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The End of Enterprise **SPOILERS**

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Thoughts on End of ENT ... SPOILERS!!!


Well. I'm quite sad about the end of ENT. I thought I'd be the last one to miss it ending, but now I feel like this was just as Trek-y as any of the series' we've seen so far.

I do think that these last few episodes benefited from the writers, as someone said, merely moshing together all the "great ideas" and putting them in a few episodes. Nonetheless, I think that it was very nice.

The last scene of the TNG/ENT episode was very touching, with the captains of all the ENT giving those few words.

And the ENT-D looked great as the first completely CG model!

Not sure how I felt about Tucker dying. I don't know if that was really necessary or not.

Overall, not a bad ending. Like I said, I wish it could have finished its run to 7 years like the rest...

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Tucker and T'Pol - the first pairing I've actually agreed with, and enjoyed...and they couldn't even get that right. They couldn't stay together? What was the problem there? So it was touching, but wouldn't it have been sadder if they had stayed together? Even had a family?

I thought the ENT/TNG mix was a little cheesey, but I liked the fact that they fit it into the background of an already aired episode (even if it was obvious that Riker and Troi were older here). Whoever thought of that had a good idea.

As for how I feel about the end...don't know. I just hope that when/if Trek ever makes it back to TV, that they don't start it off by contradicting established history like ENT did.

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Ok, I split this discussion because I think season 4 and the last episode are two totally different arenas.

I have a number of serious complaints.

First, whoever decided to put a TNG episode at the end of ENT? My GOD!

This is a slap in the face of the ENT cast. They are basically being told that their series is so bad that they need to be propped up by members of a different cast to be worth it. Not only did they pull in Riker and Troi, but in the *last* episode? This is supposed to be Archer et-al's swansong. It ends up being a subset of a TNG episode.

I am EXTREMELY disgusted and VERY disappointed in this episode in a way that I have never been before. Each of the previous 3 last episodes had a way for the cast to sum it up and have one last adventure. This last adventure ends up being a jaunt to save a little girl on a holodeck.

Picard gets the last words in TNG, joining the poker game. Janeway talks about getting home, Quark talks about this not being the end. What the heck does ENT get? Riker (RIKER?!?!?) saying "End program." ARRRGHHHGHGHGH

Enterprise, as much as you may dislike it, didn't deserve this bad a last episode.

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ouch! what a scolding review, i'm guessing some one didn't like them. btw from what i hear, are they suggesting that ENT all this time has only been a holdeck program?

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No, they aren't suggesting that. Its only the last episode that played out on the holodeck. The rest is all real (well, as real as sci-fi gets).

Don't even give anyone that idea, PLEASE! :sweating:

And I loved ENT as a whole... just loathed this last episode. By far this was the worst ending for all of the serieses and I think the worst episode in this specific spin-off of Trek. It had no business being in the ENT canon.

If they had left Troi and Riker out, it would've been a good ending, but they were completely unnessesary and gratuitous... as much as I love them and their characters, they had no place in the last episode and being there they ruined it. It would been like putting Kirk and Spock at the end of TNG and saying, as they stepped back through the gate of the Guardian of Forever, "Well, that was an interesting trip."

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I agree with you Idril, should not have reduced the last episode to an offscreen footnote of a TNG episode. Although it was cool to see RIker and Troi, there last episode should not have been banished to the Enterprise D's holodeck.

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Scathing, but mostly true. I didn't think it was all bad, but I can see where your grievances come in, Idril. Does seem to diminish the impact when the end of ENT is just as much about Riker/Troi as it is about the ENT crew.

Overall, I thought the final episode was a little hurried, now that I think about it. I always hate it when writers do that "let's sum up the last 10 years in a few sentences..." thing like they did on screen.

I didn't think the storyline was particularly strong, either. I can think of a bit more noble of a pursuit than going after Shran's daughter for the final episode. The last TNG ep was about the the crossroads of past, present, and future and seemed quite epic. VOY's final episode was of about our present choices and how they effect our future.

ENT's final was a bit like the air blubbering out of a balloon.

Nonetheless, I still think the final moments were good, bringing together all the captains voices. And, in a way, it made the series come full circle to "the beginning" of it all. Made me think that perhaps a new Trek series is a bit further in the future than we were led to believe, though.

Anyway, I'm still bummed about it. Definitely bitter towards the Paramount producers for this whole debacle. Quite a poor end to such a wonderful series of television shows.

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Although I liked the last few episodes. or at least moments in each of them, the were all a little abrupt.

As far as the last episode. It did nothing for me. I didn't get a sense of closure, or of something grand on the horizon. On top of that that they attached to an episode of TNG that wasn't *all that*.

I thinking enterprise just never was able to get its footing.

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By pure chance I happened to watch the episode at 11:00 PM.

I liked it.

My impression though is that the episode wasn’t about ENT, as much as it was about tying ENT firmly into the Star Trek universe. By linking it the STNG, they re write the future to include Archer, putting him in the same category as Pike, Kirk, and Cochran as a legendary founder of the Federation. The future is re written to include that crew. Trio had to memorize the speech as a child on Betazoid.

Was this episode aimed at all the doubting Star Trek fans?

Like Wolf I really liked the ending with all the shots of Enterprise. It also had the startling affect of making realize that DS9 and Voyager while Star Trek were entirely different variants from the ship based exploration series. It made those three seem more dear.

There is another consequence of the finial episode. There is the new Titan book. There is Frakes (sp) having done some directing. There is Riker in the finial episode of Enterprise. Can anyone say next series? 

Lastly, Varaan – I think that there is a prejudice against linking characters in a stable marriage or relationship. This could be because Hollywood is soooo pure at getting marriage right in real life. But, look at all the series and we have dozens of characters and maybe two successful marriages? Both were from DS17.

Tucker’s death is there to add weight to the show.

((Or in my conspiracy minded universe, the death of Tucker frees up the actor to appear in the next series as a different character. “Oh yes, people do say I look like his pictures.” ))

Have a great day,


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I agree with Idril Mar here, following Enterprise since the start to end (even the bad ones!) The ending was utterly disappointing. No flashback, no friendly gathering just a fat dude from a different series all together shouting :/

OK, so we followed the story through Riker but "end programme" WHAT? IMHO, they should have finished with Artcher giving his speech then, if they writers insisted on it "end programme" I was left feeling cheated.

So Enterprise didnt have a 7/8/9 series run but there still were fans watching - we were totally forgotten about!

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