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Lt. Commander Solaris McLaren - New-Old Director.

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I love seeing players step outside their comfort zone and try something new! This is a really well-written sim by @Solaris that gave a nice ending to MSNPC Richard Barlowe and served as a great way to re-introduce McLaren as Director of Intel (Congrats btw!) ❤️ 



(( Black Tower - Section Beta-3 - Starbase 118 ))

Sol stood with her arms crossed, staring at the large marble wall that took up a sizable portion of one of the Black Towers only public facing areas. A PADD was tucked under her arm, as she watched the Engineer phaser away some of the marble, carving a Starfleet delta into the wall. It sat alongside many others, the inner surfaces painted black. Each represented a operative that had fallen in the line of duty. All had names associated with them, though only a few of them were publicly known. Above the rows of deltas read an inscription: "In honor of those members of the Black Tower who gave their lives in the service of the Federation".

The Memorial Wall had its origins in a similar memorial from an old Earth intelligence agency. Like its origin, the Black Tower's had a pedestal in front of it, though instead of a book, it contained a terminal. Separate from the towers network, it contained a list of each delta. Most just had a year associated with them. Some had names and full dates, if the operation had since been declassified. Tapping on a name would cause a pair of hologram projectors to highlight the associated delta, and display the available data on the operative, if it was available.

Sol stepped up to the terminal, and set the PADD beside it. She tapped a few controls, adding a new entry. It simply read '2400' with a golden delta next to it. The first of the year, and likely not the last. Richard Barlowe had been put in a situation that was messed up from the beginning, and had paid for it with his life. Sol was only glad she wasn't adding two entries to the wall; Nestira had been far luckier.

She nodded to the engineer, who had finished up his work and collected her PADD. She stepped around the marble construction, looking out over the balcony it was constructed on. While level 3 served as the main entrance to the tower, level 4 held the tower's large arboretum and several large holographic windows that cycled through different views on a daily basis. There were several people milling around in the arboretum, it was a lovely place to take your lunch, or meet up with friends if you didn't want to make the long journey from the tower to the commercial sector. She glanced down at the PADD, flicking the screen on, the list of tower personnel scrolling by slowly. Many names, and faces. All assigned there during her time away. One of whom had put her operatives in bad situations on purpose. One of whom would be dealt with severely. No one was going to use the Black Tower like that, not if she had anything to say about it.

She tapped the PADD gently on the railing, before pushing herself off of it, making for the lift that lead deeper into the tower on the opposite side of the area. She hit the call button and cast one more glance back at the wall, before stepping in. She had work to do, and her target, who ever they were had no idea just what was coming after them.

(( OOC: I don't normally do pure narration sims... but well... I did... hope you enjoy.
The memorial wall is actually based on the real life CIA Memorial Wall at the CIA HQ in Langley, VA. ))
Lt. Commander Solaris McLaren
Director of Intelligence
Starbase 118 Ops


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