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PNPC Lieutenant Zera Kelv - So much for Bundt cake

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Poor Valin finally bites the bullet and goes for some counselling.  However, the only available counsellor is Kelv a Tellarite.  This may well be his first and last session!


(( Counseling Offices, USS Astraeus ))


Kelv: Ktarian bundt cake. Warm. And a mug of Vulcan hot chocolate with nutmeg. 


The replicator chirped and a moment later the requested items materialized in front of the Tellarite, who took them in hand and carried them back to the chair and small table in front of it to set them upon. 


Zera had precisely two hours between her last appointment and the next, which had involved her enduring a tirade of self doubt and low self esteem from a crewman in Ops. Who was infatuated with a member of Security and didn’t know how to express themselves due to the aforementioned tirade and a fear of rejection. That had been unbearable. But, Zera was confident she was able to argue some sense into the poor piglet. 


And now she had a chance to enjoy a quick bite of her favorite dessert, while going over the notes for her next appointment in a two hours. She took a bite of the gooey dessert and squealed in delight. It faded when she read through the previous counseling notes that referenced that relationship woes were among the previous concerns. She made a porcine grunt. What was with this ship and relationships? 


She sipped from the hot chocolate with nutmeg when the door chime beeped. Another series of grunts emanated from her as she grabbed the napkin of the table to dab her lips with.  


Kelv:  Come in already! 


Zera looked up at the door as it opened and admitted a Human who almost had a respectable amount of fur on his chin. He tried to hide a grin but she saw it and the Tellarite’s brow raised slightly. She remained seated and stared at the Human who dared to interrupt her favorite meal of the day with his emotional issues. Yes this was her job and she was damned good at it but she’d barely gotten one bite of her bundt cake. 


Dermont:  I, um, was wonderin' if ya 'ad time fer an unexpected session, ma'am.


Kelv:  I just like to sit in my office, in uniform for hours on end because I enjoy the decor and hope someone will stop by and ask me inane questions. ::She grumbled:: What do you think, crewman?


The Human raised a brow and Zera took a bit of internal delight as it seemed like he was trying to figure out how to react to her comment. 


Dermont: response


The Tellarite sat back in her chair and stared at the scruffy looking Human while she picked up a nearby PADD and pulled up his personnel record so she could get an idea of whom it was in front of her. . 


Kelv: They made you a lieutenant? And an Engineer? ::She continued reading:: I didn’t realize that Starfleet recruited from elderly care facilities these days. ::She snorted:: I can’t help you with your aches and pains, go to Sickbay for that. I’m just an emotional Engineer. 


Zera eyed the Human and took a sip from her mug. If she couldn’t enjoy her cake, at least she could enjoy her beverage.

Dermont: response


Kelv: I didn’t stutter. The plaque on the door says counselor. I’m an emotional and psychological engineer. I help fix the things in people that Sickbay can’t.::she stated matter of factly and eyed him:: Though something tells me, I'm going to be pulling overtime with you. Well. What’s your problem? 


The porcine counselor snorted in irritation at him. She grabbed a fresh PADD from the small table to her side, opened a new counseling file and made some notations. It was obvious despite her demeanor she was ready to work on her news repair project. In fact, all of her logs were labeled as Counseling Repairs. She intentionally made a note at the top of the file: Ancient Relic. It was the little things that made her smile. 


Dermont: response


((ooc: Didn’t want to add too many tags here but I hope you enjoy your counselor. Remember, you asked for this. :P ))


Lieutenant Zera Kelv



As simmed by


Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

Second Officer/Chief Tactical & Security Officer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652

Astraeus Staff Member

Writer ID: A239410TR0


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