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Ensign Jovenan – Bold words from someone on the transporter range

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I have loved to see how our Science Officer @Jovenan has been dealing with this mission.

But this bada... This "attitude" really got to me. Very well done. I am loving it.



((Transporter Room, USS Artemis))

Lt Silveira’s injured body dematerialized in Commander Adea’s hands, and Jovenan glided her fingers on the transporter controls to end the mater stream. Lt Silveira had rematerialized in the sickbay, probably very confused.

Adea: You!

Kag: Response

Commander Adea didn’t seem too pleased of his “prey” disappearing. For a few seconds he had seemed like he had been coming back to his normal self, caring Lt Silveira and trying to minimize his loss of blood. Jovenan took out her tricorder to confirm what she had expected: the aggression inducing dust had dissipated outside the planet. She didn’t know exactly what had caused it to persist in the first place, but at least here it obeyed the laws of chemistry.

Jovenan: ::deep breath:: Computer, end contamination procedure in the transporter room, but keep the alcove field up.

Adea: Look at me…

Kag: Response

The computer acknowledged Jovenan’s orders, and soon the door opened, letting in a security team. They were all equipped with phasers, ready to respond to the threat, although few of them could have guessed they would be facing a sword fielding, blood covered Commander. He was surrounded.

Jovenan: Have you calmed down yet, sir?

The Commander smiled. The dust had dissipated, perhaps removing access to it affected with a few minutes lag?

Adea: I’m absolutely fine, Jovenan. Let down the forcefield. I promise I won’t kill anyone.

That was an odd way to say it after trying to kill someone. Nonetheless, Jovenan was relieved. She had been responsible of keeping her teammates alive for way too long to her pleasing, not to mention how terrifying the Commander had been. She was happy to have Commander Adea back and in charge.

But she couldn’t let her guard nor the force field down just yet.

Jovenan: Good. Now just drop the sword and I will lower the force field.

Kag: Response

Instead of disposing the sword, the Commander… laughed? He lifted the sword and pointed it at Jovenan.

Adea: Let down the forcefield, and I’m coming for you Jovenan. I’m coming for you, and the rest of these pathetic little wimps, hiding behind their guns. ::he smacked the handle of his sword on the forecfield:: I’LL KILL YOU ALL

Jovenan was frightened by Adea’s threat, and even the security team adjusted their holding of the phasers. She had to lean her back against the wall not to fall over from the shock.

She was not only frightened, but there were other emotions, in conflict. First, there was anger. For a moment, they were not on USS Artemis, but on Rubicun III, her homeworld: She was the mediator, and the Transporter Room was the punishment zone. Attempted murder: execution without trial. Threat made with lethal weapon: execution without trial. Violent coercion of an officer: execution without trial. The transporter was the ultimate instrument of death, with a single hand she could beam him to the space, scatter his atoms across the rings of Meranuge IV, alter his genetic code and molecular structure beyond recognition…

Then, there was pity. She looked at the raging fiend beating the force field with a sword, but she also saw Doctor Genkos in there, an officer who cared about her and the rest of the crew, a man who she had begun to respect highly. She couldn’t hurt her friend, not even after all he had done.

She didn’t know what to do. If she beamed him anywhere, he was only going to be dangerous there. If she lowered the force field, she, the security team and Commander Adea were to be in danger. If she just let him exhaust himself or wear out the dust’s effect, he could hurt himself or realise he had the command codes to the ship, potentially resulting to a catastrophe. She was an ensign and a blue-shirt, not a starship captain! She shouldn’t be making these decisions!

The Commander kept beating the force field, and some of the security crewmembers were taking looks behind, as if asking Jovenan for orders. Can’t they make the decision themselves? Why me, I’m not in command here!

The danger of Commander Adea doing something reckless remained, and it was taking too long. Jovenan had to get a hold of herself and act. She had hoped he would return normal but letting him stay like this was a way too great a risk. She wasn’t going to try and talk him down.

Jovenan: ::to security team, quietly:: I’m going to drop the field and you’ll stun him.

The security team members nodded silently, not questioning her orders to shoot their superior officer, seeing how he behaved. She felt like crying placing her finger just above the controls.

Kag/Adea: Response?

Jovenan: Three, two, one…


Kag/Adea: Response?

Ensign Jovenan
Science officer
USS Artemis-A


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