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[sb118-ops] LT Aine Sherlock - One Down

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There are several reasons why I enjoyed reading this scene between @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock and Ensign Mason. It gave wonderful insights into Sherlock's past and the things she struggles with, then turned around and described what joining Starfleet on a second career path is like for Mason. I also really like how Sherlock integrates the fallout of the last mission, and her obligations as department chief. Well done! 




((Chief Security Officer's Office, StarBase 118))
Aine never imagined at twenty-five years of age that she would be the "old man" in a conversation with another officer. It seemed like only  yesterday, because it practically was, that she herself was nervously rambling about possibilities with Lieutenants Delri'ise and Knight on the bridge of the Resolution. It amazed her what just a couple years could do to a person. Sure, in many ways, she was still the young and slowly (some would say very slowly) maturing woman, but as a Lieutenant in Starfleet and a Chief of Station, she had to be the "big boy." If you'd asked her a year ago if she could fit into that role, she'd have probably laughed. But here she was giving not just career but life advice. My how things could take a turn.
Mason:  I knew, when I left Advancing Revolutionary Design, I would be starting over, as a cadet. My education, my degrees, I will always have, but really, they mean very little to Starfleet. I was…advised - let’s use that word – of that when I decided to apply. Oh, they likely meant something, getting me into Starfleet. But that was really about it. Once accepted, and entered into Academy, they didn’t seem to matter much. And that was fine, as it should be, and all that. A first-year cadet is a first-year cadet. I get it I agree with it. And if I heard something I knew didn’t really work in the real world, I kept my mouth shut, because…well, in some ways…this isn’t the real world. This is Starfleet’s world. This is…this is time-travelers. Shapeshifters. And all the really cool things that might be realistic… here. :: he laughed at himself rambling and shook his head ruefully. :: Don’t mind me… that’s the libations talking. Ha! I love it here. Just kidding. But I know I have a decision to make.

Sherlock: Just, unlike me, don't be rash in making the decision.

Mason:  Well, there, see?  I can use that. That is good advice.  I mean, this is more than just having a bad day, this feeling. I’m not going to be rash though.

Sherlock: That's good. And, as a counselor, know that wherever you go, you will be needed.
There was a small twitch of Aine's eyes as she thought to herself, "Well look at you! The one who hates having to go to Counselors, saying they're needed!" She wondered what exactly was happening to herself. It's like the next thing you'd know, she'd be attending classes at the extension campus to work on her Masters...

Mason: :: nods his head and examines his glass before looking back at Lt. Sherlock and speaking.:: I knew, months before I decided to leave my company and apply to Starfleet. :: He looks away from Lt. Sherlock for a moment. :: Ancient history now.

Sherlock: What do you mean?

Mason: I don’t know why I brought that up. :: he shifts in his chair.:: I’m taking up too much of your time, Lieutenant. I should maybe go...

Aine took that as a queue that he didn't want to go "there." And she would respect his wishes. Besides, she didn't have any more "good" advice and she couldn't share all her stories...yet. She stood and set her glass down on the desk then reached out to shake Mason's hand.
Sherlock: Well, Ensign, I'm available to talk whenever you need. It's no bother.
Mason: ?
Sherlock: You too, have a good rest of your evening.
She stood for a few moments more as Mason made his way out of her office and she wondered if she'd said the right things. It seemed right, in the moment. But she was never sure. But what she did know was that Ensign Mason's career was in his own hands, much like her own.
She sat back down in her chair, slouching and staring at the partial drink left in her glass. She wanted to get back to the apartment, she owed Shevon a movie night. There were many things that she wanted to do though. She sat upright and reached for the glass, pausing as her fingers wrapped around it. The image in her head was that of the dead officers laying on the ruins of the Romulan embassy. Their bodies damaged and mangled by the primitive kinetic projectile weapon the assassin had chosen as his weapon. She had been nearby when those last shots were fired, but was not close enough to do anything.
Starfleet had contacted the families of those lost, as was normal. A simple message informing them that their loved one had been lost in the line of duty. Nothing more, nothing less.
She lifted the glass to her lips and tilted her head back, taking in the last of the amber liquid.
Sherlock: Computer, record message.
The confirming chirp of the computer nearly echoed in the mostly empty office. She didn't know what she was going to say, she hadn't planned on this.
Sherlock: You don't know me, but I am Lieutenant Aine Sherlock, Chief of Security for StarBase 118. By now, you've likely been informed of the loss of your son. I didn't really know him, just in name and in passing. What I do remember of him was that he was a good officer. His comrades in Security had nothing but good things to say about him. I wish I could tell you how he died, but I wasn't there. What I do know, is that it happened while he was protecting his crewmates. For that, I'm proud of him, as you should be and no doubt are. I'm deeply sorry for your loss. If there is anything else I can do for you, please, do not hesitate to ask.
When she stopped speaking, the silence hung in the air. Even the hum of the station ceased to exist.
Sherlock: Computer, end recording.
One down, six to go.
End Scene for Sherlock
Lieutenant Aine Sherlock
Chief of Security & Tactical
StarBase 118 Ops


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