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Lt. Tito & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - Change Of Focus

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I will admit I was surprised by how this JP played out - I guess I expected Tito's cold stare and DeVeau to be lenient :D  I very much love that this wasn't the case, and that Tito gets to retake Diplomacy 101 AGAIN. I'm looking forward to seeing him in Science, and I enjoy that slightly stricter side to our beloved FO 



((Starbase 118, Hub, First Officer’s Quarters)) 

Tito requested the meeting with Commander DeVeau and entered her office 
when she gave him permission. He offered her a smile, but there was 
something wrong. 
Usually there was a certain brightness to her, like a powerful inner 
glow that transpires to the outside. Not today. He nodded and waited 
until she offered him to sit down. 

Tito: Thank you for seeing me Commander. 

Alora nodded and motioned toward the two chairs that sat on the other 
side of her desk, facing her.  Though she was on modified duty, she was 
grateful for the time she could and did work.  It kept her mind 
occupied.  It was good to have that, something to do, something that 
forced her to think about other things, other people. 

When Tito had requested a meeting, she was rather surprised. Alora had 
no idea as to the subject matter, but she would find out soon enough.  
She watched the man settle into his seat, then inclined her head a 
second time. 

DeVeau: What can I do for you? 

He wondered what could be troubling her. There were too many possibilities. 

Tito: I would like your opinion and insight if you are up for it, 
Commander. It’s about my posting here. 

Her opinion?  That alone intrigued her, her interest manifested by a 
canting of her head and arching of her eyebrow. 

DeVeau: I’m up for it. 

Tito leaned forward. The recent events had made him think about his 
future, and what he truly wished to achieve. As he saw DeVeau’s 
expression he felt a bit selfish about it. 

Tito: I don’t know if it’s possible, but due to… Some things I am unsure 
if I am in the right place. ::He tipped his head:: But we can have this 
conversation another time. You also seemed troubled. 

Alora hadn’t expected the conversation to turn toward her.  He had come 
to see her for her opinion, not to ask how she was doing. Still, she was 
grateful for those who took an interest in her wellbeing.  She truly 
was. A small smile flickered to life, though it was flat in comparison 
to those given in the past. 

DeVeau: Recent events have been…heavy. 

Tito: Anything I can help with? 

He was not the first to ask that question.  The truth was, unless 
someone could turn back time and negate what had occurred in the 
original event that had taken Kalin away, the answer was no. 

DeVeau: I’m afraid not, though I am grateful for your concern. You said 
you’re uncertain you’re in the right place?  Why do you feel that way? 

Tito nodded. Whatever it was that troubled her he respected her privacy 
and didn't push forward. He allowed himself to lean back. 

Tito: I fear I may not be… How can I put it? I am uncertain if I am 
being an effective Intelligence Officer. And recently I feel a little 
lost in the way I contribute to the crew. 

Alora leaned forward and rested her elbows upon her table, then laced 
her hands together as she regarded the intelligence officer.  It was not 
necessarily unusual for someone to question their line of work or their 
purpose in a given assignment.  But that begged another question. 

DeVeau: If that is how you feel, what do you think you would wish to do 
about it? 

Tito: To put it simply I wished I could move to something less… Direct. 
Something that might not require such an involvement into things. If it 
makes sense. 

It didn’t, not really.  Alora tried to imagine what he meant, but she 
couldn’t.  The only thing she could think of would be to leave 
Starfleet, but she had a feeling that wasn’t exactly what he meant. 

DeVeau: I think you’re going to find that difficult, but tell me what 
you’re thinking. 

Tito smiled. He entered the Academy under pressure. He had served long, 
but as time went by, and as rough as the road had been he wished to take 
a step back, and found himself on the back seat instead of the front row. 

Tito: I would consider a change in duty post. Maybe I am more useful in 
another field. But the problem is that I fear I don't have the 
qualifications for it. 

DeVeau: That depends on your background and training.  What duty post 
are you looking at? 

Such changes weren’t the norm, but they also weren’t as uncommon as some 
people might expect.  In the academy, people often chose minors, which 
gave them options in the organisation. 

Tito shrugged, let himself fully at ease. After his last encounter with 
Arys he could use a friend to listen to him. 

Tito: I always loved Science. 

That brought another hint of a smile, just a flicker and she nodded.  
Alora had been a scientist before she’d become first officer, so of 
course she was rather fond of the field. 

DeVeau:  I see.  So you’re interested in moving into the Science 

Tito: If that was possible. 

Alora had to admit, she’d seen some of Tito’s interest in science before 
and the man did seem to have a knack for it.  But a knack was far 
different than education in the field. 

DeVeau: And your qualifications? 

Tito: That might be the issue I have. You are not going to like this, 
but I took extra credits in a few disciplines. 

Alora had no idea why he thought she wouldn’t like that idea.  If the 
man wanted to extend his education, who was she to speak against a thing? 

DeVeau: Really? 

Tito lowered his eyes, avoiding facing DeVeau as he spoke. 

Tito: When I was taking that boring class you made me do, I was studying 
Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography, during class. 

DeVeau: During the Diplomacy class? 

Tito straighten himself, and nodded 

Tito: Yes. 

Well then, that was not expected.  At all.  And not really the point of 
going to the Diplomacy class - and that was why he had mentioned hse 
wouldn’t like what he’d done.  No, she didn’t like that at all. 

DeVeau: So you were learning something, but not what you were supposed 
to be learning. 

So truly, he hadn’t really learned anything at all. 

DeVeau: How far are you from a secondary degree? 

Tito: There are a few credits that I need, but I have enough of an 
equivalence to get them. Also I might need to attend a class or two. 

Well then, that answered the question of whether or not he was 
qualified.  There was just one problem; he probably thought he was off 
the hook.  He wasn’t. 

DeVeau: I think we can approve a move to science.  I’ll talk with Sal 
about it. 

Tito smiled. He feared it wasn’t going to be that easy. 

Tito: Thank you Commander. 

Alora lifted a hand, her expression severe and she levelled her gaze at 
the man. 

DeVeau: And you will take that boring class.  Again. 

Tito raised an eyebrow. Even if he was half paying attention in 
Diplomacy class he did attend as ordered. 

Tito: I am sorry, I don’t understand. 

DeVeau: The entire point of you taking it has been missed, Tito. And 
when I give an order, I expected it to be obeyed to the fullest.  That 
means not only taking the class, but focusing on it and doing well in 
it.  Giving it your all.  Ignoring one study in favour of another is not 
justified here. 

Tito was about to argue over that. But DeVeau was right, he had 
neglected it, not focusing his full attention on it. 

Tito: I assume you want a high grade in it? 

DeVeau: An extremely high grade.  And if I’m not satisfied, you’ll 
repeat it until I am. 

Anger flared up in her breast, the first real emotion she’d felt in 
almost two weeks.  Why it was so hot, she wasn’t sure.  Yes, he’d acted 
unacceptably, yes, she’d had to enact consequences, and yes, he’d 
halfway ignored her orders, but that anger still felt a little extreme.  
Gritting her teeth, she tamped down the desire to smack him. 

Tito nodded. Leaning back he offered her a smile.  And she had tightened 
the grip on that desire. 

Tito: Understood Commander. Considering I might need an extra class or 
two to properly get a Science degree it shall be included in my classes. 
My apologies for that. 

DeVeau: Then I expect you to do so.  Take your credits, both old and new 
to a school advisor and speak with them about what you need left to 
supplement. I’ll talk to Sal about placing you into science while you’re 
still working on the degree.  Since you do have some courses behind you, 
it may be possible to do so while enrolled.  But that’s not a guarantee, 
so don’t count on it. 

Tito nodded. Commander DeVeau was that sweet kind of First Officer that 
took care of her crew. 
But she was also tough when she needed to be, and this was the second 
time he saw this side of her. He would do his best not to face her like 
this a third time. 

Tito: Understood Commander. 

DeVeau: Good.  Anything else? 

She was in no mood to chit chat, his dismissiveness of her orders still 
irritating. It would be better for him to leave rather than try to have 
any sort of further conversation. 

Tito: No Commander. 

DeVeau: Then you’re dismissed. 

Tito stood up and straightened himself into attention. 

Tito: Thank you Commander. 

He turned and walked out quickly and quietly. Well at least he was 
allowed to change his specialty. Even if it cost him another run at 
Diplomacy classes. 

End scene. 


Lt. Vitor R.S.Tito 
Intelligence Officer 
Starbase 118 


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau 
First Officer 
Starbase 118 Ops 



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