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MSNPC Jiah Kleebohn - UnMaKe WhAt HaS bEeN mAdE!!!!

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This first mission for the Artemis has been an absolutely wild ride. This post by @Hiro Jones (from an MSPNPC driven mad by airborn particles and telepathic rage) is truly unique and inspiring.

Original: https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-artemis/c/p798zgyRgtI/m/CrJfnPeRGAAJ


((En route to the Government Complex, Tecra, Da'al))

Fire, fuel, fury, fate
With every step the need grows more
The world has known enough of hate
The people thrum, their voices soar.

"Unmake what has been made!" they cry
Amidst the swirling smoke and dust
Lifting voices to the sky
They march as one because they must

How long had sleep addled and held back
This purpose which now coursed like blood?
Until the clash of rock on rock
Had removed the veil and drawn the hood?

Children of Da'al, ARISE! AWAKE!
Destroy the pride of blinded men
Lay waste to all, and all: unmake!
Today will be when Da'al begins.

A machine of Da'al - made to progress
From one location to the next
It flits about, with wretched gall
   until at once it comes to rest

The hopper - UNMAKE!
   They move as one
Heedless to the dust and sun
That vessel of greed and haste
They must not a moment waste

Then issuing forth like puss from boil
A group from off-world, their vile intent
This world: their spoil!
March on, brothers, begin the decent!

Destroy, tear down, shatter, and crush
Unmake what has been made!
Inexorable as the night we push
Until utter and complete waste is laid.


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