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Imul - The one who doesn't want to be shot out of the sky

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I really love this farmer turned resistance fighter character that @Samira Neathler has so wonderfully written. Throughout his journey, with meeting the Marquis, and wrestling with fighting for his home, but feeling very much like a farmer... it really has been subtle, powerful, and incredible to read. ❤️

((The Warehouse, Outskirts, Witherington, Indre III))

The drones carelessly dropped on top of one another on a shelf broke his heart. That same heart ached to work with those instruments again on a sunny day in the fields. His hands caressing the delicate leaves as seeds morphed into fragile plants and twigs. The plantlife soaking in the sunrays during the day, the earth doing the same with the lightly drizzling rain at night. Giving the flora the best of both worlds.

Unlike now, when the rain just poured and poured, destroying not only the plants but the fields themselves too. The same rain he heard relentlessly on the metal roof sheets above his head. His eyes drifted to the drones they used to monitor the fields and helped with the plants and harvesting. But would the power units be charged, and where were the controllers? He nodded towards the shelf.

Imul: There’s something there that I could use as a distraction, but I don’t know if they’re in working order.

Tahna: How much trouble are they?

Finch: Response

Imul: Nor can I remember how much noise they make. Some are silent, others are… ::He shrugged.:: needed maintenance. ::He paused briefly.:: It’s a bad plan, too many risks, we need something different.

The young one nodded, exchanging a glance with Gramma. They needed to find a way to get the medical supplies out of here. Filling their pockets and drop them outside somewhere, only to return and repeat the same process over and over again, was way too risky. And the crates themselves were too big and too heavy to carry them outside.

Tahna: Alright, Gramma. You wanted to take the shuttle. How would that work? Can you fly it?

Surprise crossed his features. The young one considered stealing the shuttle that was at the other side of the building? He could count the times he had flown in a shuttle on one hand. No, no, he had two legs to walk with. If their creator wanted them to fly, they would have given them wings, right?

Finch: Response

Imul: That is… What if they contact us, want to know who’s flying the shuttle?

Tahna: My Cardassian is fine, if they contact us.

Imul: And what if they see us? We’re not exactly looking like Cardassians.

Finch: Response

Tahna: My concern is hijacking it without getting caught. If they even think it’s not Spoons flying the ship, they’ll shoot us out of the sky. We’d have to take it with the pilot, kill him, and not get seen by the warehouse crew.

Imul backed away from the crates he was leaning against and looked at the two ladies. He didn’t want to be on a shuttle, and certainly not when the Spoonheads would shoot it down and them with it.

Imul: And how do you think you’ll do that?

Finch: Response

He pointed to the crates with the medical symbol on them.

Imul: If you take that shuttle, it could be empty. We can’t leave those supplies here?

Tahna/Finch: Response

Shuttles were miniature starships. That could work in their favour. For the little he knew about starships.

Imul: Do they hold transporters?

Tahna/Finch: Response

Imul: We could use that to beam up the medical supplies. Exchange it for the content of the shuttle if that is no use to us.

Tahna/Finch: Response
The Bajoran without wings
Simmed by:
Executive Officer
USS Gorkon



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