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PO1 Ivin Zumagi - Trauma Surgeon Trauma

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I adore how @EgilRenot is investing time and creative energy into his PNPC Doctor Zumagi (who, by the way, is one of my favourite characters on Ops) and how the character is dealing with the aftermath of the last mission. Well done Egil! I am looking forward to reading more! 





((Ivin and Nivox's Quarters - Starbase 118))


Ivin knew well enough the struggles of being a trauma surgeon. Hebhas had patients die on him too many times too counter. He's operated under fire and in horrible scenarios. He's seen so much gore and blood, it doesn't phase him anymore. 


The Bajoran man has seen truly gruesome mining accidents where there was very little remains left. He's seen people have completed severed parts of their body. He's seen complete hysteria and panic. He's seen people utterly calm, accepting their fate as they bleed out under the surgeon's hands. He's seen children and the elderly, youth and adults all alike. He's had to tend to his own wounds before helping the others. The dull ache of where a mining gun chassis impaled his legs during an earth tremor in an Occupation mine reminded him of that incident.


Red iron scented blood was all too familiar to him. He knew its consistency, its smell and even how it tasted. He was unfamiliar with the green copper blood. He was now, however. He never wished to be so intimately familiar with the inside workings of a Romulan ever again. Not because he disliked Romulans, no. Ivin held nearly all species as equals; they were all his patients. 


His revolt was based on the shredding of the Praetor's flesh and organs by the shrapnel. The grey toned organs were scattered with the gleaming shards like some kind of sick, twisted glitter thrown in there by a murder happy child.


Ivin found himself outside his quarters he shared with his husband. He was so lost in his mind he couldn't even recall getting here. He rested his hand on the door before unlocking it and stepping inside. He was greeted by the smells of hasperat and droli biscuits. Two of his favourite Bajoran foods that Ivin would normally drool over.


The door shut silently behind him. His knees buckled and his back pressed against the door as he slid down onto the floor. He could still smell the damn copper.


The explosion of the grenade and the screams of the injured and dying rang endlessly through his head. He saw nothing but the assassin's bloodthirsty and rage twisted face leering as he came at them with the intent to kill. He could still smell seared flesh and that damn copper blood.


Ivin pressed the palms of his hands to his eyes, scrunching his eyes shut tightly. He clenched his jaw, his entire body shook and trembled as he fought back an unbridled wave of emotions, fueled by trauma and exhaustion. He saw green behind his closed eyes.


Ivin met out a choked sounding sob, raspy and broken. He doesn't recall the last time he broke down like this. It had been many years.


Once the tears started, the doctor couldn't stop them. He utterly lost control, hysterically sobbing into his hands as he was sitting on the floor.


This got Nivox's attention. The older Cardassian came out of the kitchen area, seeing his husband on the floor. He hurried over and knelt down in front of him, resting a hand on the back of his head, the other arm slid around his back as he pulled his husband into his arms. He said nothing, just holding Ivin as the Bajoran clutched onto him and sobbed into his chest.


Eventually, Ivin ran out of energy and momentum to cry, calming down to quiet sniffles, still latched onto his husband. Nivox leaned back to look at Ivin's face, his expression full of love and care. He lifted a hand to brush away Ivin's tears. 


Drasa: I've set out fresh clothes for you. Go and shower and we will sit and eat.


He knew better than to ask him about the surgery at this moment. He knew Ivin needed some time and normalcy before he would talk.


Ivin closed his eyes momentarily, accepting the tender and loving touch. A small ghost of a smile graced his face, tilting his head to give Nivox a tender kiss.


Zumagi: Thank you my love, exactly what I need right now.


Ivin got up to his feet, albeit a bit shakily. He helped Nivox up to his feet as well before giving him another kiss.


Zumagi: I will be back in a bit


Drasa: Of course, my love.


Nivox smiled as he accepted and returned both kisses. He stood where he was watching Ivin's shaky steps towards the bathroom. His smile dropped and faded into an expression of worry as soon as he heard the door close. 


He took a shaky breath himself, heading back to the kitchen area to finish making the hasperat. The peaceful life they had once on Bajor and Deep Space 9 was no more. He worried Starfleet would be the death of them both. He wouldn't have it any other way though; they were accepted and felt at home here. He spoke softly to himself.


Drasa: What did we get ourselves into, my dearest one?




PO1 Ivin Zumagi
Trauma Surgeon 
StarBase 118 Ops


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