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Casting Call:TOS

Kwame Alexander

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Robert Redford as Captain James T. Kirk

I like him because I think a captain should be older, and Redford proves he can play a tough guy from his turn as a general in the Last Castle


Jude Law as Spock

Elfin like, great actor. really cool.


Gerry Sinse as Dr McCoy

Got the good southern doctor accent on lock


John Rhys-Davies as Scotty

You know this guy. Perfect for the robust engineer


Sean Austin as Chekov

our young Ensign


Nona Gaye as Uhura

Need I say more?


Jason Scott Lee as Sulu

Had a tough time finding an Asian American actor. Any suggestions?


Rosario Dawson as Nurse Chapel

cause shes a cutey, also the cast needs a bit more color. Although if she's in it its doomed to be a flop.

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