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[sb118-ops] Tito/Trovek - Coming Clean

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Daaaang, you two, this was gripping...

Excellent writing @Vitor S. Silveira and @N. Aristren aka Trovek



((Arys' and Lukin's Home, Coranum District, Starbase 118))

Tito stopped at the door of Arys and Lukin’s place. He raised his hand to hit the chime, his somber expression mirroring his feelings.
He had avoided this for far too long. It was time to finally deal with it. Tito had reached out to set up a meeting with Arys, which ended up being in her place.

He took a deep breath, in the few seconds before she opened the door.
Forcing a smile he nodded at her when she opened the door.

Tito: Hello Arys.

Trovek: Tito. ::she offered a somewhat tired smile, but quickly noted his expression:: Did I miss an appointment or something? Please, come inside. 

She stepped to the side before she turned and led the way. He followed her inside. Tito hoped that Lukin and Geleth weren’t around, it would be better to have this conversation privately and without extra distractions.

Tito: How are you doing? And where are Geleth and Lukin?

Trovek: I am well enough. ::she shrugged:: And Geleth and Lukin are visiting the park ::pause:: A park. ::another pause:: I think. 

Yep, she certainly wasn’t going to make parent of the year. 

Trovek: Take a seat. How are you, do you want something to drink? 

He nodded and took the seat Arys offered him.

Tito: I am not bad myself. Could be better though.

Arys, who had been about to leave for the kitchen, halted. 

 Trovek: Why? What’s wrong? 

She returned to his side and took a seat on the sofa, watching him carefully. 
Tito dropped his smile and looked down to his hands, avoiding her eyes.

Tito: There’s a problem

Trovek: It can’t possibly be that bad. And even if it is, we can take care of it. Jeven can kill them and I can use the organic matter recycler to hide the body. ::she attempted to cheer him up::

Tito looked at her with one of his “that isn’t funny” stares, the ones she usually ignored. He shook his head.

Tito: It isn’t a laughing matter.

Trovek: Okay. Tell me. 

He took a deep breath. She had to know, right? Although he only found out later, Arys had to know. Because if she didn’t this just got a lot worse.

Tito: It’s about what happened on Bajor.

Bajor. Arys nodded slowly, but inwardly had to resist the urge to get up and walk away. She had tried to deal with the events of their last visit to Bajor, but had quickly found the whole matter overwhelming. 

Not only had Geleth and Ferri been kidnapped. Not only had Aaron been killed and her mother decided that she wanted to be part of Arys’ life. 

In addition, Arys had spent hours talking to a person who, according to Sileah, had died years ago. 

And that was a little worrying. 

Trovek: Okay?...

Tito: When we rescued Geleth and Ferri. ::He frown.:: Do you know what really happened?

Trovek: I know what the reports said. But Lukin didn’t talk about it further, and I didn’t ask. I figured I didn’t really need to know. 

Tito frowned, surprised by her words

Tito: You don’t know the details?

Arys shook her head. 

Trovek: I didn’t have to. Everyone on the Narendra seemed to be aware of some version of the events. ::she looked at him:: So what *did* happen? 

Tito: Lukin, Zumagi and myself ended up confronting the captors when we rescued them. 

Trovek: Right… go on. 

Tito: I…

Tito couldn’t keep his eyes on her and closed them. He took a long breath and opened his eyes, looking them in hers. 

Tito: I ended up in a fight with one of them.

Trovek: What happened?

Tito: I killed him.

Coldly, unemotionally he stated his action not with pride or guilt. Just stating the fact he had taken a life. It wasn’t the first, most likely not even the last.

Arys nodded slowly. So this was a counseling session? Why now, after several months?

Trovek: ::softly:: I am sorry that happened, Tito. 

Tito: Thank you.

Trovek: I know several of those cultists were killed. And while the loss of life is always… sad… you defended yourself. You did what you had to do. 

He raised an eyebrow. Definitely she did not know.

Tito: You have no idea do you?

Trovek: … clearly I don’t. 

But from the way he spoke, she started to get what he was going at, the the realization sent a chill down her spine.

Tito: I didn’t knew at the time. It was him or me. I only learned who it was after the reports.

Trovek: Say it. ::she said, taking a deep breath. She needed to hear it.::

Tito: I killed Aaron.

Arys nodded slowly. Then got up. 

The relationship between her and Aaron had always been beyond difficult, but on Bajor, she had the hope that it could recover. Then he had kidnapped Geleth, and before Arys could ask him why, he had died. 

Lukin had never mentioned to her that Tito had been the one who killed him. 

Trovek: Get out. 

Tito stood up. His stone carved expression, the coldness of his eyes only betrayed by his deeper emotions, buried as he always did.

Tito: I am sorry.

Her voice was dangerously calm and low as she repeated herself. 

Trovek: Get out. I do not hate you, and I will get over this, but right now, I want you to leave before I grab a kitchen knife and ruin our new carpet. 

Tito nodded and began walking to the door.

Tito: I understand.

Arys briefly considered to stab him in the back, but again, the carpet. 

A moment later, the door closed behind Tito, leaving Arys on her own, and for a few minutes, she simply stared at the wall, unable to comprehend what she had just learned. And then, she did four things. 

She got in touch with Commander T’Yai of the USS Braveheart, letting him know that she had decided to take the offer of accompanying the ship to Denali Station. 

Then she packed her things, and before she left, she replicated pen and paper to leave Lukin a message. It read: “I found out about Aaron. Screw you.” 

And then she sent the USS Bravehearts scheduled departure and return to his personal console because she wasn’t a complete monster. 

Tito walked at a steady pace, with the closed door behind him he began to consider if he was in the right line of duty. Perhaps moving away from Intel was the right thing to do for him. 


Lt. Vitor R.S.Tito
Intelligence Officer
Starbase 118


PNPC Lt. Trovek Arys 
Chief Medical Officer 
Starbase 118 Ops




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