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PNPCs Trovek and Velix - Echoes of Pain

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Not only was this well played out, @N. Aristren aka Trovek's writer won't even take it easy on her own other characters, but the format, the splitting the scene. I love to see creative ways of simming that really do give a feel as if you're reading a script from the show.



((Trovek POV: CMO's Office, Main Medical Facility, Starbase 118))

There were certain conversations Arys hadn't expected to be having when she had heard about Nestira Aristren's return and reassignment. She didn't know the woman well enough to truly be disappointed that the Rodulan didn't return to her position as Chief Counsellor, and it had been pure coincidence that Arys had learned of the connected between Aristren and the deceased Sa'sara Mayreath.

But this was her department and Nestira was her colleague. The least she could do was explain what had happened, and hopefully allow some closure. And the conversation had gone well - as well as one could expect it to go. The ex-Counsellor had remained composed throughout, asked questions, and eventually thanked Arys for making the time to talk to her. As she got up, Arys stopped her.

Trovek: Not so fast. ::she sighed:: I can see that you had a medical assessment done after your return. I would like to follow up on it.

Nestira blinked once, slowly, and then tilted her head to the side.

Aristren: Was there anything that concerned you, Doctor? I am assuming you have a lot of... other things to do. You are due to leave with the USS Braveheart in a few days, are you not?

Arys wondered how the Rodulan knew that, or rather, why she had taken an interest. She felt a pang of annoyance at the idea that there was a telepathic reason for. But more than that, Arys was actually concerned about the Lieutenants mental and physical health, and it was her job to make sure she was looked after.

No matter whether Aristren wanted that or not.

Trovek: Be that as it may, I will still do a follow up. This is non-negotiable and I would rather not have my time wasted with useless discussions.

That had come out a lot harsher than Arys had meant it, and for a few seconds, Nestira simply looked at her with slightly furrowed brows. Then, the woman seemed to have made a decision, and shook her head.

Aristren: You are, of course, correct. I apologize.

Arys hadn't expected that, and for a moment, it threw her off course.

Trovek: Oh. ::pause:: Well then. Let's head to the general clinic.

Nestira nodded and got up, waiting for Arys to lead the way. There was something odd in the woman's expression - but then again, she was Rodulan, and her coming across as odd was to be expected.

They arrived in the clinic, where they were greeted by the sound of raised voices....

((Velix POV: General Clinic, Main Medical Facility, Starbase 118))

Neeya knew that Zumagi had been part of the resistance that tried to free Bajor from the Cardassians, and for the first time since being joined, she had felt comfortable to reveal a little of Dekim Velix' past as part of the Maquis.

Perhaps she had thought to have found a kindred spirit in Zumagi - and then the man had revealed that he was married to a Cardassian.

Velix: I was there too, okay? Maybe not me, but I have the same memories. I would never marry a Cardassian!

Zumagi: And no one is saying you have to, alright? My marriage affects no one except me and my husband. For the love of the Prophets…

The young Trill was clearly not in agreement with that, and just like he had raised his voice, she raised hers.

Velix: They are killers, and you are a traitor! Why couldn't you find a nice Bajoran - or anything! Anything but one of those monsters!

Neeya didn't usually think like that. Usually, she could remind herself that not all Cardassians were the same, and that the most of the ones responsible for what had happened on Bajor were already dead.

But Zumagi's confession had caught her off guard.

Zumagi: You know why? I’m so full of anger and hatred. Full of so many violent tendencies. I’m a paranoid, traumatised combat veteran. Bajoran’s hate me and think I’m cursed, I’m unfit for a Bajoran mate. Who else can handle me? A Klingon? A Romulan? Oh, maybe a Jem'Hadar. I’m too broken to mate with a ‘nice’ species!

There was pain in the Doctors voice, and Neeya felt bad for having escalated the situation when she should have been more mature.

Trovek: ::hissing:: Doctor Zumagi!

Neither of them had noticed Doctor Trovek her Rodulan companion joining them. And Trovek looked furious. Zumagi faltered and clamped a hand over his mouth, horrified.

Zumagi: I… I didn’t mean to say that. I didn’t mean to use that tone. Oh Prophets… I’m… I’m so sorry. I don’t know what overcame me. I never lose control like that. I’m so sorry. This is incredibly unlike me…

The man visibly shrunk down, shoulders turning in on themselves. He recoiled, almost as if he had been struck, visibly flinching.

Trovek was about to say something as the woman next to her touched her arm and calmly shook her head.

Aristren: I think it is best to not escalate this further.

Neeya found that there was something soothing about the way she spoke, and even Trovek seemed to understand that the objection had merit.

Trovek: Right. We will talk about this later. ::she glared at Zumagi:: How far are you with the patient?

Zumagi: response

Trovek: Good, I will take over from here.

Neeya frowned, but didn't want to make herself the new target of the woman's ire, and it seemed like her fate was already decided. She chewed on her lower lip as she nodded carefully.

Zumagi: response

Trovek: You can-...

She glanced at the Rodulan next to her, evidently not quite certain what to do with Zumagi.

Aristren: Perhaps it would be best to take a break, Doctor Zumagi.

Zumagi: response

Aristren: Let us find a quiet area to sit and regain our composure.

She offered the Doctor an encouraging nod and motioned for him to follow her out of the treatment room.

Zumagi: response


PNPC Lt. Trovek Arys
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase 118 Ops


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