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Lt. JG Egil Renot - Root of the Problem

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(( Egil's quarters - StarBase 118))


Egil had invited Rue over post mission to check in with her. This was the second high stress mission he'd worked alongside with her in a very short span of time. He had been spending more time dancing and work, burning himself down into the ground to deal with his own stress and emotions. His recent collapse on shift prompted him to check in on Rue. Or… try to.


Blackwell: Well ::wryly:: I’m not collapsing at work if that is what you mean? I’m going to assume that Sickbay and Doctor Foster gave you some rest orders.


Renot: Doctor Zumagi has seen to me. I haven't told Wyn yet. I probably should, before he finds out other ways.


Egil grimaced at that thought. Wyn would definitely not be impressed if he found out of Egil's collapse through Zumagi.


Blackwell:: I remember my starting days when I could just keep working until I fell over. ::she gave a smile that was without judgement or condescension, but empathy:: I lived for it. And after a mission like that...it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind.


Renot: I need to remember me and my body aren't as young as they used to be.


Blackwell: So since you are on a bit of involuntary relaxing - ::she grinned::  did you make plans for something fun?


Egil emitted a small snort, shaking his head. He definitely noticed Rue deflecting the topic back onto him.


He had a plan…


Renot: If you call dance practice and plant shopping fun, sure. Oh and gardening.


Blackwell: ?


He leaned forward and snagged the pot of the little bonsai with the tips of his fingers and dragged it closer.


Renot: I can't neglect this little guy.


He studied the tree. Maybe he should give some seeds from it to Alora. He was sure she would like some Al-Leyan plants.


Blackwell: ?


Renot: It's a little bonsai that's from a tree from my native planet. Trees are an integral part of our culture. Still not entirely sure why to be honest.


Blackwell: ?


Renot: The limbs of the tree are what people see on the outside of us; who we hang out with, our jobs, who we present to the world. The tree is only as strong and stable as its roots. And then, a catastrophic windstorm or the constant eroding trickle of water weaken the soil and roots and knock it down.


Egil slid his fingers in the soil around the edge of the pot, lifting the little tree out to show the roots. They had seen better days. They were horribly cramped and tangled, a big mass of roots


Blackwell: ?


Renot: And our roots are our grounding forces that keep us… well… rooted. Loved ones, connections, mental health and so on. If we neglect our roots, our tree will fall over. These roots are overwhelmingly cramped. The tree is stressed. I need to thin them out and move it to a bigger pot.


Egil gave Rue a very pointed look, slipping the bonsai gently back in the pot.


Renot: So… how are your roots holding up?


Egil dusted his hands off and picked up his tea, sipping it as he observed Rue with a concerned and caring expression. 


Blackwell: ?



Lt. JG Egil Renot
Engineering Officer
StarBase 118 Ops



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Love it!  This has been such a fun scene to read between Egil and Rue!  ❤️

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