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PNPC Lt. Trovek Arys - Questions that don't need answers

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Really enjoyed this whole scene between @Oddas Aria and @N. Aristren aka Trovek and this final sim wraps it up nicely.


((Upper Operations, Anchorage, Denali Station))

The last conversation between Arys and Tito hadn’t exactly gone well. He had told her of his involvement in Aaron’s death, and she had told him that she was about ready to stab him but didn’t want to ruin the new carpet. The snarky comment and kicking him out had, at the time, seemed better than yelling or crying or any other emotional outburst. She had handled Lukin in a similar manner - by writing him an equally strongly worded note - after all he had KNOWN and not told her - and wordlessly leaving with the USS Braveheart.

All of this had, in the heat of the moment, seemed like a good approach. A mature approach even. For hours she had been beyond pleased with herself - after all, she was stepping away from the conversation rather than escalating the matter further, right?

… Wrong.

Somewhere halfway through the journey to Denali, Arys had realised that two wrongs didn’t make one right, and that she had effectively abandoned her family. Now she surprised herself by how sure she was that the enjoinment was still happening. She was even inviting people to it.

Trovek: I am getting married. He is a Cardassian Ambassador and it will be... somewhat of a big deal I suppose. I would be delighted for you to come. Which, admittedly, isn't a good reason to travel to Ops, but I do have a colleague who is trying to interface a Xindi-Insectoid build ship with something that doesn't require compound eyes to pilot it - which seems infinitely more interesting.

Cardassian enjoinment ceremonies were very private, but the celebration around it was meant to showcase a families wealth and anything but. Due to Lukin’s status as Ambassador, it was expected of him to invite whoever was politically relevant enough, and it was still a matter of discussion who would actually be facilitating the wedding ceremony. Probably Taybrim. Which was awkward because Arys and Sal didn’t have the best relationship.

In other words, while playing around with a Xindi-Insectoid build trade ship wasn’t entirely Arys’ cup of tea, it was a lot less terrifying.

Oddas stood and placed her mug in the Replicator, then motioned to Arys, who gave a non-verbal “yes, please”. While she hadn’t planned on taking up so much of the woman’s time, she actually found herself positively surprised by the conversation.
It wasn’t oppressively personal. It didn’t make her feel like there was something wrong with her because she didn’t have the inclination to make friends with every new Ensign. With the happy shiny people that made up Ops’ CO and FO, she always felt … inadequate. 

Oddas: Congratulations, of course - I hope you are very happy.  I haven't been to 118 more than a dozen times, generally to teach a class, and the last time was because I was tricked into it.  ::sitting the replicated items on the desk:: Why are we retrofitting a Xindi ship? The thrill?

Good question. Because Nestira had taken a liking to the ship she had… apparently… found… on Miranda VII. Because Arys, while not an Engineer, appreciated challenges and passion projects, and had offered her help.  Arys reached for the coffee and for a moment simply observed the wisps of steam carried the familiar aroma through the room.

Trovek: .. Yeah, pretty much. ::beat:: I realise that’s probably not a good reason.

Not a good reason to have someone like Oddas travel to Ops. 

Oddas: ::smiling:: I have an entire building out there ::she motioned with her thumb to the city:: just dedicated to weird engineering projects, so that seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Or precisely the reason to have someone like Oddas travel to Ops.

Trovek: I am sure the other Engineers involved would love to meet you.

She was thinking of Velix and Egil in particular. Velix was pretty much excited about everything, and Ensign Egil (who was actually Lieutenant JG Renot, but that didn’t alliterate, so Arys continued thinking of him a Ensign Egil and was actually proud of herself for not saying it to his face) would likely be appreciative of an assignment that didn’t involve handling explosives. 
Oddas: I'll definitely try, could be a fun adventure.

Arys gave a nod, and for a brief moment she remembered what she had actually meant to ask Oddas about - her transfer. For the past year and a half she had mentally crewed on her perceived failure as counsellor. Even though she loved being back in medical and was, by all measures, fairly successful.

Had she not spent those five years at different academy campuses and interning on different vessels, she would have been home to spent time with her grandfather before he passed away.

But as she sipped from her coffee, she wondered if it really mattered. There were really just two possible answers - a yes and a no.
If Oddas hadn’t kicked Arys off the Juneau for her questionable hallucinations, it meant that Arys had been agonising about something pointless for a year and a half. Which wasn’t exactly a good investment of her time.
And if Oddas had kicked Arys off her ship, then there was probably a good reason for it, and it had been done in the best interest of the crew. And as Arys was figuring out what kind of leader she wanted to be, she decided that this was an approach she too would take.

[End Scene]

PNPC Lt. Trovek Arys
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

“Paths are made by walking”
-- Franz Kafka
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Haha, it's still happening because Lukin is the best thing since sliced bread. 😉 Great exposition here. :)

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