to try and pronounce what it’s called. I did scan the ingredients though and the computer thinks they should all be palatable, or at least safe, for you to inbibe.

Tomas passed the bottle over, watching for the Remmilian’s reaction as he read the label. All he got was a sideways tilt of the head, followed by a few moments of thought.

Kettick: It is... the sap found just under the bark of certain specific plants. I cannot say I have ever had the occasion to taste it.

Of course, Remmil would never export the kind of fare intended for a kt'k. And conversely, for one such as he to partake in a drink fit for a Queen would be blasphemous. Anarchy in a bottle.
Kettick loved the idea.

Kettick: An excellent gift. I will savour it.

Kendrick: Don't forget to pour yourself a drink, Tomas.

Falt: Response

Freck: Response

Kendrick: I guess it’s Human custom to start with a toast?

Kettick looked around, nonplussed. No loaf in sight. The other kind of toast, then.

Kettick: Does anyone know what grilled bread has to do with it?

Falt/Kendrick: Response

Freck: Response

The Remmilian chittered.

Kettick: New life and new civilizations, as they say. Would you like to do the honors once again? Freck and I will do our best to adapt to the local customs.


Falt/Kendrick: Response

Freck: Response

Kettick: To strange old expressions and fascinating new friends, then.

Any: Response


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